Kouya no Frontier 4 (1)
Noah: The breeze feels nice…
Noah: (I ended up coming to the roof without really thinking about it… Although I suppose I can’t go home, since it wouldn’t do for me to bring the others down.)
Noah: (I’m the leader, so I can’t let everyone else see me depressed…)
Kouya no Frontier 4 (2)
Runa: What’s this? Noah-san… How odd it is to see you up on the roof by yourself.
Noah: Runa? I’d say it’s stranger to see you by yourself…
Runa: True. Actually, Momosuke… rather, Momo, dropped his ribbon somewhere, and is quite upset about it.
Runa: He, Kokoro and I are looking for it right now, but knowing Momo, I imagine he must have dropped it near a flowerbed up here…
Kouya no Frontier 4 (3)
Runa: Fufu! You see, here it is. I’m sure that it was caught by one of the tree branches while he was gardening, and he just didn’t notice.
Noah: I’m glad you found it.
Runa: …Noah-san. Did something happen?
Noah: Eh?
Runa: No, I just feel as if you’re acting a bit differently than you usually do… Pardon me if I’m mistaken.
Noah: …Oh, I give up. Is it that obvious just from looking at me? Something happened that made me a bit sad, so I’m trying to compose myself.
Noah: I’m sure I’ll be back to normal once I’ve settled down here just a while longer, so please, don’t worry about me.
Runa: But the way you’re telling me that does have me worried. If it’s something that you can’t talk about with the rest of your group, then perhaps you could try telling me about it?
Runa: I may not be able to give you the advice you need, but I’m certainly capable of lending an ear.
Noah: No, but...
Runa: No “but"s. Please talk to me.
Noah: …You’re surprisingly stubborn, aren’t you?
Runa: Oh dear. Have you finally figured that out?
Noah: Sheesh. It seems as if I’ve gotten myself in trouble by being misled by your appearance.
Runa: Fufu. I could say the same to you.
Kouya no Frontier 4 (4)
Noah: How wonderful. I’m beginning to take an interest in you. Well then, I hope you’ll be so kind as to listen to my story.
Noah: The truth is–…
Kouya no Frontier 4 (5)
Runa: I see. So you’re saying that they were more interested in the value of your connections, rather than how appealing you were personally.
Noah: I’m glad you’re so quick to catch on. But, in any case, I’m used to this sort of thing. I should be fine letting it slide, just like I usually do.
Noah: Still… I didn’t think that my parents’ names would come up once I’d started to work on my own to become an idol, so it gave me a bit of a shock.
Noah: I really respect my parents and my grandfather, and I love them all. But I’d still like to create a new name for myself, if at all possible.
Noah: I want to use my own, true strength to become an idol with the rest of the group.
Runa: Certainly. I think that the way you refuse to let others see your own weaknesses is one of your strong points.
Kouya no Frontier 4 (6)
Runa: It’s just that… From my perspective, you take things a bit too seriously. I worry whether or not you’ll collapse under the pressure of it all one day.
Noah: …What does that mean?
Runa: It means exactly what I just said. If someone keeps going and going without letting their weaknesses show, then they’ll eventually burst, won’t they?
Runa: I’ve seen someone like that once before. Someone who put on a brave face, pretending to be "a princess who could handle anything”.
Noah: .....
Runa: Truthfully, I also used to feel the same way you do.
Noah: You too, Runa?
Runa: Yes. My family has been in politics for a long time, one generation after the other. Naturally, I was brought up learning how to do just that.
Runa: So I assumed that I would become a politician, just as my parents said I would.
Runa: I’d always thought that it was a given that I’d walk along the path that my parents chose for me. But a conversation I had a long time ago with a childhood friend of mine managed to change that.
Runa: “It’s more important for you to walk down the road that you think is the obvious choice for yourself, rather than what everyone else thinks is the best route for you.”
Runa: “If you expand your horizons– before you determine what’s right for you, without even considering everything else – then you’ll see that there are limitless possibilities to choose from.” That’s what they told me.
Runa: When I heard those words, I wondered: “What’s right for me?” I realized that I had to find something that I truly wanted to do.
Runa: And so, here I am. All thanks to that “princess putting on a brave face” that I told you about earlier.
Kouya no Frontier 4 (7)
Noah: And that girl must be…
Runa: Fufu. Please keep what I just told you a secret from the others.
Runa: Honestly, I’m still quite embarrassed to be seen looking like this, but…
Runa: I’ve eventually come to enjoy bizarre things like this. Thanks to a certain someone. ♪
Noah: …You sure are a strong person.
Runa: Oh no, not at all. You’re far stronger than I am, Noah-san!
Runa: Besides, I heard about it, you know? That when Seiya-san was very worried about something earlier, you told him that he should come talk to his friends about his concerns.
Noah: !? Why do you know about that?
Runa: Fufu! Seiya-san went around telling everyone about it. He said that “Noah is such a great guy–!”, you know.
Runa: Please try to be a good example of what you told Seiya-san to do. After all, I believe that your friends are far more concerned about you than you’d expect.
Runa: Well then, I imagine that Kokoro and Momo are still looking around for his ribbon, so I should get going.
Kouya no Frontier 4 (8)
Noah: Runa… Thank you for listening.
Runa: Of course! You’re very welcome.
Kouya no Frontier 4 (9)
Runa: Was that an appropriate way of asking him what was going on?
Rabi: Thank you, Runa. Knowing Noah, I was sure that he’d be too worried about us to say anything. You really helped us out.
Runa: Oh, I’m not so sure about that. Still, I’m sure he’ll be fine, since he has friends like you who so keenly notice how he’s doing.
Kouya no Frontier 4 (10)
Rabi: We have to be, since he’s so good at hiding things. You can leave the rest to us.
Runa: Certainly.
Rabi: Well, then… Now we know what Noah’s worried about, but it would probably be best to let him come to us for advice on his own.


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