Koakuma no Himegoto 3 (1)
Mutsuki: Mmm…? It’s completely dark in here? I wonder where I am?
Mutsuki: (Is that… Satsuki and me…?)
Koakuma no Himegoto 3 (2)
Mutsuki: Cough… Cough…
Satsuki: Mutsuki? Are you all worn out?
Mutsuki: It’s just a little cough… But forget that, Satsuki. Isn’t your trip today?
Mutsuki: If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late for the bus, won’t you?
Satsuki: I’m…not going…
Mutsuki: Why not?
Satsuki: It won’t be any fun if you’re not there, Mutsuki!
Mutsuki: Satsuki… But you know, I want to hear all of the stories you’ll have about the trip.
Mutsuki: So go have fun for me. Please.
Satsuki: …Putting it like that is no fair at all. I guess I’ll go on the trip.
Mutsuki: Yeah. Thanks, Satsuki.
Satsuki: …I’ll get going, then.
Mutsuki: …Cough… Cough…
Koakuma no Himegoto 3 (3)
Mutsuki: (I sure wasn’t a very cute kid. I actually wanted yell out to him and say that I wanted to go on the trip, too.)
Mutsuki: (But I was so frail that I couldn’t get out of bed at all.)
Mutsuki: (But whenever he saw me like that, Satsuki would just say to me… “I’m fine as long as I’m here with you, Mutsuki.”)
Mutsuki: (It made me so happy to hear him say that. And…)
Mutsuki: (Hearing Satsuki say something that showed I was so important to him put me at ease.)
Koakuma no Himegoto 3 (4)
Mutsuki: (So I’ve really been testing Satsuki like this…)
Mutsuki: (Wondering what I should do when he finds something that he can enjoy without me being there with him…)
Mutsuki: (What should I do when Satsuki finally leaves me…?)
Mutsuki: (I’m sure that I was punished for thinking things like that.)
Mutsuki: (As I’ve grown up, I’ve gotten healthier… And I haven’t had any bad episodes recently, so I haven’t been careful enough…)
Mutsuki: (Satsuki… I’m sorry…)
Koakuma no Himegoto 3 (5)
Satsuki: I’m not mad about it or anything, though!
Mutsuki: Eh?
Satsuki: Come on, if you space out like this, I’m gonna leave you behind~!
Mutsuki: W-Wait!! Satsuki! …Satsuki!?
Koakuma no Himegoto 3 (6)
Mutsuki: Hah–!?
Mutsuki: A dream… Why am I… Is this the washitsu room that Waka-sama’s always in?
Satsuki: Zzz… Zzz…
Mutsuki: Ahh… I passed out…
Koakuma no Himegoto 3 (7)
Taichi Muto: Zzz… Zzz…
Mutsuki: Huh? Why is that kid in here, too? But more importantly, Satsuki…
Mutsuki: Fufu. He’s been holding onto my hand this whole time.
Mutsuki: …I’m such a bad big brother. Passing out again and making Satsuki worry like this…
Mutsuki: …I’m sorry, Satsuki.
Koakuma no Himegoto 3 (8)
Futami: Aw, come on, you’re not a bad big brother, Mutsuki-kun~.
Mutsuki: Ah, Futami…
Futami: Hehe… This old man here was worried about you, so he came to see how you were doing~.
Mutsuki: Oh, really? …Thank you.
Futami: What’s this~? You’re being awfully upfront with me, aren’t ya~?
Mutsuki: I guess so… I’m feeling a little down right now, though, so I don’t have any time to keep you company, Mr. Neet~.
Futami: I take it back. Guess you’re the same as always, huh~?
Koakuma no Himegoto 3 (9)
Futami: Anyway, what’s got you talking like you’re about to give up on everything? Try telling the old guy here what’s on your mind~.
Futami: Maybe I could try giving you some advice, just like how you listened to what I had to say before?


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