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Producer: (Yesterday was so terrible...)
Producer: (Since then, when I go home Uruha-kun is following after me so I have to run away at full speed every time...)
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (1)
Seiya: Producer! Good morning! Eh? Your eyes are starting to look like Akio's, y'know?
Producer: ....Seiya-kun, good morning. But what do you mean with that?
Aoi: Look, I'll give you a mirror so you can check for yourself
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (2)
*steps in*
Producer: Thank you, Aoi-kun.... Ah, so you were talking about the bags forming under my eyes... Wait, Aoi-kun?!
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (3)
Aoi: Fufu, that's a good reaction. Good morning Producer, and... Seiya
Seiya: Morning! But, why are you treating me like that?
Aoi: I just wanted to act a bit mean. I'm jealous that you got to be the first one to say good morning to her
Aoi: But more importantly, do you have any information about the new unit Alchemist?
Producer: Eh? Why do you need to know such information?
Aoi: Because they picked a really provoking fight with me.... So I want to gather as much information about them and beat them to it
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (4)
Aoi: And I also have a bad presentiment....
Seiya: A bad presentiment?
Producer: (I can kind of understand him... Kuro is definitely planning something. And the president too...)
Aoi: ......It seems I troubled you. I'm sorry, Producer
Producer: No, that's not it. You think the same way as me
Aoi: Fufu. If you compliment me like that I might get carried away, you know?
Aoi: ...Oops. I'm sorry that I have to say this but, we must go to class or else we will be late
Producer: ! You're right. We'll discuss the rest another time
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (5)
Akio: Achoo!!
Kyosuke: Akki? Did you get a cold perhaps?
Akio: No, it's probably something else. I haven't caught a cold in years
Akio: My sisters are surely talking bad about me... Fuhihi. It's surely like that....
Kyosuke: T-that's not true~ Come on, the sketch will get ruined so please don't move
Akio: *sighs*....Why do I have to be your sketch model, Kyosuke....
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (6)
Akio: This stuff is more fitting for Shiki-kun...
Kyosuke: You have a very flexible body so I can ask you to make a lot of poses. That helps me a lot!
Kyosuke: Shikitty is not only very stiff, but he also makes only one pose~
Akio: One pose?
Kyosuke: You know, that pose~
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (7)
Baber: The "bang"?
Kyosuke: Yes, yes, the BANG pose~[1]
Kyosuke: Wai-, who are you~?!
Baber: Baber is Baber~
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (8)
Akio: EEK?! Y-You're so big!
Baber: Yes, Baber is big. Are you afraid of big?
Akio: Eh? W-well, I'm afraid of everyone though....
Baber: Hmm. Then, Baber will sit down
Akio: Eh?? T-thanks?
Baber: You are very welcome
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (9)
Kyosuke&Akio&Baber: ..............
Baber: *smiles*
Kyosuke&AKio: *smile*
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (10)
Kyosuke: A-AKKI! What do we do?!
Akio: I don't know either~ Shiki-kun is always the one that takes care of such things....
Baber: Hey, hey
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (11)
Kyosuke: W-what is it?!
Baber: Do you know where Eva-sama is?
Kyosuke: E-Eva-kun? Mio-kun should know where he is, but I don't know where Mio-kun is either~
Baber: I see...*sobs*
Akio: Do you have any business with Eva?
Baber: No. But Baber has come to like Eva-sama a lot so Baber wanted to meet him
Baber: Eva-sama is small, and cool, and also really cute, so Baber loves him a lot
Baber: Baber wants to bring him to Baber's house...
Kyosuke: A-AKKI?! Eva-sama is in trouble! W-we need to do something?!
Akio: Don't ask me about it...?!
Producer: That's quite the strange assortment...
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (12)
Seiya: Are they being good friends?
Aoi: No, no. No matter how you look at it, they're definitely in trouble
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (13)
Kyosuke: P-Producer-san!
Akio: T-thank god.... Now I can feel safe
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (14)
Baber: Producer? Producer...
Producer: Baber-kun, aren't you together with Kur- ...with Yakaku-kun today?
Baber: Yes. We aren't always together, you know?
Producer: I see. Did you get used to this school already?
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (15)
Baber: ....No. It's different from the place where Baber was
Producer: The place where you were?
Baber: Yes... Baber can't calm down here... Because everyone is too kind....
Baber: Producer? You are actually a bully, aren't you? Kuro was really angry after all
Baber: Is your kindness right now a lie too?
Producer: ....I think that being kind or being a bully depends on your own impression. But,
Producer: I'm being kind to you because I want to, you know?
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (16)
Baber: ...I see. Then that's good!
Baber: But Baber can't get used to being treated gently by women....
Baber: Baber.... Will go to search for Eva-sama....
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (17)
Aoi: ....How to say this, he's really strange
Seiya: I didn't really get what the producer and Baber were talking about
Labyrinthe Chapter 4-3 (18)
Akio: Yes. I wonder why Baber-san would be in Alchemist
Kyosuke: A name very fitting for him would be...
Kyosuke: Ah! Right!
Kyosuke: "Eccentric"!


  1. They're talking about his signature move. As many might have noticed, Shiki points with his finger in 90% of his cards

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