Kunio Fushikawa
不死川紅男, Fushikawa Kunio
Kunio Fushikawa
The unlucky iKids!
"Kunio Fushikawa... I smell a scent of misfortunes which is similar as mine from Akio-san... ahaha."
Age 14
Birthday March 4th
Blood Type A
Height 165 cm
Weight 45 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Raising tropical fish
Fave Food Sazae
LeastFave Food Broad beans
Looks up to Akio Tobikura
Group bitter jump


His unfortunate consitution always leaves him tired. He has been working as an iKid since kindergarten, his career as a performer is excellent.


Kunio Fushikawa N (Zettai Bouheki Pure Glass) Kunio Fushikawa N (Paracelsus mo ai wo shiru) Kunio Fushikawa N

Character LinesEdit

Kunio Fushikawa... uwaah! A potted plant fell from above...
Just why do I have to keep experiencing misfortunes...
Though I look like this, I have the most experience as a performer. I did well on surviving for this long~
Akio-san looks like an unlucky person, but... was I mistaken...?
I wonder why Minoru-kun persistently pranks me...
Story You can look at your favorite story...
Main Story From which chapter should we start?
A story... as long as it's not an unfortunate one.
Love Story It says 'Love Story'...
I wonder if I should read it too for the sake of studying acting...
Shop Are you going shopping...?
Disk Purchase There are no misfortune letters here...
Friends Here is your friend's info...
Other If something troubling happened, just like me, you should come here.

Affection StoryEdit

Terrible constitution

Kunio Fushikawa - Terrible constitution (1)
Kunio: Oh, if I remember correctly you are the... producer. I think I've seen you around here a few times.
Kunio: Ah, I'm sorry for suddenly raising my voice. You didn't even notice someone like me. Ahaha.
Kunio: Eh... You noticed me? I'm glad. Then I'll introduce myself; I'm Kunio Fushikawa. Even though I look like this, I'm an iKid at this school.
Kunio: I look tired? Is that so? Well... Just now I was climbing out of a hole I got dropped in.
Kunio: It's because I have a mischief loving friend. It's quite terrible to get dropped into something every day.
Kunio: Well, as you'd expect, I have gotten used to it by now. Ahahaha. I have what is called an unfortunate constitution.
Kunio: Besides that, every single day I get involved into something... That's why these bags under my eyes don't disappear.
Kunio: Well, complaining won't do anything. Saying things like this is not good. Yeah.
Kunio: However, leaving this conversation aside, can you show me the way back? I got lost while running away from bees.
Kunio: When you say that, if feels like my misfortune gets eased by a little.

It's awe-inspiring...

Kunio Fushikawa - It's awe-inspiring (1)
Kunio: If I remember correctly I should come here for my costume fitting... But where am I?
Kunio: You are [Name]-san, right? You are the producer of the senpai...
Kunio: Uhm, where is my costume fitting session? My work documents got scattered when I stumbled earlier.
Kunio: I came here based on my memories of them...
Kunio: Eh, I should put on the planned costume while you wait here, [Name]-san?
Kunio: ... Isn't this Akio-san's costume? I can't wear something this awe-inspiring.
Kunio Fushikawa - It's awe-inspiring (2)
Kunio: Even if you stare this much, it's not going to change anything. ... Because this costume shouldn't suit me...
Kunio: Please stop with the flattery. I'm not used to this... It's embarrassing.

Blessing in disguise

Kunio Fushikawa - Blessing in disguise (1)
Kunio: Ah, hello... What a coincidence meeting you in a place like this.
Kunio: Me? I came here to go shopping, but... I lost my wallet.
Kunio: Ah, I found my wallet safe and sound already. But its contents were gone, ahahaha.
Kunio: This isn't a laughing matter? ... But isn't laughing all I can do now?
Kunio: Things like this happen to me all the time... At least I gotta laugh about it...
Kunio: It's amazing I can laugh even when it's painful? That's necessary to be an idol? I see, is that so...
Kunio: Getting complimented like this, so even my unfortunate constitution has its good sides.
Kunio: Soon I'll help Akio-san in a photo shooting, so for giving me just a little confidence... I'll thank you.
Kunio: Ah, hello, [Name]-san. The shadows under my eyes are terrible? Because I was so nervous I couldn't sleep well...
Kunio Fushikawa - Blessing in disguise (2)
Kunio: When I was finally able to sleep in the morning, the alarm clock was broken and when I started to hurry because I was late, I tumbled down the stairs...
Kunio: But I'm laughing today was well. Because I want you to compliment me again...

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Sigh... I hope I'll have a lucky birthday this year.
Minoru It’s Minoru-kun’s birthday. I hope he leaves me in peace today.
Akio Akio-san's birthday? I hope nothing unfortunate happens to him...
Producer Happy birthday. I’m sure you’ll have good day, unlike me.


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