Kota Kiyomiya
清宮弧汰, Kiyomiya Kota
Kota Kiyomiya
The contrary iKids!
Age 5
Birthday April 15th
Blood Type AB
Height 111 cm
Weight 17 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Paranoia
Fave Food Natto
LeastFave Food Cloud ear mushrooms
Looks up to Momosuke Oikawa
Group baby hop


A gloomy boy with few friends. Since he often has negative thoughts, his brothers have to console him.


Kota Kiyomiya N (Hitori de dekiru mon!) Kota Kiyomiya N (Nakayoshi Peluche) Kota Kiyomiya N

Character LinesEdit

The world is rotting... I'm Kota Kiyomiya.
Momosuke's stuffed doll... I'm sure that it can move...
Ritsu-nii and Gin-nii pamper me too much...
Every last one of them are laughing innocently...
To have your eyes on me... In that case, could you be a spy from somewhere!?
Story Story, huh... Heh!
Main Story How about you choose a chapter? Can't guarantee your safety though...
Now, you can't go back again now...
Love Story Love story... I'm not interested in things like that!
O-only because it's today!
Shop It's the shop... be careful now...
Disk Purchase Kh! It'll all end if you're lured by temptation!
Friends Friends...You might approach suspicious guys...
Other Things that stood out are put away here, is it...

Affection StoryEdit

Rebellious person

Kota Kiyomiya - Rebellious person (1)
Kota: What do you want. Do you need something from me? Even if you don't, can you stop staring at me like that?
Kota: I'm Kota Kiyomiya. I'm an iKids.
Kota: I'm cute? Ahah, you say funny things, adult. Aren't your eyeballs rotten?
Kota: Ahaha! You're angry? You're angry right? I bet you thought "What's with this guy?".
Kota: But I'm also thinking "What's with this guy?". For how long are you going to look at me with eyes like that?
Kota: Disgusting. Are you a pervert? So if you're going to continue staring at me, should I tell my brothers?
Kota: They're usually really friendly, but when they get angry they're scary like demons.
Kota: So you should go somewhere else quickly. Otherwise, talking with strangers will even get me scolded.
Kota: Ah, I told you my brothers will come. I don't want them to get angry at me, so please go already. Don't follow me.
Kota: Ah, and please don't say anything about me to my brothers if they ask.

Devil's advocate boy

Kota Kiyomiya - Devil's advocate boy (1)
Kota: Huh? I saw you. What are you doing here? Perhaps you're following me around?
Kota: You'd better stop being so disgusting, you know? That's what good adults do.
Kota: Eh? You're a producer? From the facility of my brothers?
Kota: Really? Because I have never heard of you.
Kota: Hey, what are you pulling on my clothes for. I have to go to a photoshooting.
Kota: ... Why do you have the clothes for today's photo shooting? Perhaps you really are the producer after all?
Kota: Fine, in this case I'll hurry up. Geez...
Kota Kiyomiya - Devil's advocate boy (2)
Kota: See, I changed clothes. So, where is the photo shooting?
Kota: At the school courtyard? Heh... Whatever, but we better finish this quickly.
Kota: I'm hungry.
Kota: Hey, after the photo shooting is over, I want to eat gyuudon. Producer, you should able to do at least that much.

I can do it myself!

Kota Kiyomiya - I can do it myself (1)
Kota: Ah, I was wondering about what you're up to. Why were you washing Momosuke's plush toy?
Kota: He was so happy that it was all clean and pretty... How big of a softie is he?
Kota: I mean, he could have washed it himself.
Kota: Because I told my brothers that I do the things I can do alone by myself.
Kota Kiyomiya - I can do it myself (2)
Kota: It's almost time for the performance, so I changed my clothes. I have to be able to do this by myself, you know.
Kota: Eh? The zipper on my back is not fastened?
Kota: Of course I could fasten it by myself, but...

If you really want to, I can let you fasten it?

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own You know about my birthday! How did you know!?
Rikka It’s Ritsu-nii’s birthday, that’s why I’ll give him an experiment kit…
Momosuke Momosuke’s birthday... I’m sure something will happen!
Producer Heh... It’s your birthday? Would you be happy if I congratulated you?


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