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Producer: Ahh, geez! I finally found you!
Kid that can do it if he tries 1 (1)
Futami: …How surprising. I never would’ve thought that I’d lose our game of hide-and-seek today.
Producer: What do you mean, hide-and-seek? It feels like I’ve been looking for you forever. You have to show up on time when you’ve arranged to be somewhere.
Producer: I told you yesterday that we’re preparing for your next gig, didn’t I?
Futami: Yeahhh—…
Producer: What’s that ‘’yeahhh-‘’ of yours?
Futami: I mean, I’ll work if there’s a reason to, but I don’t really feel like it now, y'know~.
Producer: There you go again… Don’t skip work just because you don’t feel like doing it.
Kid that can do it if he tries 1 (2)
Futami: You can say that all you want, but… Don’t you ever have days where you just think to yourself, ‘’Man, I don’t wanna work at all~‘’?
Producer: That’s… Well, it’s not as if I can say that I haven’t. But even so, I’m still an adult.
Kid that can do it if he tries 1 (3)
Futami: Okay, then I hereby forfeit my position as an adult~. So I’m not gonna do anything until I feel like it.
Producer: Don’t say things that make you such a sorry excuse for a grown-up!
Producer: …Do you know what I had to go through to get this job for you?
Futami: You know, if you’re gonna be so pushy about it, then any extra motivation I have in me might fly even farther away~.
Producer: God, cut it out already!
Kid that can do it if he tries 1 (4)
Futami: Yawn–. I wish I could live a NEET life and just do whatever I want~.
Producer: (That’s truly the pose of someone who doesn’t want to do anything at all…)
Producer: Sigh…
Futami: What a big sigh that was. Did all of your happiness just fly away?
Producer: Whatever. I can’t even dream of being happy when you won’t try to apply yourself.
Futami: My, my, my. That’s a pretty heavy fate that we share, isn’t it?
Producer: If you’re aware of that, then can’t you make some effort to be even the tiniest bit more motivated?
Futami: No way that’s gonna happen right now.
Producer: Then it’s no use for me, either~!
Futami: Ahaha, what’s no use?
Producer: …If you’re not going to do your job, Akabane-kun, then I won’t, either.
Kid that can do it if he tries 1 (5)
Futami: Then I guess we’ll be Neet 1 and Neet 2, won’t we?
Futami: Ah, but I should mention that I’m Neet 1.
Producer: I don’t care either way, you idiot!


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