Labyrinthe Chapter 4-1 (1)
Kumakocho: Apparently, it started to rain~ My body would have become heavy if I got wet, so I'm glad I stopped here~
Producer: President... Please don't stray from the main topic.
Kumakocho: Ah, so I can't?
Producer: No, you can't! Please tell me about them. Why did you hide their existence from me?
Kumakocho: Eeeh. Didn't I tell you that the last time? I didn't say anything because of that thing that happened with Kuro-kun~
Producer: It's definitely not only because of that, right? If so, then what about the other two?
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-1 (2)
Kumakocho: We~~~ll. They're, like..... It might be better if you don't know~ In particular Saku-kun is, you know....
Producer: Saku Uruha....He seems to know a lot about me, but I know nothing about him.
Producer: Please tell me. What relation does he have with me?
Kumakocho: Ehm, well~
*phone rings*
Producer: Ah, I'm sorry! This is a call about the next live so... Hello!
Producer: Yes! Then I will be counting on you for that order.
*closes phone*
Producer: President, I'm sorry for the wai--- He's not here!... He ran away.
[Location changes to the school garden]
Producer: Haaa... haa... No... he's not here. He ran away completely...
Producer: (I'm going to run after you until I find you and make you confess everything!)
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-1 (3)
Saku: Ah, Producer-chan. You finally came out!
Producer: Eh?
Saku: Fufu. You did a great job today♪
Producer: ....Thank you. Ehm, Saku Uruha, right?
Saku: Somehow, this feels like we're really distant. You can just call me Saku.
Producer: Since we have just barely met, it's hard for me to call you by name, so I'll call you Uruha-kun.
Saku: ..........But you call Kuro by name?
Producer: ....Since Yakaku-kun got angry at me, I'll call him with his family name from now on, you know?
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-1 (4)
Saku: But it's still unfair. I want to be called by name by you, even if it's just once.
Saku: Come on, isn't it fine? After all, I've always held myself back until I met you...
Producer: This has been bugging me a bit, but have we ever met before?
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-1 (5)
Saku: ....I'll tell you if you call me by name.
Saku: Come on.... Say it. Say "Saku."
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-1 (6)
Saku: Come on....
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-1 (7)
Saku: Hurry....
Saku: I want to hear my name coming out of your mouth!
Producer: U-Uruha-kun?!
Producer: (Why is he sidling up to me so much?!)
Saku: Aaah.... This is like a dream. I can feel you from so close!!
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-1 (8)
Saku: I love you.... I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you, I love you so much! Producer-chan!!
Producer: Stop it! L-let go of me!!
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-1 (9)
Saku: Ahaha! You're so cute when you're quailing to--COUGH?!
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-1 (10)
Kokoro: Excuse me!? What are you doing to my producer!?
Producer: K-Kokoro-san....!

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