Kouya no Frontier 5 (1)
Rabi: Um… Now where do we keep the pressure cooker, again…?
Noah: Sebastian put it on the bottom right-hand shelf.
Rabi: Ah. So that’s where it was! …Ack, Noah!? Don’t you know that it’s dangerous to stand right behind someone when they’re cooking?
Noah: Sorry about that. I just had a little something that I wanted to ask you about.
Rabi: Something you wanted to ask me, eh…? Well then, I’ll listen while we cook, so give me a hand with this.
Noah: Cook? Why don’t you just let Sebastian take care of that?
Rabi: I want to make something today.
Noah: …Okay, then. I’ve never cooked anything before, though, so I’m not sure that it’ll turn out well.
Rabi: Come on, you’ll be fine. It’s really simple stuff, so I’ll have to insist that you help. You can start by washing and peeling the vegetables.
Kouya no Frontier 5 (2)
Noah: G-got it.
Rabi: I’ll start chopping the ones that I’ve already peeled. I’ll listen while I’m doing that, so go ahead and tell me what’s up.
  • chop chop chop*
Noah: .....
Rabi: You’re sure not saying much for someone who said that they had something they wanted to talk about.
Noah: It’s not that I’m not going to say anything, it’s just… I can’t talk! I have to focus too hard on peeling these!
Rabi: Ahaha! It’s a good thing Leon and the others aren’t here right now. They’d be howling if they saw you like this, don’t you think?
Noah: You’re the one who’s laughing at me… Man, I didn’t think you were so mean, Rabi.
Rabi: You were the one who decided to ask such a mean guy for advice, though~.
Rabi: …You wanted to talk about the photoshoot you had the other day, right?
Kouya no Frontier 5 (3)
Noah: !? How did you know?
Rabi: Hmm. You may be good at hiding things, Noah, but I think that it’s pretty hard to hide things from me.
Noah: …I’m really glad a guy like you is on my side. You can look forward to me making good use of that trait of yours in the future.
Rabi: Ahaha… Just go easy on what you ask of me.
Noah: Fufu.
Noah: .....
Noah: …You know, actually, they’ve started talking about doing another shoot for the next issue, similar to the one I did before.
Rabi: The next issue? Come to think of it, I haven’t heard the name of magazine that your feature’s in yet. What’s it called?
Noah: It’s called Teen. It specializes in international models.
Rabi: Ah! So that’s what it is! That really takes me back~.
Noah: What do you mean, “takes you back”?
Kouya no Frontier 5 (4)
Rabi: Ah, no, it’s just that, when I was back in Russia, I actually appeared in it once as a… I guess it’s called a “reader model” in Japan? Something like that!
Rabi: At the time, I was a bit of a troublemaker, so they focused the feature around how I was different from the other models, if I’m remembering correctly…
Rabi: They asked me if I’d work with them for the next issue, too, but I didn’t want them to make an even bigger deal out of the whole thing, so I turned them down.
Noah: How exactly were they making a big deal out of it?
Rabi: Eh? Are you really gonna ask that…? Well, the truth is…
[*Whisper, whisper*]
Kouya no Frontier 5 (5)
Noah: !? Are you serious? That certainly would’ve been one way to take care of the shoot.
Rabi: Right? I agree. On the other hand, it was pretty amazing that they managed to make it into such a head-turning topic.
Noah: I see… So that’s how you can your own particular strengths to keep them focused on you…
Noah: .....
Rabi: …What’s up, Leader? You look like you’ve just come up with something.
Noah: Yeah. Thanks to you, Rabi, it’s all become clear to me…
Noah: I think I’ll take them up on their offer to appear in the next issue.
Rabi: Is that right! Well then, let’s hurry up and get this meal done, and done well. We can use it to celebrate today, in addition to something else.
Noah: Eh?
Rabi: See, I actually thought that I’d make some borscht. For you, y'know?
Rabi: I knew you were really worried about something, so I figured that if I made something really good for us to eat together, then you’d tell me what it was about.
Rabi: But I’m glad that you came to talk before the food was done. Since the best way to eat together is when everyone has a smile on their face.
Kouya no Frontier 5 (6)
Noah: Rabi… Thank you.
Rabi: …So I guess that means that everyone hiding over there will come out and have some borscht, too?
[*Rattle rattle*]
Kouya no Frontier 5 (7)
Leon: I’ll have some, too–!!!
Lucas: Leon, you idiot! We were eavesdropping, so don’t just jump out like nothing’s wrong!
Chaoyang: I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry…!!
Seiya: C'mon, you don’t have to apologize so much! Everything’s fine!
Noah: Guys… And even you, Seiya!
Seiya: Hehe! I heard that you were feeling down, so I came here to cheer you up. But I guess I don’t need to anymore!
Rabi: Everyone’s been worried about you, Noah.
Noah: Yeah! Thanks so much, guys!
Noah: …However, eavesdropping on me… that’s an entirely different story, wouldn’t you say?
Leon, Lucas & Chaoyang: !?
Seiya: Ah, this ain’t good…
Noah: Well then, everyone. What do you say I start by giving you a little talking to…
Kouya no Frontier 5 (8)
Leon, Lucas & Chaoyang: AWAWAWA….
Noah: C-come on, give us a pass on this one, Noah~…
Noah: Fufufu… Noooo way! ♪
Rabi: Sigh… Good grief. I guess he’s back to normal.
Kouya no Frontier 5 (9)
Editorial staff member: N-Noah-san. We have a much nicer outfit that would probably suit you better, so… Are you really okay with this?
Noah: Yeah, this outfit’s great. My fans have probably never pictured me in something like this before, right?
Staff: B-but… I’d imagine that your fans are probably looking forward to seeing you the way you usually look~…
Noah: And that’s exactly why I want to show them something different than usual.
Noah: If I’m always predictable, then I’m just another boring guy, right? It wouldn’t be their fault if they couldn’t see what my appeal was.
Noah: Which is why I want to get rid of the princely image I typically have, and bring out my wild side instead.
Noah: So, what do you think? Maybe I’ll shoot my way into everyone’s hearts… Pow pow! …Or something like that, see?
Staff: Ack!?
Staff: …Alright, understood. We’ll do everything in our power to show off your best side to the fans!
Kouya no Frontier 5 (10)
Noah: Fufu. Thank you!
Rabi: He let us visit on the set because we were worried, but now it looks like our leader’s all back to normal!
Producer: Seems so. He’s in an even better mood than usual.
Kouya no Frontier 5 (11)
Noel Matsunaga: Noah-onii-chan’s a cowboy…!
Rabi: It really suits him, doesn’t it? Come to think of it, you were concerned about Noah, too, weren’t you? Thanks, Noel.
Noel: I’ve been worried because Noah-onii-chan seemed sad when he was at school. But I couldn’t do anything to help.
Rabi: Just you caring enough to worry about him is more than plenty. Noel, what do you think of the way Noah looks today?
Kouya no Frontier 5 (12)
Noel: He looks super cool! I mean, he’s always cool, but he’s the absolute coolest today!
Rabi: Haha, then I think it would be a good idea if you told that to Noah himself after the shoot. I’m sure he’d be really happy to have you tell him that.
Noel: Yeah! I’ll tell Noah-onii-chan later, okay?
Producer: Fufu, I knew you’d take care of that, Rabi-kun. …In any case, what kind of advice did you give Noah-kun?
Kouya no Frontier 5 (13)
Rabi: Eh? Well, that’s~… A secret, I guess?
Rabi: (There’s no way I can tell the producer that I came to the set after a fight and did the shoot covered in bruises…)
Rabi: (Though I suppose that since that she won’t know what exactly went on based on the subject of Noah’s shoot.)
Rabi: (She might just think that Noah came up with the idea on his own.)
Noah: You know, I’m going to rise to the top of the idol industry using my own abilities. I’ve got so many reliable friends that are sticking with me, after all! Haha!


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