Profile Story
(Profile Story) Kokoro Hanabusa

Nice to meet you producer. I am Kokoro Hanbusa. 15 years old. I am an I-chu with plans of being a top idol that anyone will accept.
I'm cute like a girl? Don't say something so obvious.
It's common sense around the world that I'm cute. On this planet there is no one cuter than me!
You think that too right?
Because you think like that, I thought I'd want to aim to be an idol with you.
Don't you think it's an honor? I'll show you a lot of wonderful things in this world.
So, firstly I want to get new outfits. Do you have your wallet? Then, let's go!

Initial R/RR Melonpan ♪
Second Batch R/RR Kokoro's care
Initial SR/UR Because I will look properly
Summer Festival SR/UR Heart of Summer
Halloween SR/UR Coordinate Contest
Phantom Thief vs Police SR/UR What I'll steal will be the heart's love
Pool SR/UR The promise of that day
Yumeiro Cast Collaboration SR/UR Kokoro's rival?!
Cultural Festival SR/UR Nyan Nyan Service♥
Snowy Day SR/UR The way of enjoying the season
Second Batch SR/UR Glued to ✩ Kokoro Day
Seishun School Festival SR/UR Kokoro's Fashion Show ♪
Amusement Park 2017 SR/UR An idol at any time!
Aquarium SR/UR Feelings and wishes
Initial LE/GR Frank Attitude
The Autograph and Mini Live LE/GR Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event ♪
Valentine's Day LE/GR A Valentine with all Kokoro's Power
Rainyx2 Shiny LE/GR Rainyx2 Shiny
1st Anniversary LE/GR Unsatisfied heart
Creation GR Creation 02
Perfume (2016 Awards) GR Kokoro Hanabusa's Perfume
Necklace (2016 Awards) GR Kokoro Hanabusa's Accessory
Dakimakura (2016 Awards) GR Kokoro Hanabusa's Dakimakura
X'mas 2016 LE/GR Christmas song of happiness
2016 I-Chu Awards GR 2016 General Election 1st Place
Part-time Job 2017 LE/GR Charisma Shop Employee!
TOYBOX LE/GR Serious responsibility!
Shuffle Unit Mini Album GR TOYBOX
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Satisfied heart
Vacation LE/GR Matching☆Vacation
Birthday LE/GR Kokoro and the weather
A3! Collaboration LE/GR Gift to celebrate friendship
POP'N STAR Live Commemoration LE/GR LIVE Kokoro Hanabusa
New Year 2018 LE/GR Goddess and protection
♥Toyer no daikoushin♥ LE/GR ♥Toyer's big parade♥
White Day 2018 LE/GR A special macaron
Music Award LE/GR Kokoro Hanabusa's small revolution
Fleur GR Fleur
3rd Anniversary LE/HR Unchanging Things I Like