Power stones are pretty, aren't they~ ? Kokoro likes Ruby!
Seiya Red coral, I guess.
KokoroQ1 Seiya
Kanata Peridot. The gem's bright green color is pretty.
KokoroQ1 Kanata
Akira Libyan desert glass. I like its appearance.
KokoroQ1 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Don't you think the pink sapphire is perfect for me?
KokoroQ1 Satsuki
Mutsuki The swiss blue topaz eases my mind.
KokoroQ1 Mutsuki
Noah Amber has such a mystical color, which I like.
KokoroQ1 Noah
Leon I think the orange calcite is pretty.
KokoroQ1 Leon
Chaoyang I think the milky quartz has a pretty transparent color.
KokoroQ1 Li
Rabi The blue opal is pretty.
KokoroQ1 Rabi
Lucas The blue of the kyanite is pretty.
KokoroQ1 Lucas
Torahiko Don't you think the star garnet is great?
KokoroQ1 Torahiko
Kyosuke I like light pink colored gems such as the rose quartz!
KokoroQ1 Kyosuke
Akio Amethyst...
KokoroQ1 Akio
Shiki What about fluorites? Their hues are soothing.
KokoroQ1 Shiki
Hikaru The yellow opal is suited best for the beautiful me.
KokoroQ1 Hikaru
Raku What about the blue topaz?
KokoroQ1 Raku
Runa Apatite. It's beautiful.
KokoroQ1 Runa
Momosuke Pearl, maybe~ It's a perfect circle and looks delicious ♪
KokoroQ1 Momosuke
Issei Hematite. It's pitch black and can't be dyed by other colors.
KokoroQ1 Issei
Futami I like the gem silica.
KokoroQ1 Futami
Takamichi Larimar. I like its transparent-like light blue hue. File:KokoroQ1 Takamichi.ogg
Eva Shamanite. You do understand that it's a fitting gem for me, don't you?
KokoroQ1 Eva
Mio Strawberry quartz! It has a cute name ♪
KokoroQ1 Mio
Ban Sapphire has a pretty color!
KokoroQ1 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I like the red tiger's eye.
KokoroQ1 Tsubaki
Toya Orange moonstone has a warm color, doesn't it?
KokoroQ1 Toya
Tatsumi I like the blue tiger's eye.
KokoroQ1 Tatsumi
Aoi Cape amethyst. It has a beautiful purple color so I like it.
KokoroQ1 Aoi
Kuro Onyx.... I like power stones a lot, but they're expensive... File:KokoroQ1 Kuro.ogg
Saku Agate! Other name is agate (menou)! File:KokoroQ1 Saku.ogg
Baber Scorolite... it's attractive.. File:KokoroQ1 Baber.ogg

Do you have any flowers that you like? Kokoro likes poinsettia! The meaning of the flower is "purity"!
Seiya I like sunflowers! I like how it grows heading toward the sun!
KokoroQ2 Seiya
Kanata Jasmines are white and small, I think they are cute!
KokoroQ2 Kanata
Akira I like black lilies, but they are not suited for presents.
KokoroQ2 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki The statices means "prank", did you know that?
KokoroQ2 Satsuki
Mutsuki I like hydrangeas.
KokoroQ2 Mutsuki
Noah Wedelias are cute.
KokoroQ2 Noah
Leon I think that poppies are cute.
KokoroQ2 Leon
Chaoyang I like gardenias. Their meaning is elegant too.
KokoroQ2 Li
Rabi I like clematis.
KokoroQ2 Rabi
Lucas Chicory. Apparently it's used to enhance the flavor of coffee too.
KokoroQ2 Lucas
Torahiko I think dahlias are great and big!
KokoroQ2 Torahiko
Kyosuke I like pansies!
KokoroQ2 Kyosuke
Akio I like the muscaris...
KokoroQ2 Akio
Shiki Japanese anemones are small and cute.
KokoroQ2 Shiki
Hikaru Lilies are perfect for myself!
KokoroQ2 Hikaru
Raku Japanese primroses are so small and beautiful.
KokoroQ2 Raku
Runa Carnation. Every year I present them to my mother.
KokoroQ2 Runa
Momosuke Plumerias! They have a very nice scent~
KokoroQ2 Momosuke
Issei If it's flowers, then those shepherd's purses growing over there are enough for me!
KokoroQ2 Issei
Futami I like wisterias. They're full of memories to me...
KokoroQ2 Futami
Takamichi Moth orchids. They're flowers that suit me best, right?
KokoroQ2 Takamichi
Eva I fancy the flowers called snowdrops. The meaning is "a friend in time of need".
KokoroQ2 Eva
Mio I like small flowers like St. John's worts. I wonder if it can be used in black magic?
KokoroQ2 Mio
Ban I like white clovers!
KokoroQ2 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I like the Japanese gentian which my family name is derived from.
KokoroQ2 Tsubaki
Toya I like the scent of sweet osmanthus.
KokoroQ2 Toya
Tatsumi I like Japanese irises. There are a lot blooming in my home...
KokoroQ2 Tatsumi
Aoi I like red roses. Don't you think that they suit me?
KokoroQ2 Aoi
Kuro What would you do if I said that it's the aconite? Beautiful things have poison in it...[1] File:KokoroQ2 Kuro.ogg
Saku They say flowers secretly bloom inside of figs. File:KokoroQ2 Saku.ogg
Baber Baber likes the Aster flower... The ones in the Konjaku Monogatarishuu.... File:KokoroQ2 Baber.ogg

This comes from Kokoro-chan, who's a boy dressing as a girl [2]. Frankly, what do you think of guys cross-dressing?
Seiya Everyone is different!
KokoroQ3 Seiya
Kanata Kokoro is cute, so I'm fine!
KokoroQ3 Kanata
Akira It's a really difficult question. I don't think it's bad.
KokoroQ3 Akira
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Even if I'm used to it... It's a shame!
KokoroQ3 Satsuki
Mutsuki Even if you say you are a boy, all I can see is a girl. It's amazing.
KokoroQ3 Mutsuki
Noah I think everyone is free to do what he wants to do, because everyone is different.
KokoroQ3 Noah
Leon Hehe... Looking at Kokoro-chan really changed my views...
KokoroQ3 Leon
Chaoyang It surprised me, but I think it's fine?
KokoroQ3 Li
Rabi Well... I'm sure anyone would have strange needs sometimes...
KokoroQ3 Rabi
Lucas I don't understand, but I don't see any problem.
KokoroQ3 Lucas
Torahiko I don't care if you're a boy! Kokoro is Kokoro!
KokoroQ3 Torahiko
Kyosuke I heard you're a boy, but it does not look like it.
KokoroQ3 Kyosuke
Akio I have never seen an otokonoko so I was surprised, but it doesn't concern me...
KokoroQ3 Akio
Shiki As long as you're cute, no problem?
KokoroQ3 Shiki
Hikaru If you are beautiful, it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl!
KokoroQ3 Hikaru
Raku Cute girls are always welcomed!
KokoroQ3 Raku
Runa I was a bit reluctant about it, but I came to think that there's nothing wrong with it as long as it looks good.
KokoroQ3 Runa
Momosuke Thanks to Kokoro-chan and Runa-chan, I'm having fun doing it ♪
KokoroQ3 Momosuke
Issei In the end, you're a guy, right? It's out of my field of expertise.
KokoroQ3 Issei
Futami Being cute is justice! Bring it on!
KokoroQ3 Futami
Takamichi I don't care. Though, if you want to do it then isn't it fine to do it out of your own convenience?
KokoroQ3 Takamichi
Eva Devilish beings are not distinguished by sex. Perhaps, Seiren [3] is a comrade of ours?
KokoroQ3 Eva
Mio I could care less if the burikko[4] is a guy or a girl!
KokoroQ3 Mio
Ban You're cute, so it's no problem!
KokoroQ3 Ban
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Boy or girl, both are equally fine.
KokoroQ3 Tsubaki
Toya Boys who are exceedingly cute are also needed all the same~ ♪
KokoroQ3 Toya
Tatsumi I don't really think much about it...
KokoroQ3 Tatsumi
Aoi There's no problem as long as one looks beautiful, right?
KokoroQ3 Aoi
Kuro It's incompatible with me... File:KokoroQ3 Kuro.ogg
Saku If the appearance and inside are cute like a girl, then no problem! File:KokoroQ3 Saku.ogg
Baber Male? Female? Hm.. Both are fine.. File:KokoroQ3 Baber.ogg


  1. Aconites, also called "wolf's bane" are extremely poisonous
  2. Otokonoko
  3. His nickname for Kokoro.
  4. Wikipedia.