Koakuma no Himegoto 1 (1)
Mutsuki: Ah, that’s right. We’ll need new socks, too, won’t we? And then some new clothes and a few new toys, maybe~?
Mutsuki: Hey, Satsuki. Let’s get matching outfits to wear out that day, okay~?
Satsuki: Come on, Mutsuki, you’re way too excited about this!
Mutsuki: Ehehe~. That’s because this is a first for me, after all.
Koakuma no Himegoto 1 (2)
Mutsuki: I mean, we’re going on a trip with all of Twinkle Bell’s fans~. This will be so much fun~.
Satsuki: I see. Guess there’s nothing I can do about you, then.
Satsuki: Since you used to be so frail, you’ve never been on a school trip or anything.
Mutsuki: Right. This’ll be my first time going on a trip with so many people~.
Mutsuki: Which means that it’s also my first time going shopping to get ready for a trip~.
Mutsuki: Satsuki, tell me what we should buy! Your big bro will buy everything for you~.
Koakuma no Himegoto 1 (3)
Satsuki: I can buy all of the things I need for myself just fine!
Mutsuki: Aw, man. You’re so responsible, saying that~.
Satsuki: More importantly, Mutsuki. Normally, you’d be just about ready to take a nap, so are you okay right now? Do you want to take a break somewhere?
Mutsuki: Nah~. I’m fine. If we’ve got enough free time to take a break, then I’d rather look for a matching set of outfits with you~.
Koakuma no Himegoto 1 (4)
Mutsuki: C'mon, let’s hurry up and get going, Satsuki. We’ve got no time to waste~.
Satsuki: Okay, got it.
Satsuki: (Geez, Mutsuki seems really hyped about going on his first trip with people outside of our family.)
Satsuki: (But if Mutsuki’s happy, then I’m happy, too!)
Mutsuki: Satsuki, hurry up, let’s go~.
Satsuki: Okay then, let’s go!
Koakuma no Himegoto 1 (5)
Mutsuki: Yeah-!
Producer: Ah, good morning, Satsuki-kun, Mutsuki-kun.
Koakuma no Himegoto 1 (6)
Satsuki: Producer, good morrrning–! …And now, time for~
Satsuki: …Your prank! Take this, my winter water gun attack!
Satsuki: Wh-what–!? Why did you bring an umbrella with you even though it isn’t raining!?
Producer: My own weather forecast told me that there was a 50% chance of Satsuki-kun making it rain with his pranks today!
Satsuki: Dammit~! That prediction was right on the mark!
Producer: (Actually, after Satsuki-kun pulled that prank on Tobikura-kun, I just had a bad feeling that it would be my turn next…)
Producer: Hmm? By the way, Mutsuki-kun, you’re rather quiet, aren’t you?
Satsuki: Hm? Now that you say that…
Koakuma no Himegoto 1 (7)
Mutsuki: Uh-uh–. I’m right here. Good morning–.
Producer: …Somehow, you don’t seem to be in a very good mood. Are you okay? Not feeling well?
Mutsuki: Nah. I’ve just been realllly sleepy ever since this morning~.
Satsuki: Mutsuki didn’t take a single nap yesterday…
Producer: That’s odd! But do be careful to not fall asleep during class, okay?
Mutsuki: Okayyy…
Producer: And hand over the water gun, Satsuki-kun!
Satsuki: Ehh!? Why should I–!?
Producer: Somebody’s going to catch a cold if they get water sprayed on them in the wintertime, won’t they?
Producer: All of the Aichuu are up to their ears in work right now, so this is a very important period of time. We’d be in trouble if someone caught a cold.
Satsuki: Feh! Fine…
Producer: Okay. Well then, I’ll see you both later, okay?
Satsuki: Ahhh. She took it from me… That producer’s so strict, Mutsuki.
Koakuma no Himegoto 1 (8)
Mutsuki: Mm-hmm…
Satsuki: Are you really okay, Mutsuki?
Mutsuki: I’m fine, I’m fine… Come on, let’s get going to the classroom already, okay?
Koakuma no Himegoto 1 (9)
Satsuki: Ah, wait up, Mutsuki!


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