Kouya no Frontier 2 (1)
Magazine Editorial Staff Member: Thank you so much for taking on this job today!
Noah: Not at all; I should be the one thanking you. Thank you for requesting me to be a model for such a wonderful magazine.
Staff: But of course! We’ve been eager to find a way to work with you ever since we first saw you, Noah-san.
Staff: We’ve used many types of teenage models, ranging from pros coming from all over the world, to our very own readers.
Staff: We’re very proud of the popularity that that aspect of the magazine has with our readers. It’s one of our company’s main selling points.
Staff: It’s a specialty international magazine called “Teen”. Charisma and good looks like yours are a perfect fit for it!
Kouya no Frontier 2 (2)
Noah: …Thank you very much.
Noah: Um… There is something that I’d like to ask, if that’s all right. Why did you only extend this offer to me?
Staff: Um… What do you mean?
Noah: Oh, no, it’s just that… According to what I heard from my producer, you saw an appearance of I♥B’s – the group I’m in– on an earlier program…
Kouya no Frontier 2 (3)
Noah: …And that’s how you came to extend this offer to me.
Noah: I was just wondering why you only chose me out of the whole group…
Staff: Oh! So that’s what you meant?
Staff: I suppose you could say that our… standards we look for when offering positions have gone up…
Staff: But we certainly didn’t intend it as a slight to the others! You’re just a special case, Noah-san!
Noah: A special case, huh…?
Staff: Yes! You’re quite special!
Kouya no Frontier 2 (4)
Staff: Ah! It seems that we’ve gotten completely sidetracked by our conversation. Well then, once you’ve changed clothes, let’s have a great session! I’m looking forward to working with you!
[Door closes]
Kouya no Frontier 2 (5)
Noah: …I’m the only special one out of all of us, huh? What an over-the-top thing to say.
Noah: (Still, I wonder why… I’m feeling somewhat sad. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…)
[Knock knock]
Producer: Noah-kun, are you done changing yet?
Noah: !! I’ll be done soon, so give me a sec!
Producer: Okay, got it! Then I’ll go on ahead to the set, okay?
Noah: I suppose I should just think about it later… I’ve got to focus on my work for now.
Kouya no Frontier 2 (6)
Cameraman: Please look up a bit more, Noah-san—. Right, just like that! …That looks great!
Cameraman: Ah! That look in your eyes is fantastic! Now hold that pose…
Kouya no Frontier 2 (7)
Noah: Yes.
Noah: In any case… I thought that I’d be wearing something a little more normal than this. Why am I dressed up like I’m going horseback riding?
Staff: We saw in your profile that you liked horses, so that’s the outfit we chose! Or, at least, that was our line of thinking!
Staff: And you look as fabulous as we thought you would, Noah-san! We definitely made the right choice!
Noah: You think so? Thank you very much.
Staff: By the way… We wanted to do an interview along with the photoshoot, so would it be all right if I asked you a couple of questions?
Kouya no Frontier 2 (8)
Noah: An interview…? I didn’t hear that there would be an interview today…
Staff: I’m so sorry! That’s because we didn’t mention it… If the questions are too difficult, then you can just give brief answers!
Noah: (I’m in quite a bind here… It looks like the producer’s… talking to someone else right now.)
Noah: (Well, they’ve already been so kind to me, so a few words here and there should be fine…)
Kouya no Frontier 2 (9)
Noah: I see. Well then, as long as I can see how you’ll edit the interview before publishing it, and if we can cut anything I have a problem with, then…
Staff: Thank you very much! Then I think I’ll start asking you the questions now, so please just give me some simple answers to each of them!
Noah: …Okay. Understood.
Noah: (I’ll tell the producer about this later.)


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