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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Kanata Minato

I am Kanata Minato. A 15 year old I-chu
And this bunny over here is my partner RabiRabi. Isn't he super cute?
We've been together since long ago. Ah, by long ago, I mean when I first started this job
When I practiced my acting for CMs and dramas, I always did it with RabiRabi
He's an important partner who I'll continue working hard with forever and ever!
From now on you're going to be one of our partners too right?
In order to become a sparkling idol let's work hard together!

Initial R/RR Worries of Kanata
Second Batch R/RR Rabirabi Friend♥
Initial SR/UR Because I'm not alone
Art Appreciation SR/UR Exciting ☆ Navigation
Reading Week SR/UR My white rabbit
Arabian SR/UR Your Sinbad
Animal Teahouse SR/UR The lost rabbit and the mysterious garden
Amusement Park SR/UR One step towards adulthood
Second Batch SR/UR Kanata's secret special training
Part-time Job 2017 SR/UR Feeling I can't give up on
Initial LE/GR Thanks to the teacher
Summer coloured Happy Smile LE/GR Apple coloured melody
Flower viewing LE/GR Full blooming smile
FanxFunxGift LE/GR FanxFunxGift Kanata ver.
1st Anniversary LE/GR Don't avert your eyes, ok?
Halloween 2016 LE/GR A Halloween night with you
White Day LE/GR I want to be an adult soon

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