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Ensuite Chapter 2-1 (1)
Alchemist Fan A: Kyaaa! It started!!
Alchemist Fan B: Let us hear a song that will mesmerize us!!
???: It's as if the sky is crying....
???: I don't want to see a sad reality, so shall we run to the world of dreams?
???: But this is reality. This is not a dream...
Alchemist Fan A: Eh? Did they always have this intro at the start?
Alchemist Fan B: No. They usually always start the music immediately
Alchemist Fan A: This might be the first time I hear their voices when they're not singing!
Alchemist Fan B: Something is about to happen. I'm so excited about it!
???: If you took refuge in the world of dreams you'll never find the end of it. We are the ones that will strike a period to reality!
???: Today, when the reality got's the start of Alchemist!
Ensuite Chapter 2-1 (2)
Kuro: I'm Alchemist's leader, Kuro Yakaku
Saku: Saku Uruha
Baber: .........Baber
Ensuite Chapter 2-1 (3)
Kuro: We're graduating from being underground idols! We'll beat up the frame of the I-Chu's!
Kuro: From today on we are Alchemist, the idols!
Alchemist Fan A: No way! Alchemist showed themselves?!
Alchemist Fan B: Is this a declaration of a surprise debut?! How did it happen?
Alchemist Fan A: But, but! This is so much better compared to the countenance I've ever prayed for in my dreams!!
TV Producer: Good! I got a nice picture! We will keep live broadcasting! Make sure to catch everything
Ensuite Chapter 2-1 (4)
Eva: ...What in the world is happening here?
Akira: It seems this live is being broadcast in the entire country. Look, the name on the camera's is from a TV Station that broadcasts on the entire country
Seiya: ...You're right! Also, did they say "I-Chu" earlier?
Ensuite Chapter 2-1 (5)
Kanata: Yes...I'm sure I heard it. Are they related to us somehow?
Seiya: Hey Producer what do we do? Do we get out from the live house?
Producer: ..............
Seiya: Producer?
Producer: Ah, sorry....I'll stay here until the end
Seiya: Eh?
Producer: There's something about them that bothers me...
Ensuite Chapter 2-1 (6)
Alchemist Fan A: Today's live was incredible~
Alchemist Fan B: You're right! After I get out of the live house I'll boast about this to my friends!
Ensuite Chapter 2-1 (7)
Ban: So it ended. For a moment I got so surprised that I forgot I was hungry
Mio: You're such a carefree guy. Eva-sama, what do we do? I have a terrible feeling about this
Eva: Yes...Tempester was the one that called the producer here. That must mean that he's involved in this somehow.
Ensuite Chapter 2-1 (8)
Akira: Indeed. Calling the journalists beforehand to do a live broadcast is something he would do. What do you think, producer?
Producer: .................
Akira: Producer? Are you ok? Your face has been very pale since earlier
Producer: Hmm...I just got really surprised....
Alchemist Staff: I'm sorry, but are you from the Ailedore Office?
Producer: Eh? Yes, I am...but who are you?

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