Profile Story
(Profile Story) Kyosuke Momoi

Huh? Could it be that the person over there is Producer-san?
Just like I thought! My 6th sense told me so!
Hello. I am Kyosuke Momoi. Huh, do you not know me?
I'm one of the ArS members that will be in your care from now on
Because I'm wearing a tracksuit and glasses, I don't look like an I-chu do I
Actually, I'm writing an essay manga using us as models~
Ah, but don't tell the other members okay?
This is a secret between just me and you!

Initial R/RR I want to fall in love like in manga
Second Batch R/RR Love situation
Initial SR/UR Deadline!
Ocean SR/UR The location is perfect ☆
Reading Week SR/UR Love's Whereabouts
Second Batch SR/UR Death flag and Love
Hot Spring SR/UR Hot Springs event rising!
RPG SR/UR Let's go! Game Master
Valentine's Day 2017 SR/UR Sweet cake and faint love
Shinsengumi SR/UR Bullet Kyoto sightseeing!
White Day 2018 SR/UR I'll start dressing stylishly
Crossdresser SR/UR How idols have beautiful skin
Initial LE/GR I can't stop my excitement!
Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun LE/GR Momoi-kun, the pink colored Hero
1st Anniversary LE/GR Last page of blank paper
Halloween 2016 LE/GR I'll love you even if the spell is broken
Amusement Park LE/GR The hint of success
Gods of fortune LE/GR Protective charm with hero mark
TOYBOX LE/GR Cosplay of feelings
Renai Flag↑♥↑KITAA! LE/GR Love Flag↑♥↑It's here!
2nd Anniversary LE/GR I am a hero
Birthday LE/GR Do a Sugar Red Love
New Year 2018 LE/GR Declaration of polishement!
Momoiro Momoi-kun no koiwazurai LE/GR Pink-colored Momoi-kun's lovesickness