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Ensuite Chapter 2-3 (1)
Kumakocho: Being friends is a good thing~
Kuro: Don't say stupid thing, you black-hearted raccoon!
Kumakocho: Geez~ Mr.Bear is a bear and not a raccoon~
Producer: No one cares about that now!
Kumakocho: *shocked* ....Producer-chan is denying me completely~
Producer: Please stop it with the jokes now! Why...Why didn't you tell me about Kur-...Why did you keep quiet about Yakaku-kun!
Kumakocho: It's not like I kept quiet or anything~ You didn't ask me so I didn't talk about it
Kumakocho: And also, today I wanted to introduce them to you. These kids are--
Kumakocho: Those are the I-Chu's I've taken great care of and produced. As I-Chu's they're of Generation Zero~
Seiya: Generation Zero?!
Mio: What's with that? So they're higher seniors than Tenjyou Tenge
Ensuite Chapter 2-3 (2)
Ban: Do Tsubaki and the others know about this?
Kumakocho: They don't know anything about Alchemist. That's because they're a project I've been working on behind the scenes~
Producer: Why...Why didn't I know about this!
Kumakocho: That's because your relationship with "Kuro Yakaku" is too deep
Seiya: Their relationship is deep? What does that mean?!
Producer: That's...
Kumakocho: I'm not surprised you would be interested about it, Seiya-kun. I will let Producer-chan talk to you about it later
Kumakocho: Now, on to continue with that story...
Kumakocho: Kuro-kun is a really talented artist. That's why I couldn't leave him under your care, Producer
Kumakocho: You know veeery well the reason for that, right?
Producer: ................
Ensuite Chapter 2-3 (3)
Kuro: Fuh. You only know how to shout and then are left without words to say back. You're so unsightly
Kuro: While I was deciding on my songs you were devoted on your work as producer
Kuro: However, you didn't fulfill your duty. The president was a better producer than you
Kuro: You, who ran away from her job as an idol, is not fit for this world
Kuro: The I-Chu's you've taken care of don't look like having made any progress at all
Seiya&Akira&Kanata: ?!
Eva&Mio&Ban: ?!
Producer: That's not true! They work hard and--
Ensuite Chapter 2-3 (4)
Kuro: You should know that this world isn't kind enough to let those that just work hard to survive here!!
Producer: ?!
Kuro: ...You should leave your work as producer and run away from this world right now!
Producer: .............
Ensuite Chapter 2-3 (5)
Seiya: Don't give me that crap!
Kuro: You again....Small fries that have nothing to do with this should stay quiet!
Seiya: There's no way we would stay quiet while you're saying such mean things to our producer!
Seiya: Don't decide by yourself while knowing nothing about her!
Seiya: The producer herself decides for her future! You have no right to tell her what to do!
Kuro: ....You're the one that doesn't know anything!
Seiya: What did you say?!
Kuro: I have all the right to talk back to her. And also, she has to beg for my forgiveness. Isn't that right?
Producer: ...............
Kuro: Suffer...regret everything...and cry! That ugly face of yours will be the source of my revenge!
Ensuite Chapter 2-3 (6)
Saku: Kuro. That's not true. Producer-chan is the most beautiful woman in the world!
Baber: Saku, you-!
Kuro: Shut up. Both of you stay quiet!
Saku: Can't be helped. But it's convenient for me if you hate her so I'll be quiet♪
Kuro: Fuh. You're a strange one...
Kumakocho: I'm sorry to intervene when the atmosphere is so grim, but it's time for the press conference for you three~
Kuro: I know....Let's go, Saku, Baber
Producer: ...............
Ensuite Chapter 2-3 (7)
Kuro: I...will never forgive you. Carve those words in you heart and repent for your sins
*slams door*
Ensuite Chapter 2-3 (8)
Akira: .....What even is happening?
Kanata: I was so scared that I couldn't protect the producer....
Seiya: God damn it! Are you alright with being treated like that, Producer?!
Producer: ....I'm sorry everyone. Because of me you had to experience such thing
Producer: I understood that this time everything was planned by the President. Once I calm down a bit I will ask him for more explanations
Producer: That's why...I'm really sorry
Ensuite Chapter 2-3 (9)
Eva&Mio&Ban: ............
Akira&Kanata: ................
Seiya: (I can't ask anything more if you apologize like that....)
Seiya: (What's happening here...)

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