Keji Inuyama
犬山敬二, Inuyama Keiji
Keji Inuyama
The dog-like iKids!
"Keji Inuyama... Ichi-nii praised me, saying that my glare is the best...!"
Age 4
Birthday March 27th
Blood Type AB
Height 112 cm
Weight 19 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Going on walks
Fave Food Beef jerkey
LeastFave Food Cold food
Looks up to Issei Todoroki
Group baby hop


With a strong fear of strangers he is a very cautious boy. Apart from his close friend Minoru, he doesn’t talk much with others.


Keji Inuyama N (Furious Heaven) Keji Inuyama N (Tenka wakeme no Tristar) Keji Inuyama N (Sasageyo! Kyoumei no Squeak) Keji Inuyama N

Character LinesEdit

Keji Inuyama... I'm not really glaring at you... I mean it...
I'm good at making girls cry. It's because my face is scary.
I'd like to play jazz too, since Ichi-nii said it is promising.
I feel calm when I'm with Minoru. He's a great guy...
Michiru-san is a good person, saying that he's not afraid of me.
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Affection StoryEdit


Keji Inuyama - Shyness (1)
Keji: ... Huh! Who are you?
Keji: Stay there, do not move. I don't want to get close to you...
Keji: ... You want to know my name...?
Keji: ......... Keji. Keji Inuyama. That's my name.
Keji: I-it's not cute! I said to not come over here, don't bother me!
Keji: ... You are not afraid of me?
Keji: Everyone except Minoru is scared of me and stays away. I'm sure you think I'm scary too.
Keji: If you hate me, don't come closer.
Keji: Huh? Cute? Me being cute is weird!
Keji: ... Saying that I'm cute is weird. Because it's weird... Getting approached is scary.
Keji: B-but... If it's just talking for a little bit... It's okay?

Matching with Ichi-nii

Keji Inuyama - Matching with Ichi-nii (1)
Keji: ... Why are you in a place like this?
Keji: I'm having a photo shooting here today.
Keji: ... I'm not alone. I'm together with Minoru. But because he's changing clothes, he's not here right now.
Keji: I'm not lonely. Besides, today I'm going to wear really cool clothes.
Keji: You want to see them? Then just wait here for a little bit!
Keji Inuyama - Matching with Ichi-nii (2)
Keji: See, they're cool, right?
Keji: They're like Ichi-nii's clothes for children.
Keji: Do you know Ichi-nii? He is a really cool idol. ... I look up to him.
Keji: K-keep that a secret from everyone!
Keji: ... I'm really looking forward to meeting Ichi-nii today.

I'll work hard to get better

Keji Inuyama - I'll work hard to get better (1)
Keji: A huge hall... Today Ichi-nii will sing at this place...
Keji: ... Hey, are you and Ichi-nii close?
Keji: Ichi-nii was a little weird today... Do you know the reason?
Keji: Somehow he was tense and scary... He usually is a lot more friendly to me...
Keji: I wonder if I did something wrong...
Keji Inuyama - I'll work hard to get better (2)
Keji: Ah, Producer!
Keji: I met Ichi-nii earlier, he said he looked forward to working with me today and patted my head!
Keji: And he had a very friendly face unlike in the morning! Is that because you said something to him?
Keji: ... In order to get praised even more by Ichi-nii, I have to give my very best on the stage today.
Keji: If I do well, it's fine if you praise me too! ... Because you're special.

Matching pin badge

Keji Inuyama - Matching pin badge (1)
Keji: Ah, it's the Producer. Did you come to watch Ichi-nii's concert too?
Keji: Ah, look at this! It's my treasure. I got it from Ichi-nii today, a matching pin badge with him.
Keji: I wonder if I can use magic like Ichi-nii too if I wear this...
Keji: And then I'll show you my magic!
Keji Inuyama - Matching pin badge (2)
Keji: We meet again, Producer.
Keji: This costume's cool, right? I got it from the staff.
Keji: Sigh... Today Ichi-nii was so cool too...
Keji: Hey, are you meeting Ichi-nii later?
Keji: If you do, then... Can you give him this letter...?
Keji: And then I'd like you to tell him to do his best tomorrow too. I have to go home already, so I can't...
Keji: Please do it!

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It's my birthday... I want you by my side...
Michiru I want to make a cake for Michiru-san... Because it’s his birthday.
Issei It's Ichi-nii's birthday... Ichi-nii, what do you want?
Producer Happy birthday... I remembered...