Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (1)
Tsubaki: Come on, you all! Are you riled up!?!
Tsubaki's Fan: Tsubakiiii! I saw the Music Awards!
Tsubaki's Fan: I will become Tsubaki's woman, too!!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (2)
Seiya: And here I got worried. Tsubaki-san is acting like his usual self!
Seiya: The fans are all really riled up. It looks so fun!
Kanata: Ahaha! You look like you're having a lot of fun, too!
Satsuki: That's nothing unusual.
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (3)
Akira: Seiya is always having fun, after all.
Seiya: Hehe! Of course!
Seiya: The first generation is making the stage so fired up. Let's rile up everyone when we perform, too!
Satsuki: I won't lose to you, Seiya. I'll rile up everyone, too!
Seiya: Eh? Now that I think of it, where did Mutsuki go?
Satsuki: Eh? Ehh? EEH? He was by my side until now....
Satsuki: Did he go to the toilet?
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (4)
Mutsuki: Sorry for the wait~
Satsuki: Ah, Mutsuki! Where did you go!?
Mutsuki: I'm sorry~ I went to ask the producer about my position once again~
Satsuki: You could have asked me about it, too!
Mutsuki: But Satsuki, you were really excited about Tenjyou Tenge's performance, so I didn't talk to you~
Satsuki: I see. I'm really sorry that I didn't notice you.
Mutsuki: Don't worry. I don't want to be a hidrance to your fun, after all.
Satsuki: Ishishi! I love that part of you!
Mutsuki: I... love you too, Satsuki!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (5)
Seiya: You're great buddies as always! I wonder if I would be that friendly with my twin if I had one?
Kanata: Two Seiyas? ...Akira-kun would be quite troubled~
Akira: I won't ask why you assumed that I would be the one to take care of them... But yes, two Seiyas would be really noisy.
Satsuki: We are twins with a special friendship!
Mustuki: He's right~
Mutsuki: Ah! It's time for the second generation to perform!
Seiya: Oh! We have to watch that, too!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (6)
Kokoro: Kneel down for Kokoro!
Kokoro's Fan: As you wish!!!
Kokoro: Ufufu ♪ That came out pretty well ♪
Kokoro: Runa! Momo! Let's go~
Runa&Momosuke: As you wish ♪
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (7)
Issei's Fan: Kyaaa!! Issei!!
Futami: Look, look, Issei. There are girls who are holding a fan that says "I'll get burned" and trying their best to get your attention.
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (8)
Issei: What?! Even if they get my attention, I don't know how to answer!
Issei's Fan: ~~~!!!! I got burned....
Takamichi: I see. Killing them with just a look.... You're a frightening man, Issei.
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (9)
Eva: HA HA HA HA!!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (10)
Mio: Master! You're so cool!!
Ban: This ain't the place to be captivated by Master! C'mon, it's time for the combined dance with me!
Mio: Huh? Can you shut up? What if I danced by myself?
Ban: Y-you're so mean~
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (11)
Eva: Mio! Your line is late, you know?
Mio: Yes, Master! Look Ban, you're dragging us down!
Ban: Th-this is absurd~!!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (12)
Akira: How to say this, the second generation is even more carefree than us.
Seiya: But I have a lot of fun watching them, so I'm really excited!
Seiya: Looking at them makes me realize that each group in the first and second generation shows different lives!
Seiya: I didn't think I would get to stand on such a big stage after the Music Awards.....
Seiya: That's why we have to make this live a success and work harder from now on, too!
Satsuki: Goddamn, such a hot-blooded speech~
Satsuki: But that's not bad!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (13)
Seiya: Seiya. The ArS members are saying to gather in a circle!
Noah: Apparently, they want to stop Torahiko since he said he would be going on a journey.
Seiya: That Tora... He's saying such a thing again! He's really interesting, as always!
Noah: *sighs* ....Aren't you and Raku the only ones that say that?
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (14)
Kanata: He's right, Seiya! If Tora-chan goes away, we will be lacking a member for the live, you know?
Seiya: That would be troubling! Let's form a circle immediately!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (15)
Akira: Good grief.. Come on, Satsuki, Mutsuki, help us too.
Satsuki&Mutsuki: Oookay!
Seiya: Alright! To everyone that's looking, wait a bit! The third gen will make you enjoy yourself too!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (16)
Kokoro: Everyone, thank you very much! Next up is the fresh Third Generation!!
Seiya: Let's go!!
Fan A that came to see the live: ? Hey, can't you hear different music?
Fan B that came to see the live: You're right.... Eh? Look over there!
Fan A that came to see the live: No way! They are the ones that made that debut.....!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (17)
Seiya: Eh? Why.... Why is Alchemist here?
Producer: ?! What's happening?! Weren't the plans to not use the back live stage today?!
Producer: Is someone operating the back live stage!?
Staff: Eh? But didn't the president say that the back live stage should have been used today to hijack the third generation's live?
Producer: The president?!
Producer: (! ...He got us?!)
Kuro: We hijacked this live tonight!
Saku: We will show you our serious talent ♪
Baber: It's showtime![1]
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (18)
Fan A that came to see the live: No way! I get to see a live of Alchemist like this, how lucky!
Fan B that came to see the live: Woah?! Everyone is going to the live over there! We have to find some spots where we can see well, too!
Seiya: Eh? Wait a moment, everyone! Our live has yet to---
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-2 (19)
Fan A that came to see the live: Kyaaa! Kuro-kun!! You're so cool!
Fan B that came to see the live: I love Saku-kun's visuals so much!!
Fan C that came to see the live: Baber-kun is so sexy on stage! I'll become his fan~♪
Seiya: No.... Our live....


  1. In English

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