Kaoru Aoi
蒼井薫, Aoi Kaoru
Kaoru Aoi
The sweets-loving iKids!
"It's Kaoru Aoi~ I ate a lot of snacks with Guilty~ I lo~ve snacks♪"
Age 5
Birthday May 7th
Blood Type A
Height 116 cm
Weight 23 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Eating
Fave Food Sweet candy
LeastFave Food Candy that is not sweet
Looks up to Ban Jumonji
Group baby hop


An iKids that loves sweets, if he smells something, he tries to find the source of it. He does things at his own pace.


Kaoru Aoi N (Dokeshi no rondo) Kaoru Aoi N (Sanshoku Koufukuron!!) Kaoru Aoi N

Character LinesEdit

Me~? I'm Kaoru Aoi. Do you want some snacks?
Guilty eats lot of rice. I also love rice~
I like the time spent eating snacks together with Adam-kun~
Kota-san will also become cheerier if he eats delicious foods!
Story Choose your favorite story~
Main Story Which chapter do you want to read?
I wonder which story should we choose~
Love Story It said, 'Love Story'? Maybe it's like a sweet treat~?
Choose a story you like~
Shop Welcome~ Are there snacks here~?
Disk Purchase There are no snacks here, but did you find what you like?
Friends You can look at your friend's info~
Other It can do lots of things~

Affection StoryEdit

Sweets, I like them ♪

Kaoru Aoi - Sweets, I like them (1)
Kaoru: What a sweet smell... I think that sweet smell comes from here... Ah.
Kaoru: Hello, Onee-san. I'm Kaoru. Kaoru Aoi. You are?
Kaoru: Onee-san, is it time for you to have an afternoon snack too? Is it fine if we have an afternoon snack together?
Kaoru: Sensei said to not eat sweets when it's not time for everyone. But, that's not enough.
Kaoru: That's why I have lots of sweets in my pocket. Onee-san, I'll share with you.
Kaoru: ... But I want you to share with me what you're eating too, Onee-san.
Kaoru: After all, it smells really good. Hey, let's keep it a secret. Okay?

Can you give me sweets?

Kaoru Aoi - Can you give me sweets (1)
Kaoru: Onee-san, do you know Guilty?
Kaoru: He always gives me delicious sweets, I love them.
Kaoru: Today, I'm going to wear the same outfit as Guilty. I'm really looking foward to it.
Kaoru Aoi - Can you give me sweets (2)
Kaoru: This is the place where Guilty will hold his Live? It's really big...
Kaoru: Dancing here together with Guilty is making me nervous. ... But it's alright.
Kaoru: Because my role is being a puppet, it's fine if I don't dance all that well!
Kaoru: ... Now that I'm relieved, I got a little hungry. Onee-san, do you have sweets?

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Since it's my birthday I want lots of sweets~
Kota Tokachi It’s Kota-san’s birthday. Let’s eat sweets together~!
Ban Guilty, how many cakes will you eat? I will eat 2 maybe~
Producer It’s your birthday~ That’s nice~ I want to eat cake!


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