Please tell me your favorite animal! Mine is, of course, the rabbit!
Seiya I like dogs! In particular the Golden Retriever! I have one at home!
KanataQ1 Seiya
Akira Isn't the owl cute? I think someone in the second generation has one.
KanataQ1 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Cat!
KanataQ1 Satsuki
Mutsuki Cat. It's cute isn't it?
KanataQ1 Mutsuki
Noah Horses I guess. My favorite horse is in my hometown.
KanataQ1 Noah
Leon I like squirrels! Though there were quite a lot in England.
KanataQ1 Leon
Chaoyang Cats are a lovely company so I like them…
KanataQ1 Li
Rabi I like dogs.
KanataQ1 Rabi
Lucas It's the dog, because they're faithful to their masters.
KanataQ1 Lucas
Torahiko I like lions! Aren't they cool~
KanataQ1 Torahiko
Kyosuke I like every animal as long as it's fluffy~
KanataQ1 Kyosuke
Akio …Reptiles.
KanataQ1 Akio
Shiki If you ask about animals, I'd say I'm fond of tropical fishes.
KanataQ1 Shiki
Hikaru Favorite animal? I like pegasuses and swans! Pegasuses do exist, I'm sure of it!
KanataQ1 Hikaru
Raku I like wild boars. They often came to play at my home.
KanataQ1 Raku
Kokoro I like kittens! After all, aren't they cute? Nyan ♪
KanataQ1 Kokoro
Runa Don't you think that stoats are cute? Haa~ they healed me~
KanataQ1 Runa
Momosuke I came to like squirrels since Kokoro-chan gave this stuffed doll to me!
KanataQ1 Momosuke
Issei I like blood thirsty animals such as hyenas.
KanataQ1 Issei
Futami Why are sloths so adorable? Geez~ It's unbearable!
KanataQ1 Futami
Takamichi Horses. I'm doing horse riding since a long time ago. The way horses gallop is beautiful.
KanataQ1 Takamichi
Eva My lovely Sammy, who is able to see through darkness. Owls are the best, after all...
KanataQ1 Eva
Mio My favorite animal is the Little Devil! Huh? It isn't an animal?
KanataQ1 Mio
Ban I came to think that owls are cute too since I met Sammy!
KanataQ1 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Dogs. I like faithful animals.
KanataQ1 Tsubaki
Toya Fufu~ I like fluffy animals.
KanataQ1 Toya
Tatsumi I like hamsters. Small animals soothe me...
KanataQ1 Tatsumi
Aoi I like the elegant tropical fishes. I especially think that Crown tail Betta is nice.
KanataQ1 Aoi
Kuro I prefer small animals over large ones.... Maybe hamsters?
KanataQ1 Kuro
Saku Guinea pigs. They're cute
KanataQ1 Saku
Baber Baber likes small birds
KanataQ1 Baber

Do you have a favorite fashion style? Mine are Pop clothes.
Seiya I often wear basic, casual and rough looking clothes. Also, I really like red!
KanataQ2 Seiya
Akira I like to wear neat clothes.
KanataQ2 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Harajuku's flashy clothes look good on me!
KanataQ2 Satsuki
Mutsuki Anything is fine as long as it matches Satsuki.
KanataQ2 Mutsuki
Noah I don't really like flashy clothes, I guess.
KanataQ2 Noah
Leon I like American casual clothes!
KanataQ2 Leon
Chaoyang Cheap clothes that hide the face… Also, clothes that don't show much skin…
KanataQ2 Li
Rabi I often wear salon-kei[1] clothes.
KanataQ2 Rabi
Lucas I'm not really picky, but I hate flashy-looking clothes.
KanataQ2 Lucas
Torahiko Other than tracksuits, I tend to wear rough looking clothes.
KanataQ2 Torahiko
Kyosuke Well… I'm not really interested in fashion… And jerseys are more comfortable.
KanataQ2 Kyosuke
Akio I don't want to wear anything besides jerseys.
KanataQ2 Akio
Shiki I often wear work clothes, but if it's everyday clothes then I like neat clothes.
KanataQ2 Shiki
Hikaru There are no clothes that won't look good on me!
KanataQ2 Hikaru
Raku Work clothes made to be dirtied with ink are the best.
KanataQ2 Raku
Kokoro Cute clothes~! Next time let's go buy some together!
KanataQ2 Kokoro
Runa I should answer it as a crossdresser, shouldn't I? Then, it'll be beautiful-type fashion.
KanataQ2 Runa
Momosuke Kokoro-chan said that I look good in fluffy-looking feminine clothes.
KanataQ2 Momosuke
Issei Jeans are easy to move in.
KanataQ2 Issei
Futami Nama-chan T-shirts and jeans. That speaks my character well, doesn't it?
KanataQ2 Futami
Takamichi I like clothes that aren't too flashy since I aim for a stoic look.
KanataQ2 Takamichi
Eva The jet black color of darkness suits me the best.
KanataQ2 Eva
Mio A fashion that matches master's!
KanataQ2 Mio
Ban Master is always the one who chooses my clothing, so I'm wearing those!
KanataQ2 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Our group's style is Japanese style, so I try to incorporate it into my style as much as possible.
KanataQ2 Tsubaki
Toya Hm~ I don't like to look flashy, so I prefer simple-looking clothes.
KanataQ2 Toya
Tatsumi I think I wear casual-looking clothes often. I prefer patterned clothing over plain ones.
KanataQ2 Tatsumi
Aoi I like immaculate looks. Though, well, anything will suit me just fine!
KanataQ2 Aoi
Kuro Branded clothes are expensive! Wearing plain, simple and rough ones is the best!
KanataQ2 Kuro
Saku I like the simple ones. They're easy to move in and I have no problem with striking moves.
KanataQ2 Saku
Baber Baber likes clothes that are comfortable and reach the neck.
KanataQ2 Baber

What are you good at as an idol? I'm good at dancing!
Seiya I'm good at singing! With this singing I aim to be the best idol!
KanataQ3 Seiya
Akira Because I worked as a model I'm good at posing.
KanataQ3 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I like dancing! Producer isn't bad either…
KanataQ3 Satsuki
Mutsuki Am I good at singing? Unlike Satsuki my body's weak so I'm not good at moving too much.
KanataQ3 Mutsuki
Noah Even though I play the guitar, I like singing too.
KanataQ3 Noah
Leon I'm good at dancing! Also, leave the guitar playing to me!
KanataQ3 Leon
Chaoyang I… I have confidence in my keyboard playing…
KanataQ3 Li
Rabi I'm good with drums. Also, because I'm tall I get a lot of modeling offers too.
KanataQ3 Rabi
Lucas As long as I play the bass I'm okay. I also like to compose songs when I feel like it.
KanataQ3 Lucas
Torahiko I like to hum while drawing a picture!
KanataQ3 Torahiko
Kyosuke I have confidence in my skill in talking about my hobbies~
KanataQ3 Kyosuke
Akio I don't have such thing...
KanataQ3 Akio
Shiki If it's talking then leave it to me. I will seduce any woman… Wait, it's not about that?
KanataQ3 Shiki
Hikaru My acting skills are second to none!
KanataQ3 Hikaru
Raku I think I can do talking to some extent.
KanataQ3 Raku
Kokoro I'm good at both dancing and singing! I'm perfect after all!
KanataQ3 Kokoro
Runa I liked singing from the start. I also am interested in dance, and it's one of my fortes.
KanataQ3 Runa
Momosuke I think it's acting? I also love singing~
KanataQ3 Momosuke
Issei That woman... She said I'm good at singing.
KanataQ3 Issei
Futami Do I look like as if I have a special skill as an idol? See, I don't look like it after all~
KanataQ3 Futami
Takamichi I can do anything. I can even play musical instruments at performances!
KanataQ3 Takamichi
Eva There is no one who can go against my charm!
KanataQ3 Eva
Mio I was once told by the President to enhance my acting skill further~ ♪
KanataQ3 Mio
Ban Leave the dancing to me! I'm extremely good at it!
KanataQ3 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I'm good at singing and dancing. I'll be troubled if you compare me with other I-Chu, okay?
KanataQ3 Tsubaki
Toya My special skill as an idol... I don't know the answer myself.
KanataQ3 Toya
Tatsumi I'm the best at dancing!
KanataQ3 Tatsumi
Aoi Are you asking that to me, who is known as the actor I-Chu?
KanataQ3 Aoi
Kuro If it's singing leave it to me. Besides me, there is none among the I-Chu who can!
KanataQ3 Kuro
Saku I do otaku cheering moves so I'm good at dancing.
KanataQ3 Saku
Baber When I stand on stage I become serious. Acting is fun.....
KanataQ3 Baber


  1. Also called beautician-style, salon-kei is a fashion set by hairdressers and they are always updating to the latest trends in both hairstyles and clothing. They mix both high-end designer brands with second hand and vintage items and they pay a ridiculous amount of attention to detail, from shoes to accessories to sunglasses and scarves, nothing escapes. (External Link)