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Producer: Do you have any business with me?
Alchemist Staff: I was told that if someone from Ailedore came here I had to accompany them until the changing rooms
Producer: ....Who would do that?
Alchemist Staff: You will understand if you follow me. Come on, that way
Producer: Understood...Seiya-kun, you and the rest can go--
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (1)
Seiya: Wait a moment!!
Seiya: Producer! We will follow you!
Seiya: I can't leave you alone, not with the current state you're in! And I'll follow you even if you say no!
Producer: But---
Alchemist Staff: I was told that it wasn't necessary for you to be alone. So please do not worry
Seiya: You heard him! Let's go Producer!
Producer: ................
Alchemist Staff: Yakaku-san. I brought the guests
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (2)
Kuro: Well done. You can go now
Alchemist Staff: Yes. I shall take my leave
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (3)
Kuro: You finally arrived...You're a producer now, right? It makes me laugh that you became one
Producer: Kuro....
Kuro: Don't call my name like that as if we would be friends!!
Producer: I-!
Kuro: Being called by name by you is so unpleasant
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (4)
Seiya: What the-?! You're the one that called us here so what's with that attitude?!
Kuro: Small fries must stay quiet!
Seiya: A-?! Who are you calling a small fry!
Kuro: Isn't it the truth? Spoiled kids like you that are satisfied with just being I-Chu's can be called small fries without problems
Akira: You call us I-Chu's but, are you perhaps an I-Chu too?
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (5)
Kuro: Don't put us on the same level as you! We aren't I-Chu's anymore! We are elites that overcame the frame of I-Chu's will all our power
Kuro: Don't put us together
Akira: ....It seems trying to reason with him is impossible
Seiya: What's up with you! Why are you being so hostile towards the producer...and towards us too!
*door opens*
Baber: Kuro. Your voice could be heard until the hallway....
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (6)
Saku: He's right. Your screeching started resounding inside my head too and---
Producer: .............
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (7)
Baber: Ugh. Saku you're even louder than Kuro....
Saku: It's Producer-chan! Producer-chan is here in flesh~!!
Producer: Eh? M-Me?
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (8)
Saku: We finally met! Ah, it's as if the god of destiny blessed us together!
*gets closer*
Saku: I'm sure of that! It's must be that! It's definitely like that!
*gets closer*
Saku: I wanted to meet you, my dear Producer-chan♪
*gets closer again*
Producer: ! Can you please not stay so close--
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (9)
Akira: You tried to hug a woman when you two had just met. You're a disgrace to all men...
Saku: Huh? Who are you? Do you want to act like her knight or something?
Saku: Let go of my girlfriend...right now![1]
Akira: I will let go of her if you take you distance from her, got it?
Akira&Saku: .............
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (10)
Kuro: Tsk! Saku, don't be so embarrassing! And Baber, you should stop Saku
Baber: *stares* ....
Eva: H-hey! Why are you staring at me with such expression!
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (11)
Baber: *stares*
Eva: I'm talking to you! It feels like you're looking down on me from above and it's very unpleasant!
Baber: What is your name?
Eva: Huh? My name? Fuh....
Eva: I'm the jet black king crawled from the depths of darkness, Bloody Master! No one shall be forgiven if they go against me!
Baber: Baber is Baber
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (12)
Eva: W-what did you say?! Is this monster not good with words?!
Baber: You're so small and cute, Eva-sama. Baber will bring you to a really high place
Eva: UWOH?! S-Stop it! Who do you take me for! I'm the jet black king, the Bloody Master!
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (13)
Baber: Eva-sama is up high, really up high♪ Eva-sama's words are cool. But, you're so cute♪
Mio: Wait a moment?! Don't touch my master! Let go of him you giant!
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (14)
Baber: Hmm, don't hit Baber's foot~
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (15)
Ban: I want you to let go of Master! If you don't Mio will keep kickin' your leg!
Baber: Hmm, Baber doesn't like pain. I will let you down
Eva: I-I'm saved
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (16)
Mio: Eva-sama, are you ok?!
Eva: I-I won't be crushed by such an insignificant thing!
Ensuite Chapter 2-2 (17)
Kuro: You two play around too much!
Saku: Eeeh! How can you say that even though you know how excited I am
Baber: Baber will reflect on this....
Kumakocho: Oh my? There's a really gloomy atmosphere here
Producer: President!
Kumakocho: Heyaaa. What nice kids you are, you came here exactly as Mr.Bear ordered~


  1. The term he uses, "kanojo", can mean both "her" and "girlfriend". Decided to translate it as girlfriend since I took in consideration both Saku's character and the fact that "my her" doesn't make sense

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