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Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (1)
Seiya: This is bad! Since we have a photoshoot in the afternoon I said to hold a meeting in the morning but I'm late for it!
Seiya: I returned home after a long time, played with Gonzaburo [1] and ended up falling asleep completely...
???: Ehm~ You're Seiya Aido...right?
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (2)
Seiya: Eh? Yeah it's me...
Seiya's Fan: Kyaaa! As I thought!
Seiya's Fan: It's really Seiya Aido from F∞F!
Seiya's Fan: I became your fan ever since seeing you at the Music Awards!
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (3)
Seiya: Oh! Is that so!
Seiya's Fan: I'm so grateful to be able to see you from so close! it ok to shake hands with me?
Seiya: ?! I would feel bad to just shake hands! Let's hug too!
Seiya's Fan: EEEEEEH!!!!
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (4)
Seiya: A hug of happiness!! AH....
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (5)
Seiya: Akira and Kanata told me that hugging girls would lead to misunderstandings so I shouldn't do it....
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (6)
Seiya: I'm really sorry. And I even was the one to suggest it...Are you ok with just a handshake?
Seya's Fan: O-Of course! Just a handshake! Just a handshake is alright!
Seiya: Hehe! I'm glad!
*holds hand*
Seiya's Fan: Kyaa! I'm so happy! I'll keep cheering on you from now on so you have to keep working hard too! Bye bye~
*walks away*
Seiya: My fan...I see, my fan!
Seiya: Hehe! This makes me happy~
Seiya: Oh, no! I don't have time to be doing this! I gotta hurry up!!
Location changes
Producer: ................
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (7)
Producer: ....There's no one here. Was it my imagination?
Producer: (Lately I've been feeling like someone is watching me, but I might be wrong?)
Producer: (That reminds me, I've been having this feeling since long ago--)
??? WAH!
Producer: Wah?! Oh it's Seiya-kun!
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (8)
Seiya: Hehe! Good morning Producer!
Producer: Good morning
Producer: (Was it Seiya-kun's gaze what I felt before?)
Seiya: What's wrong? Usually you would get angry that I arrived late, right?
Producer: But you've arrived on time haven't you?
Seiya: Eh? Really?! But wasn't the meeting at 9?
Producer: It was at 10 am. You got one hour wrong
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (9)
Seiya: NOO! Then I didn't need to be in such a hurry~
Producer: There's no harm in coming earlier, right? Don't they say "early bird takes the worm"?
Seiya: "Early bird takes the worm"?
Producer: Ahaha! Ask Kanata-kun and Akira-kun about it later. I've been called by the president so I have to go for now
Seiya: Alright! See you later!
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (10)
Akira: "Early bird takes the worm" means that good things will happen if you wake up earlier
Seiya: I see! But why would good things happen if you wake up earlier?
Kanata: Ehm, because the day hours are longer...I guess?
Seiya: I understand! You're quite smart Kanata!
Kanata: Rabirabi, I got praised again!
Akira: But it's good that you managed to make it in time for the meeting. If you were late the producer would have surely gotten angry
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (11)
Seiya: You're right. Midway I stopped to talk with a fan so I was sure I would be late!
Akira: With a fan?
Seiya: Yes! A girl! She said that she became my fan after seeing the Music Awards!
Seiya: This was the first time hearing it so it made me really happy!
Kanata: Ah! The same happened to me too the other day!
Kanata: I was so embarrassed that I made them shake hands with Rabirabi instead, but it made me really happy
Akira: Aren't you two too negligent? I think you need to be more vigilant when walking...
Seiya&Kanata: Why?
Akira: Ah~ No....You two are fine the way you are
Ensuite Chapter 1-1 (12)
Satsuki: What's with that! I'm sooo bothered by it!
Mutsuki: Right? I was sure you would have thought that too~
Seiya: Hm? What are Satsuki and Mutsuki talking about?


  1. his dog

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