Kouya no Frontier 1 (1)
Noah: Good morning.
Sebastian: Young master. You seem to be in an excellent mood today.
Noah: Yeah. I’m still feeling excited from yesterday’s show, so I got up a bit earlier than usual.
Sebastian: So that’s why? I see… Oh, that’s right. Your received a call earlier from your producer, young master.
Noah: Eh? For me specifically?
Sebastian: Yes. She informed me to tell you that she has something to talk to you about during your lunch break today, and would like for you to meet her on the roof.
Noah: Is it really something important enough for her to bother calling me at home? Thank you for telling me, Sebastian.
Sebastian: Not at all. Shall I prepare some sunny-side-up eggs for your breakfast this morning? Or would you prefer an omelet?
Noah: I think I’ll have an omelet today. And some nice black tea to go along with it…
Kouya no Frontier 1 (2)
Leon: Yawn—… Mornin’…
Lucas: Good morning. Noah, Sebastian.
Noah: Fufu. What good timing. Leon, could you go make a nice pot of black tea for us?
Leon: Ehh—. I just woke up! I’m not gonna carry anything heavy~…
Kouya no Frontier 1 (3)
Noah: …Are you really going to talk back to me?
Leon: Ack!? I’m wide awake now! I’m gonna go make a super delish pot of tea riiiight now!!
Sebastian: Young master… If you had only asked for it, I would have been happy to make it myself.
Noah: But you’re cooking right now, aren’t you? And besides, now that Leon and Lucas are awake, you’ve got even more work cut out for you.
Noah: You can leave the tea to Leon.
Kouya no Frontier 1 (4)
Lucas: It would be better if I was the one making it, though…
Noah: Ahaha! That’s a good joke. Is your head not on straight since you just woke up?
Noah: Besides, Lucas… I don’t remember giving you permission to enter the kitchen…
Lucas: ! O-okay, I get it! I’m leaving right now, so don’t get mad!
Noah: Sigh… Such a hectic way to start off my day.
Kouya no Frontier 1 (5)
Chaoyang: Ah… Noah-san… G-good morning…
Noah: …Fufu.
Chaoyang: U-um… Why are you patting my head?
Noah: Oh, it’s nothing… It’s just so nice to have you say hello to me, Chaoyang.
Chaoyang: Ah… Auu…
Noah: Now then, it looks like everyone’s up and about except for Rabi. It’d probably be a good idea to go wake him up sometime soon, right?
Noah: Chaoyang, do you think you could do that for me?
Chaoyang: !? Ah, but… When he’s still half-asleep, Rabi-san is, um…
Kouya no Frontier 1 (6)
Noah: Ah, that’s right. Rabi does get in a really foul mood when he isn’t fully awake, doesn’t he.
Sebastian: Young master. Allow me to wake him up once I’ve finished everyone’s breakfasts.
Noah: Are you sure?
Sebastian: Yes. I feel as though it would be a bit much for young master Chaoyang to handle.
Chaoyang: Th-thank you very much! Sebastian…-san.
Sebastian: It’s nothing at all.
Leon: Leon-kun’s extra special brew is ready to go–!
Kouya no Frontier 1 (7)
Lucas: I set the table. Sebastian, I’ll put the plates over here.
Sebastian: Thank you very much, everyone. Well then, please take your seats and enjoy your meal.
Noah: Yeah. Thanks, guys.
Noah: (In any case, the producer only called for me…)
Noah: (Surely, something must be up.)
Producer: Ah, Noah-kun!
Kouya no Frontier 1 (8)
Noah: Hey, Producer. Did I keep you waiting long?
Producer: Nope, not in the least. I just got here myself.
Noah: I’m glad to hear that. I mustn’t keep a lady waiting.
Noah: Anyway, you said you needed me for something?
Producer: Right. It would be hard to say in front of the others, so…
Noah: I presumed as much, considering that you only asked for me to come here when you called.
Noah: Even if it’s something that’s hard to talk about, I’d like it if you told me what this is about.
Producer: …Well, actually, it’s about a job that’s come in for you.
Kouya no Frontier 1 (9)
Noah: For me? What about the others?
Producer: It’s just for you. I was perfectly happy with how much publicity your prior jobs have gotten, but then the principal went and said something that got me thinking… though it was kind of vague.
Noah: The principal did?
Producer: Yeah. “There are two sides to every good story~,” is what he told me. So, anyway, I thought I’d come talk to you about it and get your opinion first.
Kouya no Frontier 1 (10)
Noah: Just me, huh…?
Noah: If I do this job well, then they might bring the others into it later, so… I’ll take it on.
Noah: I’ll put more effort into it than I would for any old gig, so please tell the principal that he can rest easy, knowing that I’ll do my best.
Producer: ! Thank you, Noah-kun. I shouldn’t be so hesitant about this sort of thing, given that I’m your producer, should I?
Producer: Well then, I’ll go phone them right now to let them know you’ll do it!


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