What do you like as a side dish for rice? I will eat it for dinner tonight.
Seiya Pickled plums! It really gets to you! Though, Noah hates it. File:KuroQ1 Seiya.ogg
Kanata Tamago kake gohan![1] It goes well with soy sauce doesn't it? File:KuroQ1 Kanata.ogg
Akira I like baked seaweed. If I'm not wrong Eva-kun likes seaweed too. File:KuroQ1 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Furikake![2] I add a lot of different ones to the dish! File:KuroQ1 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki Hmm, salmon maybe? When you dip it in the ochazuke it tastes delicious. File:KuroQ1 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah Aren't onigiri's incredible? I like anything as long as it's not pickled plums. File:KuroQ1 Noah.ogg
Leon I like eating rice together with croquettes! File:KuroQ1 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang Gyoza is delicious.... File:KuroQ1 Li.ogg
Rabi I boil milk together with sugar, and I put jam or honey in it too. File:KuroQ1 Rabi.ogg
Lucas Fried fish is good. But sometimes I end up wanting to eat bread too rather than rice. File:KuroQ1 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko Vegetables pickled in soy sauce! The great me also loves curry! Nishishi! File:KuroQ1 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke For a Japanese person Tamago kake gohan is really the best! File:KuroQ1 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio Natto.. Isn't it cheap, tasty and healthy? File:KuroQ1 Akio.ogg
Shiki Mekabu is delicious and I love it. File:KuroQ1 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru Rousong, eggs, soboro! The colors are beautiful!! File:KuroQ1 Hikaru.ogg
Raku I like pickled vegetables and pickled plums the most. File:KuroQ1 Raku.ogg
Kokoro Rousong! Doesn't it have a cute color like Kokoro-chan? File:KuroQ1 Kokoro.ogg
Runa If I have fried fish, pickles and rice in the morning I'm happy. File:KuroQ1 Runa.ogg
Momosuke I wonder why white rice is so tasty. Ah, of course with gyudon! File:KuroQ1 Momosuke.ogg
Issei Mapo tofu. File:KuroQ1 Issei.ogg
Futami Nama-chan's furikake! If you buy that you get a small sticker too you, know? File:KuroQ1 Futami.ogg
Takamichi Rice? If you mean risotto then cheese goes well with it! File:KuroQ1 Takamichi.ogg
Eva Fruits with red drops go well with it. I can't have enough of that sourness.[3] File:KuroQ1 Eva.ogg
Mio Baked seaweed, the same as Eva-sama! I eat it every day with Eva-sama! File:KuroQ1 Mio.ogg
Ban Just white rice is perfect! File:KuroQ1 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Pickled vegetables. I'm so glad I was born in Japan! File:KuroQ1 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya In my house white rice and natto are the standard every morning. File:KuroQ1 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi I love miso with meat! File:KuroQ1 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi You feel happiness when you eat it together with salted salmon. File:KuroQ1 Aoi.ogg
Saku Soy sauce in granted yam is delicious isn't it~ File:KuroQ1 Saku.ogg
Baber Furikake of animals... Baber likes vegetables.... File:KuroQ1 Baber.ogg

Ramen is cheap and can be cooked easily so it's really convenient. I like it with soy sauce!
Seiya Tonkotsu Ramen!!![4] It really satisfies your stomach~ File:KuroQ2 Seiya.ogg
Kanata I lo~ve tonkotsu ramen! The same as Seiya, ehehe! File:KuroQ2 Kanata.ogg
Akira I like miso ramen. But it has a lot of calories so I don't eat it often. File:KuroQ2 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Spicy ramen! Mutsuki is good at cooking that too! File:KuroQ2 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki Since Satsuki likes spicy ramen I like spicy ramen too~ File:KuroQ2 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah Salty Ramen. I went to eat some together with Seiya and Leon! File:KuroQ2 Noah.ogg
Leon I like all the ramen types! Japan's gourmet is the best! File:KuroQ2 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang Daoxiaomian... The noodles are so thick and delicious. File:KuroQ2 Li.ogg
Rabi Ramen with seafood. It's so delicious that I love it. File:KuroQ2 Rabi.ogg
Lucas I like ramen with soy sauce. I think even I might be able to cook cup noodles! File:KuroQ2 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko I like salty ramen! Let's go eat together next time! File:KuroQ2 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke I like Tsukemen Ramen! You finish them in one go! File:KuroQ2 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio Fuhii... I like miso ramen.... File:KuroQ2 Akio.ogg
Shiki To sum it up I eat miso ramen a lot. File:KuroQ2 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru I like ramen with soy sauce! File:KuroQ2 Hikaru.ogg
Raku Ramen makes my stomach feel sour so I prefer soumen over it. File:KuroQ2 Raku.ogg
Kokoro Kokoro follows a healthy policy so ramen with soy sauce and lots of vegetables ♪ File:KuroQ2 Kokoro.ogg
Runa I like ramen with soy sauce. And lots of scallion ♪ File:KuroQ2 Runa.ogg
Momosuke Momo loves beef bone ramen ♪ File:KuroQ2 Momosuke.ogg
Issei I like super spicy noodles. Anyway, it's surprising that you like ramen. File:KuroQ2 Issei.ogg
Futami If it's ramen then I love all the types, but truth is, I like tsukemen ramen the most~ File:KuroQ2 Futami.ogg
Takamichi Ramen... I've never had it so let's call the chef to make it and judge! File:KuroQ2 Takamichi.ogg
Eva I like salty ramen. But lately my stomach can't accept thick noodles. File:KuroQ2 Eva.ogg
Mio I like it simple so maybe soy sauce ramen? File:KuroQ2 Mio.ogg
Ban I like all types of ramen! But at home we don't eat it often~ File:KuroQ2 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I like tonkotsu ramen. It goes well with hotpot too. File:KuroQ2 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya Ramen with soy sauce. When I come back from drinking with Issei-kun I eat it a lot. File:KuroQ2 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi I like miso ramen! It has a really nice taste! File:KuroQ2 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi Ramen has lots of oil so I don't really like it. File:KuroQ2 Aoi.ogg
Saku Salty ramen. I prefer it to be simple. File:KuroQ2 Saku.ogg
Baber Baber wanted to try the ramen for kids, but he got told that he couldn't... *sobs* File:KuroQ2 Baber.ogg

Tell me a saving method. I'll make good use of it.
Seiya Everyone in my family uses washable chopsticks! With wood chopsticks... I'm bad at dividing them. File:KuroQ3 Seiya.ogg
Kanata The other day I divided a gyudon I got with a coupon with Momo-chan you know? File:KuroQ3 Kanata.ogg
Akira If you leave cheap meat at a certain temperature and then beat it you can make it taste like expensive one you know? File:KuroQ3 Akira.ogg
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Mutsuki says that beans are the cheapest to cook! File:KuroQ3 Satsuki.ogg
Mutsuki If it's about food then leave it to me. When I have a day off I prepare food in advance to last for an entire week. File:KuroQ3 Mutsuki.ogg
Noah Saving money? Do I need to save that? File:KuroQ3 Noah.ogg
Leon Saving method? That reminds me, in order to go to the game center with Satsuki I saved 100 yen! File:KuroQ3 Leon.ogg
Chaoyang When I make gyoza I make a lot and freeze it! File:KuroQ3 Li.ogg
Rabi Since Japan is warm the costs for the heater are rather low. It's nice. File:KuroQ3 Rabi.ogg
Lucas I noticed that if you crash the plastic bottles you can put more of them inside a bag. File:KuroQ3 Lucas.ogg
Torahiko You can control the money better if you give it to your parents in custody, y'know? File:KuroQ3 Torahiko.ogg
Kyosuke Ehm so, I buy ink and pens in 100 pieces as much as possible! File:KuroQ3 Kyosuke.ogg
Akio Did you know being a shut-in is surprisingly ecological? File:KuroQ3 Akio.ogg
Shiki My home's water supply service has panels about saving water so the water cost is lower. File:KuroQ3 Shiki.ogg
Hikaru I use a cooler box instead of a refrigerator for the ice so I cut low on electricity bills! File:KuroQ3 Hikaru.ogg
Raku Saving, huh... I buy cheap ink, y'know? You can write nice characters even with a cheap one. File:KuroQ3 Raku.ogg
Kokoro Mom has told me that you must wash the clothes that need to as much as possible! File:KuroQ3 Kokoro.ogg
Runa Let's see. I fold the garbage bags into a triangle, you know? File:KuroQ3 Runa.ogg
Momosuke A lot of leaves are good for the seedling. In particular lower leaves are good too~ File:KuroQ3 Momosuke.ogg
Issei ....Don't those point cards become useful in the future if you use them as much as possible? File:KuroQ3 Issei.ogg
Futami Extorting Takamichi's house lowers the costs a lot so I recommend it ♪ File:KuroQ3 Futami.ogg
Takamichi What are you saying? There's no way I would live a life looking into details like that, right? File:KuroQ3 Takamichi.ogg
Eva Change the magic cardinality of the eternal frozen soil! ...The electricity costs will become lower, you know? File:KuroQ3 Eva.ogg
Mio On suspicious places you should draw a magic circle to build a barrier ♪ File:KuroQ3 Mio.ogg
Ban I've never cooked for myself so I don't really understand! File:KuroQ3 Ban.ogg
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I leave the house stuff to Toya so I don't understand anything about it! File:KuroQ3 Tsubaki.ogg
Toya When I have to boil food I use a wooden drop-lit. The gas costs become lower. File:KuroQ3 Toya.ogg
Tatsumi In order to visit a lot of temples I save money as much as possible! File:KuroQ3 Tatsumi.ogg
Aoi Deep freezing is recommended in order to contain all the proteins of the chicken meat. File:KuroQ3 Aoi.ogg
Saku If you live like an otaku for too long you end up needing to save money whether you want it or not. File:KuroQ3 Saku.ogg
Baber Saving methods? Saving methods... Hmm, Baber doesn't understand... File:KuroQ3 Baber.ogg


  1. A meal consisting of a raw egg mixed with white rice, often seasoned with soy sauce
  2. Dried food sprinkled over rice
  3. He's talking about pickled plums
  4. Dish made with pork belly and bones, simmered with miso, sake, vegetables, etc