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Labyrinthe Chapter 5-1 (1)
Kuro: ...Hey, what's up with that predicament? Are you two motivated or not?!
Saku: But y'know~ I want Producer-chan to be my producer too!
Saku: Aah, they really annoy me so much.... They have my dear Producer-chan as their producer...
Saku: I want her as Producer I want her I want her I want her I want her I want her I want her I want her I-
Kuro: Shut up! Save that passion for the live!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-1 (2)
Saku: ....Will I get her as producer if I work hard?
Kuro: I firmly oppose to have her as producer!
Saku: Come on~! As I thought! I finally could be by her side, and yet~
Saku: Aaa~aah, having you hate her so much is convenient for me, but being in the same group as you also makes it harder for me to be close to her
Baber: ...Say, Kuro
Kuro: What is it? I considered it strange when you didn't enter in your "Live Mode". Did something happen?
Baber: ....Do you hate the producer?
Kuro: ....Yes, from the bottom of my heart
Baber: You know, the producer said that she's not a bully. She said that she wants to be kind to Baber, you know?
Kuro: Baber....
Baber: Kuro?
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-1 (3)
Kuro: Listen. That's her way of acting! At the start she's kind to you but then she betrays you!
Baber: ?!
Kuro: Baber... You're a pure guy. That's why you need to pay attention. Don't trust anyone else... We're your only allies
Saku: ................
Baber: ....Got it. Baber has his head full and full of things so he will go outside to breathe some fresh air
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-1 (4)
Saku: Oh my~ You said such things to that pure Baber, you're really such a terrible adult, Kuro ♪
Kuro: ....I'm ready to use anything for revenge
Saku: Ahaha! Such a villain! ....Well, I made that promise with you and ended up becoming friends with you
Kuro: I can't stand you. But I admit that you're talented... I'll stay with you until I used you
Saku: I have no problems with that, you know? Since I'm using you for my interest too
Saku: As for Baber.... I don't really understand, but he must have his reasons for teaming up with us
Saku: This is so nice ♪ We match each other's interests perfectly so we became a group
Saku: Because of that we're a group where you don't know what chemical reaction might happen, aren't we?
Kuro: Hmph. Quite a joke... Anyway let's practice
Kuro: It's tomorrow.... Tomorrow it's the day where we will commemorate their fall into the abyss of despair....
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-1 (5)
Seiya: Hehe! I wonder how many fans will gather for us today!
Chaoyang: Uhhh.... I'm nervous....
Tatsumi: Calm down, Chaoyang. Let's have a tour around temples after the live! So today we must give it our best!
Chaoyang: ! Yes! ...I'll give it my best!
Seiya: Hey!! That's unfair! I want to go too!
Tatsumi: I know I know! We wouldn't let a friend out!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-1 (6)
Chaoyang: Ah, that reminds me, isn't it time for you to go to rehearsal, Tatsumi-san?
Seiya: This live will consist of three parts after all!
Tatsumi: We, the 1st generation, will perform first, then it will be the turn of the 2nd generation, and then the third generation!
Seiya: I want to see Tsubaki-san's rehearsal!
Tatsumi: You should say Tatsumi's rehearsal!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-1 (7)
Tatsumi: ...But lately Tsubaki has been acting strange~
Seiya: Tsubaki-san has been acting strange?
Tatsumi: .....No, it's nothing. It's probably just my imagination!
Tatsumi: Then, I'm going to the rehearsal now!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-1 (8)
Chaoyang: Tatsumi-san... looked like he was forcing himself... Is he alright?
Seiya: Yeah.... But now we must focus on making the live a success! Let's give it our best!
Chaoyang: Yes! I will go to tune my instrument
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-1 (9)
Seiya: What's this?
Seiya: My chest is buzzing.... I have a bad feeling....

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