Labyrinthe Chapter 4-2 (1)
Runa: Producer, are you alright?
Momosuke: Fweeeh! I'm glad you're safe~
Producer: Runa-san and Momosuke-san too....
Kokoro: Good grief, that's unbecoming of a gentleman! How can you make a lady feel uncomfortable by sidling up to her like that? You're the worst!
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-2 (2)
Saku: That hurts.... I'm glad you didn't kick my face instead~
Saku: By the way...
Kokoro: What? I'm not going to apologize for kicking you since it was your fault in the fir--
Saku: Woah! It's Hanabusa-san!! You look super cute in person!!
Kokoro: Eh?
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-2 (3)
Saku: I always listen to Joker Dream! That song is just so cute~!
Saku: When that song comes up during lives, I always make sure to turn my penlight pink!
Saku: I was really surprised when the new members got announced, but Kagurazaka-san and Oikawa-san are so cute, too!
Kokoro: I-I got it so stay quiet now!
Saku: Ah! Right! I heard Aozora Escape too!
Saku: Did you already decide the choreography for that song? I have skills as an otaku[1] too so leave it to me! Should I show you now?
Kokoro: Ah~! Geez! Shut up! Kneel down for Kokoro!
Saku: As you order!!
Producer: I-incredible....
Runa: This man looks suspicious... Momo, it's better if you don't get close to him, alright?
Momosuke: O-ok. Got it!
Kokoro: *sighs*....I understand that you're a big fan of Kokoro.
Kokoro: But why were you sidling up to the producer so much?
Saku: That's because... I've been her fan ever since she was an I-Chu.
Producer: Eh?
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-2 (4)
Saku: I wanted to meet you so so bad that I ended up becoming an I-Chu too, you know?
Saku: But you quit being an I-Chu, and I got told by the president to start becoming popular without showing my face...
Saku: To be frank, I thought about quitting my job as an I-Chu too, but then you came back as a producer!
Saku: So I thought "I can have her become my producer and take care of me" and worked hard all this time ♪
Saku: Before meeting you, I always watched you from the shadows and kept thinking about you all day long~
Saku: I couldn't stop my agitation because of how I wasn't able to meet you in person for so long!
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-2 (5)
Runa&Momosuke: ..............
Kokoro: Dude... do you know what people call that behavior?
Kokoro: Stalking! You're a stalker!
Saku: No, no. I'm not a stalker.
Saku: I'm like a knight that stands by her side and protects her!
Kokoro: An idiot... this man is an idiot!
Runa: Kokoro, calm down.
Momosuke: M-Mr. Stalker. It's the first time Momo has seen one...
Runa: Because usually you would never see one in your entire life....
Producer: But now I see. So that's why you were talking as if you knew me really well.
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-2 (6)
Saku: Yes ♪ Ah, but we have met in the past once, you know?
Producer: Eh? And when?
Saku: It's a SE-C-RET♪
Saku: I might be obsessed with idols, but if Hanabusa-san is one of those so-called guys that won't support me....
Saku: If Hanabusa-san or someone else tries to get you away from me---
Saku: I won't go easy on you, Hanabusa-san, so be prepared...
Kokoro: ?! ....Bring it on. I would never let someone as dangerous as you get close to the producer!
Saku: I will retire for today but... Producer-chan.
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-2 (7)
Saku: We can now meet every day ♪ Fufu, I might end up becoming strange with how happy I'll be every day.
Producer: (T-that would be troubling...)


  1. Otaku is used to refer to someone who is obsessed with something. In this case it's meant to refer to Saku's obsession with idols.

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