Ensuite Chapter 1-3 (1)
Eva: What a strong presence of magical power....There is proof that they are in this underground.
Mio: As expected of Eva-sama! You're able to feel the magical power!
Eva: However, the entrance to the underground is closed...And everyone standing here is quiet...
Eva: This is a bizarre atmosphere....
Ban: You're right~ Waitin' for the entrance to open for so long made me hungry....
Mio: Shut up...You ate as much as you wanted earlier. Your stomach's noises are too annoying so go over there.
Ban: Y-you're mean!
Ensuite Chapter 1-3 (2)
Eva: Setting that aside, to think that they would conceal themselves even though they were holding such a strong magical power...Is there a reason for it?
Mio: Hiding themselves from Eva-sama, how impertinent. But, Eva-sama, why are you worried about them?
Eva: Hmm....I heard rumors from the underworld.
Eva: They manipulate the sky with black magic and make it covered by clouds. When the contaminated rain descends to the ground, they play music that manipulates people.
Eva: What a cool estabilis--COUGH!
Eva: I have a presentiment that an omnious thing is about to happen.
Eva: That's why I came here in reconnaissance. Ban, Mio, you two need to skillfully slip into darkness so that nobody suspects you two.
Mio&Ban: Alri--ght!
Ensuite Chapter 1-3 (3)
Seiya: Alri--ght!
Eva: Yes. Mio, Ban and Starnight are very good....Wait, Starnight?!
Ensuite Chapter 1-3 (4)
Seiya: Yo! Did you come here because you were interested too, Bloody Master?
Eva: W-w-w-w....Why are you here?!
Ensuite Chapter 1-3 (5)
Kanata: Ehehe. Seiya was interested about those rumored Underground Idols, so we came to see what they were like too.
Eva: Crimson Angel is here too...That must mean--
Akira: I'm here too. That's why, don't use that name with me.
Eva: Guh....To think that you would sense the magical power too and come here...
Ensuite Chapter 1-3 (6)
Mio: Eva-sama, what do we do?
Eva: This is inevitable. Since it came to this, we shall have them help us with the reconnaissance.
Seiya: Reconnaissance...Well, that's it, I guess! We met here by chance, so let's enjoy the live together!
Eva: You're derailing the topic immediately, Starnight?! ....I came here because I was worried.
Producer: Eh? Eva-kun and Seiya-kun's group...Why are you here?
Seiya: Ah! Produ--
Producer: Shhhh! Don't call me Producer here.
Ensuite Chapter 1-3 (7)
Seiya: O-ok. Why are you here?
Producer: The president ordered me to go and see this live. What about you? Why are you here?
Seiya: We came to see who those Underground Idols that are bustling the society right now are.
Producer: Is that so? Then it's perfect. Let's--
Producer: Ah, it's raining...
Ensuite Chapter 1-3 (8)
Underground Idol's Fan: It's here! It's exactly as the weather forecast said!
Seiya: W-what's this? Everyone suddenly got lively?
Live Staff: We're really sorry for the long wait. The live can be held today, so please make your way to the entrance in turns.
Eva: Wha-?! The moment the rain started, the entrance to the underground opened?
Eva: So that rumor was true...
Producer: That's a strange way to start a live. So only when there's rain...
Seiya: Anyways, since the entrance opened let's get in a line and enter!
Ensuite Chapter 1-3 (9)
Seiya: So this is an underground live stage! It's somehow, dark.
Producer: According to the rumors their music type is rock, but shouldn't there be a performance to match the music? And also---
Producer: (I wonder what the cameras installed in the back are for. Don't those Underground Idols not show themselves?)
Akira: It seems you noticed it too...Today's live might not be the usual one.
Producer: You think so too?
Akira: I've had a bad presentiment ever since you said that the president ordered you. I hope nothing happens though...
Eva:'s about to start. The live of "Alchemist", the Underground Idols.