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Kyosuke Momoi
Momoi Kyosuke
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""The deadline, the deadline is here~ Help me..."
Aliases Kyosuke
Innocent One
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 19
Blood Type O
Birthday September 28th
Height 5'7" or 171 cm
Weight 50 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit ArS
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed older Brother
Unnamed younger Sister
Hobby Drawing
Fave Food Chocolate
LeastFave Food Oysters
• Portrayal•
CV Kagura Hiroyuki
Kyosuke Momoi Signature
Image Gallery

Kyosuke Momoi (桃井恭介 Momoi Kyosuke) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, ArS, which was the fourth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

Kyosuke is very fond of anime and games. He draws illustrations of whatever he likes and uploads them to social networking sites. The truth is, he’s actually an essay manga artist. He uses the other idols, including himself, as models for his illustrations, but that fact isn't known by the others. Although he appears reserved at first glance, he’s actually a cheerful boy. Death Chronos' eccentric appearance often makes him one of Kyosuke’s models.


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • I'm Kyosuke Momoi-- wawa?! Owowow... I fell over~. I'm a manga artist and I-Chu!
  • How did you become an idol?
    • I wondered "Can anyone, even an otaku like me, become an idol?" Also, I might be able to use this (experience) as a reference for my manga... Ehe ♪
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • Tora-chan's smile has been beautiful from the first time I met him~ Also he's a treasure for jokes since he has an unexpected nature and behavior!

Personality Edit

To Be Added.

Appearance Edit

Kyosuke is a young man with pink disheveled hair with long bangs falling down the middle and two tufts protruding from the sides. He has bright pink eyes and- besides during lives- wears a pair of red rimmed glasses.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout The deadline finished~!! Play
Idolizing I've yet to have the right to be called 'Momo-sensei'~! Play
Regular I'm Kyosuke Momoi~ I often trip on my own feet you know~ Play
Uuu… the deadline is soon…. I won't make it in time. Play
It's the deadline, the deadline came~ Halp mee~[1] Play
Ehehe…the quality of this figurine is great~ Play
Fuoo! The new game arrived!! Play
Tora-chan isn't here again~ Play
Akki is feeling sad! Hawawa... I have to comfort him! Play
Kya! Shikitty! Y-you shouldn't look! Play
Hikarun's feminine behaviour is beautiful~ Play
Rakkun is sometimes malicious, but there are times when he's friendly too~ Play
I'll use Mio-chan's story as material for a fantasy manga! Play
New Monthly Lines
January Happy New Year. I learned from Rakkun how to do the first calligraphy of the year! Play
Looking at New Year TV programs in the kotatsu is the real pleasure of New Years~ Play
February The air in the town during this period is filled with chocolate scent. I love it. Play
Uwah! You're giving me chocolate? That makes me happy. Play
September I'm watching the moon together with everyone in ArS! Play
My favorite anime is about to end~! Play
October I'm wearing a black cat costume with Akki! Give us sweets nya nya nya~n♪ Play
I need to start the winter manuscript.... Play
November The autumn leaves are bright red and beautiful. They're like Tora-chan. Play
HUH?! Someone already finished their manuscript?! I-I have to work hard too...! Play
December Please listen.... My specialty is "Book discounts are an illusion".... Play
There was ArS' layer on the comiket! I took some pics~♪ Play
Old Monthly Lines
January Tora-chan was saying that 'every year is the year of the great me!'... Play
Getting snuggly in the kotatsu~... what a bliss~ Producer, how about you join me too? Play
February Producer-san! I like chocolate a lot! Play
Nyanyanya~ When cats are relaxing they become round~♪ Play
March The Hinadan is so cute Play
Producer-san, I drew a manga as thanks for the Valentines chocolate♪ Play
April The peach flowers are of a peach color, and they're really cute[2] Play
The cherry trees are beautiful♪ The peach-colored petals are really pretty Play
May I would like to draw something themed after Children's day Play
The warm weather feels really nice Play
June I should start drawing the storyboard now. I have a lot of materials to use Play
Because it's been raining all day I don't think Akki will ever come out of his room Play
July It's hot. But I will work hard so that I can meet the deadline! Play
Uuh... it's almost the deadline... I can't make it in time~ Play
August Is Mio-kun okay on hot days? Play
I would be happy if a lot of people bought my illustrations at Comiket[3]! Play
September Putting chocolate inside of tsukimi dango is the best! Play
I think I'll draw a manga about Tora-chan. Play
October Maybe I'll attach a tail to my Halloween costume. Play
I drew a nice one today ♪ Will upload it to social medias now ♪ Play
November Uuh... it's cold... please be careful not to catch a cold. Play
Autumn of arts! I'll draw illustrations ♪ Play
December Every year I always go to the Comiket at the end of the year! This year was fun too ♪ Play
I wonder, why do I always barely finish right before my deadline? Play
Start Menu I-Chu! Play
Download I need to work on my manuscript while waiting~! Play
Story I'm lost on what story to read~ Play
Main Story I want you to choose your favorite chapter.
Will you read this story? Play
Love Story Hawawa! Love….I'm a little interested in it too…. Play
I'm not accustomed to this kind of thing, but if it's you… Play
Shop This is the rumored shop! Play
Disk Purchase The tension is rising~
Friend You can also see your friend's information~ Play
Other Do you want to try? It seems you can do a lot of things.
During Lives
R/RR Start Let's go together! Uwaah! Play
Skill To-toryaah! Play
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Play
Don't trip over~! Play
Clear I didn't fall until the end! Play
Affection Gain I want to draw your story... Play
SR/UR Start Let's hold hands so I won't trip! Play
Skill B-bring it on! Play
I can still go~ Play
Turning around and jumping~! Play
Clear I'm already at my limit... Play
Affection Gain Um... Thanks for always taking care of me! Play
LE/GR Start T-this is before the deadline but...I'll give it my best....! Play
Skill I might have gotten a new idea! Play
I'm not afraid of the deadline! Play
Let's hold hands and dance together! Play
Clear Next time I will work hard for the deadline. Play
Affection Gain Ehehe. I'm incredibly happy. Play

Notes Edit

  1. It's not a typo he really says it wrong "tashukete" instead of "tasukete".
  2. Funnily, Kyosuke's surname "Momoi" has the kanji for peach
  3. Comiket.

Kyosuke Momoi

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Kyosuke Momoi LE (Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun) Kyosuke Momoi LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (Halloween 2016 Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (Amusement Park Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE (Gods of fortune Scout) Kyosuke Momoi LE

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