Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (1)
Saku: Did you see their faces? They had such pitiful expressions.
Saku: It was like that in the past too...Ever since they came, they would stay by her side as if it were a normal thing...
Saku: I can't forgive them....I can't forgive them I can't forgive them I can't forgive them I can't forgive them I can't forgive them I can't forgive them I can't forgive them I can't forgive them I can't forgive them I can't forgive them I can't forgive them....[1]
Baber: Saku, STOP!
Saku: ! ...I suddenly got really worked up.
Baber: Kuro is not good either.
Kuro: What are you talking about?
Baber: Kuro, you're really angry....
Kuro: I'm not that angry or anything...I'm actually feeling disgusted.
Kuro: I feel disgusted that I have to wear the same uniform as them on my body.
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (2)
Tsubaki: You've got quite the way of talking!
Toya: Tsubaki, stop it! Please don't talk in a way that would provoke them!
Tatsumi: Heeh. So this is the new group...
Aoi: This group has a strong personality, too.
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (3)
Kuro: You guys are...The first generation, Tenjyou Tenge.
Tsubaki: Oh! You knew about us! That makes me happy!
Kuro: Of course. You're the juniors that fell behind us and missed their chance to debut, right?
Tsubaki: ......As if.
Kuro: I'm just saying the truth.
Kuro: Ah...By truth, I mean what the President said. He said that the main reason why Tenjyou Tenge can't make their debut is because of Tsubaki Rindo--
Kuro: That you're the cause for it...
Tsubaki: I can't overlook that now....
Kuro: He also said that you wouldn't accept this. If you want to be sure of it, then you should ask him yourself.
Kuro: *sighs*...I wasted so much time because of small fries.
Kuro: I'll finish my business quickly and leave the school immediately.
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (4)
Tsubaki: Wait a moment!!
Tsubaki: I don't care about what the president said at all. We will surely surpass you one day.
Tsubaki: You're the first senior I've met. Amuse us even more, senior
Kuro: ....This is stupid. I won't deal with you.
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (5)
Tatsumi: Shit! What's up with them! They annoy me so much!
Tatsumi: And Tsubaki too! You sure didn't fight back even after being told stuff like that!
Tsubaki: That's, well...Neither you nor I would be able to fight back if a certain someone pulls the jacket's hem.
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (6)
Toya: Tsubaki, Tatsumi, violence is the only thing that I won't allow!
Tatsumi: Goddamn it! If Toya wouldn't be stopping me, I would have kicked them so much!
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (7)
Aoi: "Kicking them". How boorish.
Tatsumi: What now! Don't you feel annoyed, too?!
Tsubaki: Stop it, Tatsumi.
Tatsumi: Why--?!
Tatsumi: (Aoi is...clenching his fist so hard...He's trembling.)
Aoi: You know, I'm confident that I hate losing more than anyone else here. But I won't do something as boorish as using violence.
Aoi: It will only last until we beat them on our own arena. Isn't that right, Tsubaki?
Tsubaki: As expected. Thanks to you, I managed to cool my head off too.
Tsubaki: Alchemist.....Interesting! We'll definitely break those long noises of yours!
Toya: Your wording wasn't the best, but for us, what's important is being higher than them.
Toya: And to do that, we first have to focus and finish the work in front of us.
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (8)
Tatsumi: ~~~! Oh come on?! You all said such cool stuff!
Tatsumi: This is why I love Tenjyou Tenge so much, goddamn it!
Aoi: We don't have time to feel moved now, you idiot. Come on, let's go practice.
Aoi: ....Keep me a lot of company during practice today, everyone.
Tsubaki: Haha...Aoi got so angry.
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (9)
Toya: Seeing Aoi like this makes me feel sorry for Alchemist.
Tatsumi: Of course he would be angry! They made fun of us!
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (10)
Tsubaki: ....Really, you guys are so reliable.
Tsubaki: (But...what the president said worries me.)
Tsubaki: (I'm the one holding them back? There's no way that can be true...)
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (11)
Saku: Geez Kuro, you gave such advice to that Tsubaki Rindo. Do you perhaps pity him?
Kuro: No way. I only said the truth. But, those words were intended so that they would keep their eyes open on the president's behavior, too.
Kuro: The president might be the one that produced us, but he's not our ally.
Kuro: And we can't let him see a crack and use that to make us miss...
Saku: So the eyes prying at the president increased~ Really, you have such a bad personality~
Kuro: Being told that by you makes me feel disgusted from the bottom of my heart!
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (12)
Saku: Ahaha, you're so mean. Don't you agree, Baber?
Baber: ....................
Saku: Baber?
Baber: The sky is crying....
Kuro: Rain...I hate rain. It brings only bad memories.
Producer: Kuro! Let's work hard together, forever!
Ensuite Chapter 3-3 (13)
Kuro: This memory...If only it could be washed away with the rain.


  1. I made sure to count that the amount would be the same as ingame

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