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Kuro Yakaku
Yakaku Kuro
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"This moment...I've always waited for the moment to get my revenge on you..."
Aliases Kuro
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 25
Blood Type A
Birthday April 4th
Height 5'10" or 178 cm
Weight 61 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Alchemist logo
Position Leader
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother

Kiyoka (Deceased Sister)
Hobby Music appreciation
Fave Food Ramen
LeastFave Food Bitter Gourd
• Portrayal•
CV Kobayashi Yuusuke
Kuro Yakaku Signature
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Kuro Yakaku (夜鶴黒羽 Yakaku Kuro) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, Alchemist, who was the ninth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

Alchemist's leader. He had a connection with the producer in the past and hates her. He despises the I-Chu's being close friends with each other. He thinks that everyone around him is his enemy.

Personality Edit

Though normally he is just a frugal young man who enjoys cooking, Kuro's personality gets a lot harsher when he is talking about the producer, though the reason for this is not yet known. He seems to appreciate good food and music.

Kuro has a rather negative outlook on life, in part influenced by the loss of his older sister some years ago, and doesn't get too close to the other I-chu because of that.

Appearance Edit

Kuro has short, messy black hair with bangs that fall towards the right side of his face. The hair on his right is longer, falling just under his chin. Longer strands of hair curl out from each side of his head, one behind his left ear and one above his right ear. He has purple eyes and short, pointed brows.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Revenge is calling for me... File:Kuro Scout.ogg
Idolizing The time for revenge has come...!
Kuro Idolize
Regular I'm Kuro Yakaku. My only objective is one thing...Revenge...
Kuro Home Reg1
Eating ramen in the middle of the night makes it delicious...D-don't stare at me!
Kuro Home Reg2
Baber. Don't stand in front of me. I can't see anything!
Kuro Home Reg3
Lancelot is the group I hate the most out of all the I-Chu's!
Kuro Home Reg4
Hey, you! Your hair is messy. Learn from Runa and make it beautiful!
Kuro Home Reg5
Don't think that you can hear my singing voice for free. If you want to hear, pay me for it.
Kuro Home Reg6
I hate that person so much! "Who is it", you ask? ...Don't ask when you already know the answer!
Kuro Home Reg7
Don't underestimate us....we don't live in a halfhearted world like you guys!
Kuro Home Reg8
What does Saku find good in that woman? I don't understand it.
Kuro Home Reg9
This month's expenses...They're quite high....Should I cut on the food expenses a bit more?
Kuro Home Reg10
New Monthly Lines
January New Year's, huh... On New Year's, you should get under the kotatsu and save energy.
Kuro Home 2Jan1
I can't afford losing against you at hanetsuki!
Kuro Home 2Jan2
February You want me to imitate a cat? Hm! Should I turn into a cat monster and attack you?
Kuro Home 2Feb1
Who wants chocolate from someone like you? I definitely don't need it!
Kuro Home 2Feb2
March Spring... The laundry will dry better...
Kuro Home 2Mar1
Hinamatsuri, huh... No... I was lost in memories for a moment.
Kuro Home 2Mar2
April I hate you so much! Did you think I was lying? You idiot!
Kuro Home 2Apr1
A- Atchoo!! Shit! I love spring but I hate pollen allergies!!
Kuro Home 2Apr2
May Baber was holding a small koinobori...
Kuro Home 2May1
Kashiwa mochi.... Wouldn't it be cheaper to make them yourself instead of buying them?
Kuro Home 2May2
June It's not bad to get soaked by rain sometimes...
Kuro Home 2Jun1
Stupid woman. You should just get wet and go home!
Kuro Home 2Jun2
July The stuff sold on the stands is too expensive! It's better to make those by yourself!
Kuro Home 2Jul1
I- I think I saw Saku wearing a happi coat... Was that my imagination?
Kuro Home 2Jul2
August A lazy river... No! S- Stop! Uwa-!? File:Kuro Home 2Aug1.ogg
Being in the sea is for kids. I'll be under the parasol. File:Kuro Home 2Aug2.ogg
September What beautiful autumn leaves. This type of scenery cleanses your heart.
Kuro Home 2Sep1
A night with a full moon...I feel like I'll get absorbed by the moon.
Kuro Home 2Sep2
October This month, there's the Ramen Festival! I've been waiting for it for so long!
Kuro Home 2Oct1
Baber and Saku are getting overly excited just because it's Halloween.
Kuro Home 2Oct2
November You don't need to worry, I'm properly wearing thick clothes!
Kuro Home 2Nov1
Saku was playing with a camera during break. What photos did he take?
Kuro Home 2Nov2
December There's definitely no man who would want to spend Christmas with you.
Kuro Home 2Dec1
I hate snow.... It brings back bad memories.
Kuro Home 2Dec2
Old Monthly Lines
Start Menu I-Chu! File:Kuro Start Menu.ogg
Download You must be strange if you're waiting with me.
Kuro Download
Story Let's start reading the old ones first. File:Kuro Story.ogg
Main Story I have no interest in what you choose.
Hurry up and choose a chapter! The time is limited. File:Kuro Main Story2.ogg
Love Story There's no way we would fall in love together! Feel some shame! File:Kuro Love Story1.ogg
....Are you going to read it? File:Kuro Love Story2.ogg
Shop As a pro saver, I can guarantee the quality of this shop. File:Kuro Shop.ogg
Disk Purchase We're buying the one that looks the most profitable.
Friend So you had some friends...I-I'm not interested or anything. File:Kuro Friend.ogg
Other If something troubles you, come here and solve it by yourself.
During Lives
R/RR Start Don't slow me down. File:Kuro RRR Start.ogg
Skill You're in the way! File:Kuro RRR Skill1.ogg
Shut up! File:Kuro RRR Skill2.ogg
I'm sick of waiting! File:Kuro RRR Skill3.ogg
Clear Are you satisfied with this? For me, it's not enough. File:Kuro RRR Clear.ogg
Affection Gain Can't this feeling disappear? File:Kuro RRR AffectGain.ogg
SR/UR Start Be the source of my revenge! File:Kuro SRUR Start.ogg
Skill Get higher! File:Kuro SRUR Skill1.ogg
No one can stop me! File:Kuro SRUR Skill2.ogg
Yes... Now you've got it! File:Kuro SRUR Skill3.ogg
Clear The level of all those other guys is pathetic. File:Kuro SRUR Clear.ogg
Affection Gain I don't need it! This kind of thing... I don't need it! File:Kuro SRUR AffectGain.ogg
LE/GR Start Come along! File:Kuro LEGR Start.ogg
Skill My vengeance can't be erased by anyone! File:Kuro LEGR Skill1.ogg
Don't let me down. File:Kuro LEGR Skill2.ogg
Listen to the singing of the alchemist of song! File:Kuro LEGR Skill3.ogg
Clear I... won't stop! File:Kuro LEGR Clear.ogg
Affection Gain Don't show your feelings to me! File:Kuro LEGR AffectGain.ogg
New Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill
LE/GR Skill

Notes Edit

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LE/GR Kuro Yakaku LE (Dennou Human Virus) Kuro Yakaku LE (X'mas 2016 Scout) Kuro Yakaku LE (Valentine's Day 2017 Scout) Kuro Yakaku LE (Flower Viewing 2017 Scout) Kuro Yakaku LE (Yozora ni matataku ittousei) Kuro Yakaku LE (2nd Anniversary Scout) Kuro Yakaku LE (Halloween 2017 Scout) Kuro Yakaku LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Kuro Yakaku LE (Great man Scout) Kuro Yakaku LE

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