Kouya no Frontier 3 (1)
Rabi: By the way, Noah. When’s that magazine coming out, the one you told us that you modeled for the other day?
Noah: Um… I think it’s due out at the end of the month, but I imagine that they’ll send it to us before it’s released so we can look it over.
Noah: (I bet that they’ve already sent it. Maybe I’ll try asking the producer about it later.)
Producer: …This is…
Kouya no Frontier 3 (2)
Noah: Ah, Producer. What luck. I had something that I wanted to ask you, so I thought I’d come find you.
Producer: !! Noah-kun!
Noah: Producer? What was that you just hid behind you?
Producer: Do you think that you could just… pretend you didn’t see that?
Noah: Why do you need to hide something from me? If it’s got something to do with me, then I’d really like it if you’d let me see it.
Kouya no Frontier 3 (3)
Noah: And there’s no way you’d turn down a request of mine, is there?
Producer: …That’s not so much a request as it is an order.
Noah: I’m so glad we’ve come to an understanding.
Producer: …Alright. I’ll show it to you, but I want you to stay calm when you see it.
Noah: Sure, no problem. Now then, show me what you’re hiding.
Producer: ...Okay.
Kouya no Frontier 3 (4)
Noah: …These are the proof copies of the shoot we did the other day, aren’t they?
Producer: Yeah. There aren’t any problems with the photos themselves, but rather with the title they used…
Noah: The title? …What is this!?
“With a grandfather at the top of the medical industry and a brain surgeon father currently in the business, he’s a real royal prince!”
Noah: Why did they bring up my grandfather and father…?
Producer: Really, though… I don’t know where they got that information, but it’s so cruel of them to put it at the front and center of the feature like this…
Producer: It’s obvious that they actually just wanted to feature a well-to-do family all along, rather than you…
Kouya no Frontier 3 (5)
Noah: Ah…!
Producer: ? Did you just remember something that might be related to this?
Noah: They actually asked me a couple of questions during the shoot. One was “what do your parents do for a living?”
Noah: I wasn’t entirely comfortable with answering them, but since I just told them that I was from a family of doctors, I thought that everything would be okay.
Noah: I’m sorry, Producer. In hindsight, I can clearly see what I did wrong.
Producer: You’ve got nothing to be sorry for, Noah-kun. I was completely irresponsible, letting them ask you those sorts of things during the shoot…!
Kouya no Frontier 3 (6)
Noah: That’s not true. You were just doing your job. I should have just been blunt with them and said that I wouldn’t do it.
Producer: Noah-kun… Well, luckily, this is still just a draft, so I’ll edit it and send it back to them.
Producer: And I’ll definitely make sure they know that I’ll insist on checking the final version before it’s printed!
Noah: ...Yeah.
Producer: Noah-kun. Don’t let it bother you… Well, maybe that’s a bit too much to ask, but don’t worry too much about this, okay?
Noah: Thank you for worrying about me, Producer.
Noah: I’m fine. After all, I’ve dealt with this sort of thing ever since I was a kid, so I’ve gotten used to it by now.
Kouya no Frontier 3 (7)
Noah: Jeez… It’s hard on a kid to have to deal with such high-profile parents.
Producer: Noah-kun…
Noah: I’ll let you handle looking over the drafts, since I trust you more than anyone else.
Producer: Right! Leave it to me!
Noah: Ahaha! You’re so dependable. Well then, I’ve got the day off today, so I suppose I’ll head home.
Noah: See you later, Producer.
Kouya no Frontier 3 (8)
Noah: …Sigh. I never thought that this would turn into such a mess.
Noah: (In any case, with a title like that, it looks like they were never watching me specifically, or interested in getting me to work with them.)
Noah: (I guess it was all because of my parents’ standing… No one ever paying attention to me makes me really sad…)


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