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I love chocolate! What do you like?
Seiya I really like french fries!
Kanata Anything if it's meat!
Akira I love coffee.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I love chocolate!
Mutsuki Cereals… I eat them a lot in the morning.
Noah I ate sweet bean jelly only after I came here, but it's really delicious.
Leon Bananas and hamburgers! I often go with Seiya to eat fast food!
Chaoyang Meat buns eaten on cold days are the best!
Rabi I like borscht.
Lucas I like corn.
Torahiko Fugu sashimi is really tasty!
Akio Tonkatsu... I really like them...
Shiki I like sea grapes. They can also be eaten as an accompaniment to alcohol.
Hikaru It's too wasteful to eat beautiful food!
Raku Somen. There's no better food to eat in summer than this.
Kokoro Melon bread!
Runa As a backlash for eating wagashi so often, it seems I've taken a liking to crepes.
Momosuke I love gyudon! I feel hungry when I talk about it.
Issei I love everything spicy, be it ramen or curry. But, mapo doufu is the best!
Futami Apples. They're delicious, but if I eat them next to Issei he'll get mad at me~
Takamichi French bread. I just can't get enough of its textures.
Eva Makisu-... No! Sacrifice a pure white maiden wrapped in black veil to me.
Mio Boiled tofu~ I eat it together with Master ♪
Ban I like fried chicken!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Hotpot. In winter, together with Toya and the others, I would wear hanten and huddle together in the kotatsu while having a hotpot party.
Toya I love strawberries the most. They're sweet and sour, so delicious.
Tatsumi Chikuwa. It goes well with wasabi shoyu and shichimi mayonnaise!
Aoi I like azuki beans. I often make zenzai and oshiruko[1] together with Toya.
Kuro Ramen. What? It looks unexpected? It doesn't cost much, right?
Saku It's parfait. I really love extra large ones with a lot of fresh cream.
Baber Anpan. Do Lucas-kun and Aoi-kun like anko too?

Tell me what you think of my manga!
Seiya His manga is interesting!
Kanata I like Kyo-chan's gags a lot!
Akira I don't read manga but I think his mangas are interesting.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki His mangas are really enjoyable, aren't they?
Mutsuki I think they're quite funny.
Noah I don't read manga that much but the contents are interesting
Leon I really respect him because he can draw manga!
Chaoyang Kyosuke-san's manga is very interesting.
Rabi I've never read a manga before, but this is interesting!
Lucas I don't really read manga.
Torahiko They're interesting, but I feel like I've seen them somewhere~
Akio Even though he's like that, his manga is really interesting... How mortifying...
Shiki The subjects in Kyo-chan's manga are just like us, aren't they?
Hikaru His mangas are interesting, but I think it'll be better if it's drawn more beautifully.
Raku His works are so typical of him.
Kokoro It's pretty interesting!
Runa I don't really read manga... That's why, won't you lend it to me next time?
Momosuke Kyosuke-kun's manga is interesting. Momo likes it.
Issei As if I will read such childish manga!
Futami His manga are interesting, aren't they? I think I'm starting to become his fan!
Takamichi I don't really read manga, but it's pretty interesting!
Eva You'll sell more if you write a dark fantasy with me as the main character, you know?
Mio They're pretty interesting! You should make a manga out of the autobiography of me and Master~
Ban Kyosuke's manga is really interesting! Let me read more of it!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I think they're interesting. Since you're an acquaintance, I bought 5 copies of it.
Toya Uhm~ My sister is your fan, so can I have your autograph?
Tatsumi His manga are interesting! Next time, let me see the drafts!
Aoi I think they're interesting, but I think it'll be far more charming if the characters have longer eyelashes.
Kuro If they're interesting then they might get my attention.
Saku I think they have cute drawings. I like them a lot.
Baber Manga... Hmmm~ I don't like that they have so many kanjis.

My eyesight is really bad... What about yours?
Seiya I have a really good eyesight!
Kanata Both eyes are very good~
Akira Recently my eyesight has worsened. At home I use glasses.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki My eyesight is really good! These glasses are just for show!
Mutsuki My eyes are good~ These are fake glasses.
Noah My eyesight may be a bit bad…. Sometimes I would wear glasses at night.
Leon I have a hella good eyesight!
Chaoyang Both eyes are perfect.
Rabi My eyesight have always been good since long ago.
Lucas Both eyes are fine.
Torahiko Apparently by Maasai people's standard, they're on good condition!
Akio Both eyes aren't really good... Sometimes I would have to wear glasses.
Shiki I have bad eyesight.
Hikaru Hahah! I'm proud of my eyesight!
Raku Both eyes are fine.
Kokoro Kokoro's eyesight is fine!
Runa I do clay pigeon shooting, so I have a good eyesight.
Momosuke Both eyes are okay!
Issei They're a bit bad, but it's not like they'll be a hindrance for my daily life.
Futami Hm? My eyesight isn't bad~
Takamichi Both eyes are good.
Eva I can see through everything!
Mio Both eyes are a bit bad, I guess~
Ban My eyesight is all clear!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Both eyes are fine.
Toya Both of them are fine.
Tatsumi Both eyes are good.
Aoi I usually wear contacts. I don't really like eyeglasses...
Kuro My eyesight is normal. Neither bad nor good.
Saku It's really bad. I'm wearing contacts.
Baber Eyes are really good~

Notes Edit

  1. Zenzai and oshiruko.

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