Producer: Phew… I’m just about done with everything here, so I suppose I’ll head home soon.
Producer: (…Even though it is Valentine’s Day, I never ended up doing anything for it, did I…)
Torahiko: What’s up, Producer? You going home now?
Producer: Kusakabe-kun? What’s the matter? Everyone’s off today, so there aren’t any classes or work to do, right?
KISS or KISS 1 (1)
Torahiko: I came to see you!
Producer: Me…?
Torahiko: Yeah!
Producer: …Did we schedule something with each other?
Torahiko: Not really? I just came because I wanted to see ya, that’s all.
Producer: Oh, is that so?
KISS or KISS 1 (2)
Torahiko: Yup, that’s it. But anyway, Producer, say “ahh”! Ahhhh.
Producer: Ehhh!? “Say ‘ahh’”?
Torahiko: Don’t worry about it, just hurry up and do it.
Producer: O-okay. A-ahhh…?
Producer: (Wah… He put something in my mouth… It tastes sweet…)
Producer: Is this chocolate?
KISS or KISS 1 (3)
Torahiko: Bingo! When I stopped by the classroom earlier, there was some chocolate out that said to take as much as you wanted, so I came to give you your share!
Producer: …I guess it is Valentine’s Day today, isn’t it.
Torahiko: Oh, what’s this, you already knew? Then I’ll just cut to the chase.
Producer: ? What do you mean?
KISS or KISS 1 (4)
Torahiko: Today’s a really special day for me!
Producer: Special?
Torahiko: Yeah! I mean, it’s a day where I can tell the people I like how much I like them, right?
Producer: Umm…?
Producer: (Kusakabe-kun… Just what are you trying to say here…?)
Torahiko: Hey, Producer.
Producer: Wah…!
KISS or KISS 1 (5)
Torahiko: Don’t you have something you want to say to me?


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