Kota Tokachi
十勝耕太, Tokachi Kouta
Kota Tokachi
The hesitant iKids!
"Kota Tokachi... I'm... too shy to speak openly... But Chaoyang-oniichan understands my feelings... I'm glad..."
Age 6
Birthday September 21st
Blood Type AB
Height 117 cm
Weight 20 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Piano
Fave Food Gratin
LeastFave Food Mint
Looks up to Li Chaoyang
Group sweet step


An iKids who acts hesitantly towards other people. Since he is not confident in his appearance, he let his bangs grow long.


Kota Tokachi N (Xiaoxiongmao Yuugi) Kota Tokachi N (Asanagi no Adagio) Kota Tokachi N

Character LinesEdit

Kota Tokachi... I-it's embarrassing...
I feel more at ease with long bangs...
It's difficult... to make friends...
Chaoyang-oniichan is also a shy person... Fufu.
Kaoru-kun's way of speaking is so nonchalant... I like it...
Story Feel free to... choose your favorite story.
Main Story Feel free to... choose your favorite chapter.
P-please read the story.
Love Story Love story... the beginning of a wonderful love...
P-please choose...
Shop Are we going shopping...?
Disk Purchase What did you buy...?
Friends Friends... that's nice.
Other We can do various things here?

Affection StoryEdit

I have no self-confidence

Kota Tokachi - I have no self-confidence (1)
Kota: Uh! I-I'm sorry. I should've been more careful...
Kota: ... A-are you angry, Miss...? Uuuh...
Kota: You're not angry? Sigh, I'm glad...
Kota: Uhm... where am I? When I noticed I was already here. I'm sure I was at a school until a moment ago...
Kota: Because the school has so many cool people and so many cute people... It was a little difficult to stay in a place like this.
Kota: I was aimlessly wandering around to get away. And before I knew, I ended up here...
Kota: ... But here it's quiet and there are many beautiful flowers blooming. ... It's a nice place.
Kota: This is one of your favorite places, Miss? ... I wonder if it can be my favorite place too.
Kota: Well, then we're favorite friends. Hehe, that's the first I met someone saying this.
Kota: I am Kota Tokachi. ... Nice to meet you, Miss.

The source of strength

Kota Tokachi - The source of strength (1)
Kota: Eh... I'm, I'm Chaoyang-onii-chan's... helper?
Kota: The same costume...??
Kota: Uh... what should I do, you just asked, but... I'm getting nervous.
Kota: Bu, but, I respect... Chaoyang-onii-chan a lot. That's why... I have to give my best...!
Kota: Miss, are... are you helping me?
Kota Tokachi - The source of strength (2)
Kota: How, how is it...? Have I become cool... like Chaoyang-onii-chan?
Kota: Hehe. Getting praised by you makes me happy...
Kota: ... But I wonder if I can become like everyone else?
Kota: Wearing this costume... gives me strength... This is what it feels like.
Kota: That's why... I have to give my best in the Live. If it goes well... I want a lot of praise.

My chest throbs

Kota Tokachi - My chest throbs 1 (1)
Kota: You want to know where I'm going to go now...? Uhm, I'm going to the music room for piano practise...
Kota: Because I'm going to play the piano together with Chaoyang-onii-chan soon...
Kota: But what should I do... I can't play as well as Chaoyang-onii-chan... I'll make a lot of mistakes.
Kota: Eh, really...? If I practise I can become better?
Kota: Then, if I practise lots and lots, can I become as good as Chaoyang-onii-chan someday...?
Kota: Yes... I'll do my best...!
Kota Tokachi - My chest throbs 1 (2)
Kota: Miss, have you listened to my piano playing...? I didn't make a single mistake...!
Kota: Yes, Chaoyang-onii-chan praised me too. I was really nervous, but it was incredibly fun...
Kota: ... Because you told me that I can do it if I do my best.
Kota: That's why I will do my best from today on... Say, Miss, please always cheer me on, okay...?

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It’s is my... birthday. ... Can you stay with me?
Kaoru Because it’s his birthday... I’ll give Kaoru-kun... a lot of sweets.
Chaoyang I wonder what gift would make Chaoyang-oniichan happy?
Producer I w-wish you... a, a h-happy... birthday!


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