Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (1)
Satsuki: It's so frustrating to think that the reason why we got chosen to perform might've been that!
Mutsuki: But it was a secret talk between the staff so it's probably true...
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (2)
Seiya: Hey hey, what are you two talking about?
Satsuki: Seiya! You gotta hear this! Truth is--
Mutsuki: No, Satsuki. It would surely be better to not say anything.
Satsuki: But...
Seiya: Is it about us too, perhaps?
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (3)
Akira: Then I would gladly listen to it.
Mutsuki: We can't...if we talk, you all would surely get hurt....
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (4)
Kanata: You felt hurt, Mukkun, didn't you...but if it's that kind of talk then you need to say it.
Kanata: If you talk about it we might even find a solution to it. Right, Rabirabi♪
Mutsuki: ..........But
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (5)
Satsuki: Mutsuki! Let's tell them! You can trust them, right!
Mutsuki: ........If you say so, then alright.
Mutsuki: Truth is, during the Music Awards--
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (6)
Satsuki: Today's stage was a big success♪
Satsuki: I've always sung only with you until now, so I didn't think that singing with everyone else would have been so fun!
Mutsuki: .....Yes.
Satsuki: Mutsuki?
Mutsuki: Ehehe~ I had a lot of fun while singing with everyone else too♪
Satsuki: Right! We're the invincible twins, after all! We think the same way!
Staff A: Man, those 29 I-Chu's really riled up the stage!
Satsuki: Ishishi! They praised us!
Staff B: I-Chu...You mean that group that got called at the last moment to replace "That Group"?
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (7)
Mutsuki: ....The situation is a bit strange. Satsuki, let's hide in that empty spare room and listen more.
Satsuki: O-ok!
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (8)
Staff A: Yeah. The Underground Idols that have been rumored lately? It's said that their songs are really intense.
Staff B: Yes yes. It seems the TV Program Producer personally went to make negotiations with them but...
Staff B: It seems he didn't manage to meet them, you know?
Staff A: Really?! So the rumor was true~
Staff B: They say this group doesn't show themselves on stage at all, right?
Staff A: Apparently. But even if they don't show themselves, it seems the fans get really captivated just by hearing their singing voices.
Staff B: Eeeh, isn't that just a rumor?
Staff A: It's the truth! And because of that they got the nickname "Song Alche---"
TV Program Producer: Hey you! Don't eat in the hallway, clean it up!!
Staff A&B: We're sorry!!
*run away*
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (9)
Satsuki: So we didn't get to perform because our abilities got recognized....
Satsuki: Shit! Don't joke with me! This annoying.
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (10)
Mutsuki: And that's what happened.
Satsuki: I got really sad that day, but since then my irritation has just been increasing with each passing day!
Seiya: I see...I didn't know at all that the circumstances were like that....
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (11)
Akira: If the producer knew about it, it probably would have been clear from her face, so she didn't know about it either.
Akira: I agree with Satsuki that it might be irritating, but it's not like our abilities got recognized by the world.
Akira: But either way, I think that performing in the Music Awards was the best thing for us.
Akira: The reason might be that one, but we stood out and got noticed by even more fans, right?
Seiya: Ah...
Seiya's Fan: "I became your fan ever since seeing you at the Music Awards!"
Seiya: Akira is right. We managed to become known to way more people than before!
Akira: Yes. That's why you two don't have to feel so down. Standing out is your strong point, right?
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (12)
Satsuki: ......Yeah! You're right! Somehow, I feel refreshed after talking about it!
Mutsuki: I'm glad, Satsuki. Seeing you energetic again makes me happy.
Satsuki: I'm sorry for worrying you, Mutsuki!
Satsuki: Alright! I don't know anything about the Underground Idols, but I'll work hard with the lessons so that I won't lose to them!
Mutsuki: Yeees♪
Ensuite Chapter 1-2 (13)
Kanata: But it makes you wonder what kind of people those Underground Idols are, right?
Akira: That's true. Being able to be so gossiped about even though they don't show their faces must mean that their songs are really amazing.
Seiya: Underground Idols that don't show themselves...huh.

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