Profile Story
(Profile Story) Kuro Yakaku
Kuro: ...
You being a producer, what kind of joke is that?
You haven't forgotten what you've done in the past right? Then get out of here right now!
No, it's not fun if you just go away. I will give you a punishment.
Until then, you've been producing those fools I-chus!
Don't get me wrong. I won't admit you as a producer.
I'm Alchemist's leader, Yakaku Kuro.
I can fly higher even without you.
And don't ever forget, I won't forgive you for eternity... I will never forgive you!!
Initial R/RR The worst reunion
2nd Batch R/RR Signs of the future
Initial SR/UR Decision and Resolution
Agent SR/UR Reason to protect
June Bride 2017 SR/UR A crow singing in the rain
Hot Springs 2017 SR/UR Dear emotions
2nd Batch SR/UR Fragments of memories
Mogitate☆Fresh! SR/UR New shape
Initial LE/GR Heart of hatred
Dennou Human Virus LE/GR Cyber Human Virus
X'mas 2016 LE/GR Sweet cake and testing heart
Valentine's Day 2017 LE/GR Valentine's day of reminiscence
Glace GR glace
Flower Viewing LE/GR A contrarian encouragement
Yozora ni matataku ittousei LE/GR The twinkling first star on the night sky
2nd Anniversary LE/GR A song that leads
Halloween 2017 LE/GR The truth of sweetness
1st Anniversary LE/GR With you, once again
Great man LE/GR Sharing warmth
Birthday LE/GR Changing efforts and honest feelings
Alchemist Live Commemoration LE/GR LIVE Kuro Yakaku