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Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (1)
Reporter A: Uruha-san, you were great yesterday! How do you feel now that an entire day has passed since you showed your face?
Saku: Man! It feels so refreshing! Also because I finally met with my goddess
Reporter A: Goddess?
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (2)
Saku: Yes, she's the goddess of victory for me♪
Kuro: Saku. Don't say anything else
Saku: Dammit. You're so annoying every time. Don't you think so too, Baber?
Baber: Hmm
Baber: ....The weather today is very warm♪
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (3)
Saku: Huh? I don't understand you
Reporter B: By the way, is "Baber" your real name?
Baber: Hmm, Baber is Baber
Reporter B: Eh...Ah, ok
Saku: It's useless. It's impossible to know what Baber thinks even for us who searched about him
Reporter B: I-I see...
Reporter A: Would Yakaku-san give a comment about yesterday's sudden announcement!
Reporter B: Yakaku...? I feel like I've heard this name before....
Kuro: ...up
Reporter A&B: Eh?
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (4)
Kuro: Shut up. I have nothing more to say
Reporter A: Ah, he went away....
Reporter B: Can't be helped. We'll leave it at this for today....
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (5)
Saku: Aaah so annoying. We didn't become I-Chu's to be made such a big fuss of
Kuro: Saku. Don't call us by unfitting names such as "I-Chu's"
Saku: Yeah yeah. We're not I-Chu's but Idols
Kuro: And that's fine....
???: That's not fine at all!
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (6)
Kuro: Hm? ....Ah, it's you guys. Quite the old lineup
Issei: I could say the same for you. I thought you died somewhere by the roadside, but you look quite alive....
Issei: With what nerve are you showing your face so nonchlatantly like that?
Kuro: Hah! That's my line! It needs quite the nerve for animals like you to decide to become idols
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (7)
Takamichi: Don't give me that crap! Do you know just how much she's--
Futami: Takamichi, stop it. Getting angry at him won't solve anything and it's just a waste of energy
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (8)
Kuro: Hmph. Such a coward group...After all, you guys are just "I-Chu's". A different status from me....
Kuro: As for now, don't talk like that to me. You small fries...
Issei: The hell--?!
Issei: You...Right now you aimed and threw that bag at my face on purpose, didn't you?
Saku: ....How bad. It was a perfect case of self defense and I would have been forgiven
Saku: Ah! But I'm glad the bag didn't hit you! Inside this bag there's a really really important camera
Saku: I would have been so troubled if it hit your face and broke! ...I'm really glad it didn't♪
Takamichi: What's up with you? What were you thinking with using violence without a reason!
Saku: A reason? I actually have one. I hate your existence itself so much that I want to erase you guys from earth...
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (9)
Futami: Have...we ever met before?
Saku: I wonder...I'm not forced to answer you, am I?
Issei: Bring it on...If it's a fight you want then--
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (10)
Baber: That's not good. The president said that fights aren't good
Issei: WOA?!
Futami: Wow, you're taller than Issei
Baber: Yes, Baber is big
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (11)
Takamichi: What the-?! Why are you patting my head?
Baber: Your hairstyle is strange
Takamichi: What did you say?! Your hairstyle is strange too! You bobbed head!
Baber: You bark a lot
Takamichi: I don't bark!
Kuro: ...This is boring. Staying with you guys is such a waste of time
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (12)
Issei: Wait? Are you going to stay in this school too?!
Kuro: Can't you see? I wouldn't wear this uniform if not
Issei: Why...Why are you going so far to sadden her? Did you keep being an idol just for that?
Issei: To her you're really--
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (13)
Kuro: Shut up, Issei Todoroki...
Issei: !
Kuro: You became I-Chu's as replacement to her. Such a farce
Kuro: I'm so amazed that I can't even laugh at this
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (14)
Takamichi: You're wrong! We--
Kuro: I'm not wrong! You're the ones making fun of idols!
Kuro: I have seen so much of this world's darkness, to the point of hating it
Kuro: I'm not like you guys. I don't move just for the sake of a woman.
Kuro: I move by following my beliefs. If you plan to be a hindrance to me then I'll crush you together with that woman!
Ensuite Chapter 3-2 (15)
Seiya: What's with that...
Kuro: Seiya Aido...again
Seiya: What happened to you that you ended up thinking like that!
Seiya: Idols are more like...People that shine bright?! Why do you say such words full of sadness!
Kuro: Shining...huh
Kuro: Good grief, you talk back a lot for having an empty head. Guys like you are the first ones that get devoured by the darkness of this world....
Kuro: This is the only time you can say those pretty words, Seiya Aido
Kuro: One day you will surely be swallowed by the darkness of this world
Seiya: The darkness of this world....what does he mean with that....

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