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Initial R/RR Melonpan ♪
Initial SR/UR Because I will look properly
Summer Festival SR/UR Kokoro during Summer
Halloween SR/UR Coordinate Contest
Phantom Thief vs Police SR/UR What I'll steal will be the heart's love
Pool SR/UR The promise of that day
Yumeiro Cast Collaboration SR/UR Kokoro's rival?!
Cultural Festival SR/UR Nyan Nyan Service♥
Initial LE/GR Frank Attitude
The Autograph and Mini Live LE/GR Cutie Kokoro's Autograph Event ♪
Valentine's Day LE/GR A Valentine with all Kokoro's Power
Rainyx2 Shiny LE/GR Rainyx2 Shiny
1st Anniversary LE/GR Unsatisfied heart
creation GR creation 02
Perfume (2016 Awards) Kokoro Hanabusa's Perfume
Necklace (2016 Awards) Kokoro Hanabusa's Accessory
Dakimakura (2016 Awards) Kokoro Hanabusa's Dakimakura

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