(Kiss me hero) Seiya Aido LE affection story 1
Seiya: Producer! Thanks so, so much for today!
Producer: You’re welcome! I was pretty surprised, though. Who’d have thought you hadn’t seen a hero show before this.
Seiya: I was so moved, being so close to real-life superheroes! Next time let’s invite Kanata and Akira to come along, too!
Producer: Ahaha! You’re right. We’ll definitely come along with everyone next time!
Seiya: Haah~ That was seriously so super cool! Just like I thought, heroes in Japan are really something else!
Producer: “Heroes in Japan”? But there are superheroes in America, too, right? Or, rather, I had thought that America’s pretty much the home of superheroes?
(Kiss me hero) Seiya Aido LE affection story 2
Seiya: What’re you saying?! Japanese superheroes work to protect everyone and make sure they live in peace, which makes them awesome heroes!
Producer: ? They’re not like that in America?
Seiya: American superheroes just try to get rid of the evil in the world!
Producer: …And what’s different about that?
(Kiss me hero) Seiya Aido LE affection story 3
Seiya: Isn’t it obvious that they’re totally different?!
(Kiss me hero) Seiya Aido LE affection story 4
Seiya: Besides, a hero shouldn’t work by himself, and they’re not just somebody who’s super strong!
Seiya: They worry about things and have times where it looks like they’re going to lose, too. But their friends are there to help them out.
Seiya: And if they work together with their friends, then they can accomplish things they couldn’t by themselves. That’s what Japanese superheroes have taught me!
Seiya: Although I kinda only realized that just recently, hehe.
Seiya: So that’s why I really love Japan’s heroes…!
Producer: I see. So your fixation with them is based of that mental image, Aido-kun.
Seiya: Yeah! It’s so nice, right? Having friends, I mean.
Seiya: I wanna see if Kanata, Akira and I can become really passionate heroes, too…!
Producer: (Heroes, huh… I could probably let you them go through the auditions, but…)
Producer: (I really doubt that’s what he meant when he said “I want to be a hero”, right?)
Producer: (I wonder how I could help Aido-kun get closer to his dream of being a hero?)
(Kiss me hero) Seiya Aido LE affection story 5
Seiya: Hey, Producer? You’ve quiet for a while now; have you actually been listening to me?
Producer: Ah, sorry, Aido-kun. I was just thinking about something.
Seiya: When you’re spending time with me shouldn’t you only be thinking about me?
Producer: No, it’s not that. I was just thinking about what you’ll be doing from here on out.
(Kiss me hero) Seiya Aido LE affection story 6
Seiya: What I’ll be doing…? Hehe, it makes me happy that you were actually thinking about me!
But make sure you listen for real right now, ‘cause I’ve got an announcement to make!
Producer: An announcement?
(Kiss me hero) Seiya Aido LE affection story 7
Seiya: [Play]For the sake of all of our fans, I’m gonna become a really heroic man!
Producer: —Yup. I’m sure if anyone can do it, it’s you, Aido-kun. No… You’ll absolutely be able to!
Seiya: Yeah! If it’s for that purpose, I can do my best at anything!


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