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Kumakocho nottori chu
  • Event Group Target: Kumakocho
  • Type Event: Jack event
  • Event Song: None.
  • Event Reward: LE Kumakocho
  • Event Period: April 1st, 2016, 0:00 JST - April 2nd, 2016, 13:00 JST

Event Point RewardsEdit

Points Achieved Rewards
400 pts R Kumakocho (EXP)
600 pts R Kumakocho (SKILL)
1000 pts R Kumakocho (COIN)
1600 pts R Kumakocho (EXP)
3200 pts R  Kumakocho (SKILL)
5000 pts LE  Kumakocho
6800 pts R Kumakocho (COIN)
8800 pts R Kumakocho (EXP)
11200 pts R  Kumakocho (SKILL)
14000 pts RR Kumakocho (EXP)
16800 pts RR  Kumakocho (SKILL)
20000 pts RR Kumakocho (COIN)
23200 pts RR  Kumakocho (EXP)
26800 pts RR  Kumakocho (SKILL)
31200 pts RR Kumakocho (COIN)
36000 pts RR  Kumakocho (EXP)
40800 pts RR  Kumakocho (SKILL)
45600 pts SR Kumakocho (COIN)
50400 pts SR Kumakocho (EXP)
55200 pts SR Kumakocho (SKILL)
60000 pts UR Kumakocho (COIN)
64800 pts SR  Kumakocho (EXP)
71200 pts SR Kumakocho (SKILL)
77800 pts UR Kumakocho (COIN)
85000 pts SR  Kumakocho (EXP)

Event Point Ranking RewardsEdit

Event Rank Rewards

LE Kumakocho x 1

Final Ranking Point CutoffEdit

Ranking Point Cutoff

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