Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (1)
Fan A that came to see the live: Alchemist's live was so interesting!
Fan B that came to see the live: You're right! I didn't think they would do a free guerrilla live~
Fan A that came to see the live: Eh? That said, didn't we come here to see the I-Chu's?
Fan B that came to see the live: Eh? ...Ah, we did!
Fan A that came to see the live: Oh no~ We're the worst, how could we forget about it~ Ah, they sell official Alchemist merchandise there!
Fan B that came to see the live: Really?! That's an incredible line!! I'll go to buy some too!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (2)
Seiya: ..............
Seiya: You must be kidding....?
Seiya: Our seniors were making you enjoy yourselves so much until earlier... You enjoyed yourselves so much, and yet...
Seiya: And yet...Why?!
Seiya: No one stayed here!!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (3)
Noah&Torahiko&Satsuki: ............
Akira: To think that Alchemist would do a live in the same place as us....
Akira: .......Did you know about this, producer?
Producer: Of course not! I didn't understand what was happening either...
Producer: (If I say that it was the president's fault, it might make things even more chaotic... What do I do....)
Kanata: ...Why? They are I-Chu's like us so why did they do such thing....
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (4)
Kuro: We aren't the same as you guys.
Producer: Yakaku-kun?!
Kuro: And most importantly, there isn't any rule that prohibits us from performing on the same day just because we're from the same company.
Kuro: After all, even though we're from the same company, we're actually rivals. We're mutual enemies...
Kuro: Don't cry for being on the losing side... You small fries.
Producer: Yakaku-kun! That way of talking is--
Kuro: How unsightly. Your talent was so small after all. This night, we proved that to you again.
Seiya: ! Kuro Yakaku...!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (5)
Saku: Woah. The fans all went to our merchandise-selling place.
Saku: Hey, Baber? When does these guys' live end?
Baber: Around 22:00...?
Saku: Aha! Now it's 21:00?! We're sorry for stealing your live, you know?
Saku: But, don't you think this was for the best? You can't help it if they give you half-hearted cheering, right?
Saku: Go search for fans that would cheer on you from today. Or should I say... Fans that would actually have you on their mind until the end?
Seiya: ....Sh.....
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (6)
Saku: Hmm? I can't hear you? If you're going to howl like a losing dog, at least do it with a louder voice.
Seiya: Stop it! Don't talk bad about our fans like that!!
Saku: Heeh.... You still call them your fans... You still protect them after being treated so badly... Are you a masochist, perhaps?
Producer: Uruha-kun, stop it! Don't say such mean words anymore!
Saku: Alright... Producer-chan.... I'm sorry. It's my fault, so don't make that sad face. Ah, but--
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (7)
Saku: If you make such face.... I'll get so aroused!!
Seiya: Stop... Stop it now....
Seiya: Why do you treat us so badly to the point of attacking our live!? Aren't we teammates from the same company!?
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (8)
Kuro: Teammates? Don't make me laugh, Seiya Aido.
Kuro: How many times do I have to say this? I will never forgive you... Producer!
Kuro: As long as you stay here, they will keep getting hurt because of you!
Producer: !
Kuro: If you don't want that, then you should disappear from here!
Producer: ....I will--
Seiya: The producer has nothing to do with this!!
Kuro: ...Well, that's true. She's not the only reason why all the fans left.
Kuro: It's also because you guys completely lack power.
Kuro: Look at the reality. All of your fans chose Alchemist!
Seiya: .....Yakaku....! Kuro Yakaku!!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (9)
Akira: Seiya! Stop!!
Seiya: Let me go! Let go of me, Akira! I won't... I won't forgive him!
Akira: That said, you mustn't use violence on him! We're idols, after all!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (10)
Kumakocho: He's right~ Violence is not allowed~
Seiya: ?!
Seiya: President... Why are you here?
Kumakocho: That's nothing strange considering how I'm the president~ And also...
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (11)
Kumakocho: Wouldn't it be obvious for me to come and see the live of Alchemist, the unit that I produced?
Producer: As I thought.... You really planned this all!
Kumakocho: My reputation is so bad. I'm just providing a test, you know? I wanted to see how you would react, let's say?
Producer: Why would you go so far.....
Kumakocho: There's no need for me to talk to you.
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (12)
Lucas: Don't joke around! You're looking down on everyone from above! Do you want to feel like a god?!
Lucas: You're really.... You're really the worst man!!
Kumakocho: ..............
Kuro: Kuku... HA HA HA HA!
Kuro: This bunch sure cries out a lot!
Kuro: How is it? How does it feel to be taken prisoner by hatred? You feel more and more hatred and can't get enough of it, right?
Lucas: Wha-?!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (13)
Seiya: Give it a break!
Kuro: Feel the hate.... Hate me! Come on, try to hit me, Seiya Aido!
Kuro: Wha-?!
Kumakocho: Oh ho.....
Producer: ................
Producer: That's what you wanted, right? Please don't deceive Seiya-kun anymore.
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (14)
Kuro: ....Ha! Haha! To think you, a producer, would lay your hands on me!
Kuro: You know what will happen after this, right?
Producer: Of course. I knew of the consequences when I slapped you.
Producer: I turned my hands on the idols I should be protecting, so I will accept a proper punishment.
Producer: But if an idol decides to go on the wrong path, it's the producer's duty to stop them!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (15)
Kuro: ?!
Producer: Kuro... You remember, right? Those words... Those are the words our producer would tell us, right?
Kuro: .....Shut.....
Producer: Open your eyes, Kuro! Remember the image of the idol that you were aiming to be!
Kuro: Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up!!
Kuro: Enough.... It's a waste of time talking to you. I'm going!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (16)
Baber: Ehm.....Ok. Got it.
Saku: ....It's so unfair that he got to be slapped by Producer-chan. I must be alert of Kuro too after all...
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (17)
Kumakocho: Producer-chan. Do you know what you did to yourself?
Producer: Yes.... I deeply apologize, President.
Producer: I acknowledge that I did an outrageous thing by hitting his face.
Producer: I will accept any kind of punishment....
Kumakocho: Fu fu fu. Then, I shall give you a special punishment~
Kumakocho: --Is what I would like to say, but this time I'll forgive you ♪
Producer: Eh?
Kumakocho: Ah, but don't get me wrong, okay? I said that I'll forgive you, but I'll still give you a light punishment.
Producer: Why....
Kumakocho: So that Kuro-kun will--OOPS! I shouldn't say any more than this~
Kumakocho: Then, I'll contact you later to give you the punishment~
Producer: ................
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (18)
Seiya: P-Producer.... I'm sorry... I'm really sorry!
Seiya: It's my fault that this all happened.... If only I hadn't tried to fight back, this wouldn't have happened!
Producer: No, it's not your fault. If I had to put it into words, it's that the quarrel between me and Kuro is dragging everyone in, too.
Producer: That's why I should be the one to apologize. I'm really sorry....
Producer: Let's go back now. You must be all tired after this, right? Let's go back home and rest....
Seiya: Producer... I'm sorry.
Producer: (Seiya-kun is trembling....)
Producer: (Ah, it's raining....)
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (19)
Kuro: Rain, huh....
Baber: ...............
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (20)
Kuro: What are you looking at?
Baber: Is it crying?
Kuro: Huh?
Baber: Is your heart crying too?
Kuro: ?!
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (21)
Saku: Guuuys~ The location bus is about to come.
Kuro: .....It wouldn't be good to get wet and catch a cold. Let's go.
Baber: ....Alright.
Labyrinthe Chapter 5-3 (22)
Kuro: (....My heart is crying? There's no way that would be true....)

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