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Kanata Minato
Minato Kanata
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"This rabbit is called 'Rabirabi', ehehe!"
Aliases Kanata
Minato Kanta
Crimson Angel
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 15
Blood Type AB
Birthday March 14th
Height 5'4" or 162cm
Weight 49kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Ff
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Souta (Little Brother)
Hobby Origami
Fave Food Meat (Generally)
LeastFave Food Mushrooms (Generally)
• Portrayal•
CV Yūichi Iguchi
Kanata Minato Signature
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Kanata Minato (湊奏多 Minato Kanata) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, F∞F, which was the first to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

A cutesy boy with a soothing feeling. He is accustomed to the entertainment industry, as he had starred in commercials and dramas ever since he was a child. Kanata is known for carrying a rabbit plush toy named "Rabirabi" all the time with him. He has a shy side, but is friendly towards the people he knows.

Interview Edit

  • Make a simple self-introduction.
    • I'm Kanata Minato. Together with Rabirabi, Seiya and Akira-kun I will work hard as an I-chu! Everyone please cheer us on! Ehehe♪
  • How did you become an idol?
    • In the past I worked as an actor iKid. A lot of things happened, but I'm glad I met Seiya and Akira-kun!
  • Your impression upon meeting the others?
    • When I first met Seiya, I thought that his eyes were shining. Also, even though I'm afraid of strangers, Seiya was fine from the beginning!


Kanata is a very cheerful young boy. While he can appear and act childish, his acting skills are backed with experience and talent. He is very attached to his stuffed animal rabbit named Rabirabi, and treats him as a very important partner whom he carries everywhere as support. Although Kanata is a bit shy, his compassionate nature normally ensures that he ends up being friends with others. Kanata is a very sincere child who speaks from his heart, and his positive attitude towards aiming to be a top idol readily guarantees him success in the future.

Appearance Edit

Kanata is a lean, slim teenager with forest green-coloured eyes, and slightly fringed, salmon pink hair that has a braided strand of hair on the right side. He is known for carrying his rabbit plush toy Rabirabi at all times.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Owaa. Nice to meet you.
I appeared together with Rabirabi♪
Kanata Scout

File:Kanata Scout2.ogg
Idolizing Did I change that much?
Kanata Idolize
Regular I'm Kanata Minato. This rabbit is called Rabirabi. Ehehe!
Kanata Home Reg1
I love dancing 'round and 'round! Do you want to dance together?
Kanata Home Reg2
Producer-san! Please keep me company a bit more during practice!
Kanata Home Reg3
I want to become stronger because I've always been spoiled!
Kanata Home Reg4
Being both a producer and a teacher is hard, isn't it?
Kanata Home Reg5
Pro-Producer-san! Have you seen Rabirabi? Where did he go~?
Kanata Home Reg6
Seiya always looks forward and I think that’s a bit cool.
Kanata Home Reg7
It's comfortable to sit on Akira-kun's lap! Rabirabi gets to sit on my lap!
Kanata Home Reg8
Akira-kun is gonna reward us with yakiniku! I'm going to eat a lot!
Kanata Home Reg9
Maybe Rabi is Rabirabi's incarnation? That's impossible, right? Probably...
Kanata Home Reg10
New Monthly Lines
January Happy New Year! Both me and Rabirabi are wearing matching kimonos!
Kanata Home 2Jan1
I'm playing hyakunin isshu! I won't lose~!
Kanata Home 2Jan2
February Wawah! It's Rabirabi-shaped chocolate! I'm really happy. Ehehe.
Kanata Home 2Feb1
I made snowmen with Seiya. From right to left, Akira-kun, Seiya, me, and Rabirabi!
Kanata Home 2Feb2
March Let's go flower-viewing with everyone else! I'll prepare the onigiris!
Kanata Home 2Mar1
Producer-san. Here, for White Day! Rabbit cookies.
Kanata Home 2Mar2
April I hate you, Akira-kun!... Ah, I'm lying~! Don't make that sad face, okay?
Kanata Home 2Apr1
The weather got warmer and feels good. I want to go out for a walk.
Kanata Home 2Apr2
May Since it's Boy's Day, I'm going to put a kabuto on top of President's bronze statue!
Kanata Home 2May1
I made paper helmets together with Momo-chan. We gave them to the Ikids.
Kanata Home 2May2
June I have to make Rabirabi wear a raincoat too!
Kanata Home 2Jun1
I bought a rabbit-shaped umbrella! The rainy days have become so much fun now!
Kanata Home 2Jun2
July I like sparklers. Shall we light them together, Producer?
Kanata Home 2Jul1
Seiya already reached so far...! I have to work harder on my swimming!
Kanata Home 2Jul2
August When it's hot, eating soft serve ice cream is the best. File:Kanata Home 2Aug1.ogg
Hyaa! Geez, Seiya, don't splash with water-! Ahaha! File:Kanata Home 2Aug2.ogg
September Since summer ended, I have to change my wardrobe for the season.
Kanata Home 2Sep1
The rabbits see the moon and run to it~♪ With a ho~p♪ Right, Rabirabi♪[1]
Kanata Home 2Sep2
October Ehehe, this year, Seiya, Akira-kun, and I will be wearing werewolf costumes~ Rawr!
Kanata Home 2Oct1
If Akira-kun wore a vampire costume, it would be the return of the Pheromone Prince!
Kanata Home 2Oct2
November Since it's the autumn of reading, I'm reading a picture book~
Kanata Home 2Nov1
It's the autumn of grilled meat! Let's go eat some♪
Kanata Home 2Nov2
December Turkey! Roasted beef! There's a lot of delicious meat!
Kanata Home 2Dec1
I wrote a letter for Santa! What I wrote inside is a secret ♪
Kanata Home 2Dec2
Old Monthly Lines
January Snowman Rabirabi is complete! It's cold, so I'll wrap a scarf around him!
Kanata Home Jan1
'yu~ki ya, pyonpyon. arare ya pyonpyon'[2] ♪ Huh? I was wrong?
Kanata Home Jan2
February That chocolate has a nice scent. Eh? For me? Thank you!
Kanata Home Feb1
The demons go out, and the good fortune comes in! Rabi, are you okay? Does it hurt to be the demon?[3]
Kanata Home Feb2
March The Hina dolls are so pretty and cute. They're like you...[4]
Kanata Home Mar1
If you talk about Easter eggs, then the rabbit comes to mind! Hop hop hop hop~!
Kanata Home Mar2
April Cherry flowers are beautiful, but it's sad how they fall in an instant...
Kanata Home Apr1
Etchoo! Uuu~ Having a pollen allergy is hard~
Kanata Home Apr2
May I prepared some carnations for my mom! I wonder if it will make her happy.
Kanata Home May1
gnom gnom....The kashiwamochi is so tasty...
Kanata Home May2
June The chapel sounds are so beautiful. I want a pretty wife when I grow up too.
Kanata Home Jun1-16
Because of the rainy season, I can't style my hair~
Kanata Home Jun2-16
July I promised to go to the sea with Seiya! Akira-kun is willing to drive us there!
Kanata Home Jul1
You can hear the cries of cicadas. It feels like summer has come!
Kanata Home Jul2
August Summer's sunlight is scorching! I wonder if I can get a tanned look like Akira-kun~?
Kanata Home Aug1
Uhya~! River water sure is cold!
Kanata Home Aug2
September There is a Rabirabi in the moon!
Kanata Home Sep1
I haven't liked sports festivals for a long time now~ Because I always ended up in last place for sprints...
Kanata Home Sep2
October Trick or treat! I won't prank you, so please give me sweets!
Kanata Home Oct1
Don't you think Jack-O'-lanterns are cute?
Kanata Home Oct2
November That's right, it's autumn! Eh, mushrooms? I'm not good with mushrooms~!
Kanata Home Nov1
It feels like this is a season unique to ArS! It's an explosion of art![5]
Kanata Home Nov2
December It'd be nice to get a large chicken as a Christmas present...
Kanata Home Dec1
I wonder, will Mr. Santa come while I'm sleeping?
Kanata Home Dec2
Start Menu I-Chu!
Kanata Start Menu
Download Let's wait together with Rabirabi!
Kanata Download
Story Which story will you read?
Kanata Story
Main Story Choose the chapter that you like!
What story are you interested in?
Kanata Main Story2
Love Story It's a love story, Rabirabi! Hehee, this is embarrassing~
Kanata Love Story1
Shall we read it together?
Kanata Love Story2
Shop Welcome~!
Kanata Shop
Disk Purchase You get lost on which one to buy, right, Rabirabi?
Friend You can see the friends' information here, Rabirabi!
Kanata Friend
Other You can do many things, you know?
During Lives
R/RR Start Let's go together.
Kanata RRR Start
Skill I don't want to lose...! File:Kanata RRR Skill1.ogg
I'll dance now!
Kanata RRR Skill2
Kanata RRR Skill3
Clear It ended.
Kanata RRR Clear
Affection Gain Ehehe, it's warm~
Kanata RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start Rabirabi is here too.
Kanata SRUR Start
Skill Rabirabi, let's go!
Kanata SRUR Skill1
How lovely.
Kanata SRUR Skill2
Advancing with full power!
Kanata SRUR Skill3
Clear It was fun!
Kanata SRUR Clear
Affection Gain I want to get along even better with you.
Kanata SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start Ehehe, I'm looking forward to it. File:Kanata LEGR Start.ogg
Skill Even someone like me can do it! File:Kanata LEGR Skill1.ogg
I won't be afraid if we do it together! File:Kanata LEGR Skill2.ogg
My heart beats faster. File:Kanata LEGR Skill3.ogg
Clear One more time! One more time! File:Kanata LEGR Clear.ogg
Affection Gain D-don't look over here! File:Kanata LEGR AffectGain.ogg
New Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill Pyon, pyon, pyooon~♪ File:Kanata SRUR2 Skill1.ogg
I want to become stronger. File:Kanata SRUR2 Skill2.ogg
For the phoenix! File:Kanata SRUR2 Skill3.ogg
LE/GR Skill Because I won't lose! File:Kanata LEGR2 Skill1.ogg
Please look at Rabirabi and my dance! File:Kanata LEGR2 Skill2.ogg
I want to show you my strength! File:Kanata LEGR2 Skill3.ogg

Notes Edit

  1. He's singing the Juugoya Otsuki-san (十五夜お月さん) song, a song usually sung for the full moon festival
  2. The correct lyric is "雪やこんこ あられやこんこ" (yuki ya konko, arare ya konko; Snow falls steadily, hailstones fall steadily). It's from a song called Yuki (雪, snow). Here he makes a kind of pun since pyonpyon is the japanese onomatopeia of the sound a rabbit makes when jumping.
  3. In Setsubun people throw beans to keep away evil spirits. In some cases, one person wears a demon mask and the others throw beans at them. [More info here]
  4. Hina dolls are those characteristic dolls that are put up on Hinamatsuri. More info here
  5. Possibly referencing to Torahiko's line.

References Edit

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