Producer: Hi-Hikaru-kun! I said to wait!
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (1)
Hikaru: Ah, was I walking too fast.... I apologize, Producer.
Hikaru: Producer, I have a favor to ask of you.
Producer: A favor?
Hikaru: Yes, Producer... Please. This is for my sake----
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (2)
Aoi: Ah! There he is, Akira.
Akira: He brought her until here, what does he plan to....
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (3)
Hikaru: Producer! Undress right here for me!
Producer: What?!
Aoi&Akira: What?!
Hikaru: If you feel embarrassed then I will undress together with you! That way we would be matching!
Producer: No no no, wait a moment! Why are you talking as if it's sure that I will undress?! I would never do that!
Hikaru: That troubles me! I have to learn about women for my works at all costs!
Producer: I am the troubled one here! How can I easily undress in front of a man that I'm not even dating!
Hikaru: Then go out with me!
Producer: I decline.
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (4)
Hikaru: Why!
Producer: Do you think I would just go with the flow and say OK?!
Hikaru: Grrr... how can I make you understand!
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (5)
*gets closer*
Producer: Wai-! ....Don't get so close to me! Calm down, Hikaru-kun!
Hikaru: But, like this I will... I will!
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (6)
Aoi: Hikaru! Come on, stay away from the producer!
Akira: Are you alright, Producer?
Producer: Y- yes....
Hikaru: L- let go of me, Aoi Kakitsubata! I have to know! If I stay like this I won't be able to create good works!
Aoi: Kuh! I can't hold him alone! Help me Akira!
Akira: Ok! ....If only he was here right now....
???: What's this. It's so noisy....
Producer: Eh? Why are you here.....?
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (7)
Hikaru: This voice is.... RAKU~!!!
Raku: Good grief, you're as loud as skyrockets. I know that you can enjoy summer only once, but unfortunately, you're lacking of refinement....
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (8)
Aoi: Why is Raku here.... Did you call him, Akira?
Akira: Yes. I thought that if anything happens, Waka is the only one that can manage Orihara.
Akira: You saved us by coming here, Waka.
Raku: I actually didn't want to come, but I felt a bit like coming.
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (9)
Hikaru: Uuu... Raku~! Raku, Raku, Raku~!!!
Aoi: Fufu.... since Hikaru is in this condition, the only thing left is to trust him to Raku.
Raku: This is so annoying.....
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (10)
Akira: Those are the duties of a childhood friend.
Raku: Can't be helped.... Producer, it seems Hikaru caused you some troubles, but will you forgive him?
Producer: Yes. I can understand what's happening. I will leave Hikaru-kun to you.
Raku: Can't be helped if everyone leaves it to me so much....
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (11)
Raku: Now.... did you calm down, Hikaru?
Hikaru: Yes.... I feel more composed now.
Hikaru: I went on a terrible rampage.... and I forced the Producer to do something terrible.
Raku: You're smart for being able to reflect on it. After this you should apologize to the Producer by yourself....
Hikaru: Will do so....
Raku: From what I'm hearing it seems you got hit with an art block.
Hikaru: ....I ended up not understanding what I am creating. You've known me since the past, right?
Hikaru: When I was in school I would always get cut off from those around me, and I've never interacted with anyone but you.
Hikaru: I've repeatedly been aware that the beauty I had since I was born was a sin. That's why I can only love beautiful things....
Raku: I see.... but let's not push onto this too much....
Hikaru: ? I'm going to continue, you know?
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (12)
Hikaru: Because of that, I thought about bringing beautiful things to life by myself.
Hikaru: I was sure that if they were as beautiful as me it wouldn't look strange to stand by my side.
Hikaru: But, those are ice sculptures. They melt immediately.... However, I think they are beautiful exactly because they disappear from these hands.
Hikaru: Until now, I had confidence in myself and created goddesses.
Hikaru: But, talking with Aoi Kakitsubata and Akira Mitsurugi made me understand. They are as beautiful as me, and they know about girls more than me.
Hikaru: While compared to them I'm just....! I never interacted with people, and I never went out with anyone before!
Hikaru: Why did I think I would be able to create perfect goddesses even though I had never gone out with someone.... I understood how foolish that was of me!
Raku: You're feeling down, and yet your gestures are so hectic. But, I think that it's exactly because you're like that, that you can create things.
Hikaru: I can create things?
Raku: Yes. Your works are always goddesses or women that don't exist, right?
Hikaru: Yes, you're right! But because they don't exist, I have to learn more about women in order to create even better works...
Raku: Who said that you can't create good works just because you don't know about women?
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (13)
Hikaru: Eh?
Raku: Perceive it from an opposite view. They don't exist.... You don't know about them, so you can create beautiful works that are far away from reality.
Hikaru: ...................
Raku: Believe your own sensitivity. You don't need to force yourself to create experience with girls.
Raku: As they say, "Haste makes waste", right? My grandpa used to say this a lot, y'know?
Raku: Impatience is forbidden.
Hikaru: Raku........
Raku: And also, you don't need to hurry, you will surely fall in love with someone one day. You're a good man after all.
Raku: Once you fall in love, you will be able to create works with another sensitivity. And that's not a recession, but an evolution.
Raku: So, until that time comes, believe in your works.
Raku: .....I like your works, y'know?
Hikaru: ! Ra, Raku.... Raku, Raku, Raku, Raku, Raku~!!!
Junshinmuku na Aqua Muse 4 (14)
Raku: Oops.... hugging me out of nowhere is dangerous.....
Hikaru: I am moved to tears so I can't really see what's in front of me! So let me hold onto you just for now~! Raku~!!
Raku: My my... since it's a summer festival I would have preferred to hug a girl....
Hikaru: Raku~!!!

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