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Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (1)
Kumakocho: And that said, let me introduce them again
Kumakocho: They used to be preserved by the Ailedore office, but now they will officially start their activities as idols
Kumakocho: Alchemist. I chose this name thinking how they will be the ones to solve the truth behind the singing in this world
Kumakocho: Please look forward to their activities♪
Producer: ...*sighs*
Producer: I didn't think Kuro would still be in Ailedore
Producer: I've always searched for him...To think he would have been so close...
Producer: Am I advancing forward....
Next Day
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (2)
Noah: Yesterday was incredible. To think there would have been other I-Chu's besides us...
Torahiko: Is that so? I actually felt very excited when I heard that a new bunch would come here!
Lucas: You're too positive. What is that bear thinking...
Leon: But, you know, if the President is busy with that group, then here it will be quiet for a bit, right?
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (3)
Kyosuke: Indeed! Usually he would throw a mysterious test at us around this time!
Leon: Yes yes~!
Rabi: Leon. Don't get carried away
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (4)
Shiki: Yes. The worst happens when you less expect it
Chaoyang: Peace is the best...And also, next week we have an outdoor live....
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (5)
Akio: An outdoor live...just thinking about it makes me want to run away...And lately Hikaru randomly meddles with me. It's the worst...
Hikaru: Haha! I didn't think you would be so happy about it! Then should I shut-in in your house together with you!
Akio: EEEK~!?
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (6)
Raku: If you went to Akio's house we would lose his whereabouts completely
Raku: Be quiet and come to my house instead
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (7)
Hikaru: Fu Fu~♪ You're such a spoiled kid, Raku. Geez, both you and Akio are so helpless without this great Hikaru Orihara!
Shiki: No no....You got it all wrong!
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (8)
Lucas: *sighs*....First Torahiko and now Hikaru. ArS is full of positive guys....
Hikaru: Hahaha! You don't need to be reserved Lucas, you can stick to me without problems!
Lucas: Stop it! Stay away!
Hikaru: Why are you running away! There's no need to hold yourself back! Come on, look here!
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (9)
Hikaru: No need to avert your eyes, Lucas! Come on! There's nothing to fear!
Hikaru: But, it can't be helped if you get so dazzled by my light that you can't even look me in the eyes!
Lucas: No one said--
Hikaru: Right! Seiya Aido! Give them your sunglasses! That way they can look at me!
Lucas: Listen to what people are saying! Seiya, there's no need for your sunglasses!
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (10)
Seiya: ........................
Hikaru&Lucas: ?
Hikaru: For some reason, Seiya Aido's condition seems to be a bit different...
Seiya: *sighs*...
Lucas: He's gazing at the clouds from the window and letting out a sigh...He must have something that troubles him, right?
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (11)
Noah: Seiya. You've been sighing since earlier. What's wrong?
Seiya: Noah....
Ensuite Chapter 3-1 (1)
Regarding Alchemist
Regarding the Producer
Regarding Kumakocho

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