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Labyrinthe Chapter 6-1 (1)
Newscaster: And now on to today's entertainment news! The other day we received--
Newscaster: Exclusive images of Alchemist's guerrila live from a certain place in the metropolitan area! Please look at it!
Kuro: We hijacked this live tonight!
Saku: We will show you our serious talent ♪
Baber: It's showtime!
Newscaster: What a climax! The high-pitched cheering is spreading in unison. We expect them to distinguish themselves a lot from now on.
Reporter: They officially debuted just a few days ago and they're already so popular.

It's incredible. I've become their fan too.

Newscaster: You can't get your attention away from them! And this was all for entertainment news!
Producer: ......*sighs*
Producer: (Even the news keep talking about them, it's incredible....)
Producer: (Did the president plan this all beforehand too....?)
Producer: ....................
Producer: That's not good. I ended up looking at everything with a grim stare...
Producer: (I'm under house arrest for three days because of slapping Kuro.... I was sure I would receive a more severe punishment.)
Producer: (The president said that this was a light punishment.)
Producer: (It scares me that I can't understand what his true intentions are... But now I don't have time to think of it.)
Producer: (I haven't met with anyone ever since the live ended.)
Producer: (I'm glad I haven't met with Kuro or the rest of Alchemist though....)
ding ding
Producer: ! Yes!
Producer: (Is it home delivery?)
*opens door*
Seiya: ...............
Producer: Seiya-kun?! Why are you here?
Seiya: Ehm.... I heard that you're under house arrest because of what happened yesterday.
Seiya: So, I wanted to properly apologize to you... Producer, I'm really sorry!
Producer: Y-you don't need to apologize! Let's not stand here to talk, come inside.
Seiya: .....Understood. Sorry for disturbing...
Producer: Drinks... I only have tea, is it alright?
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-1 (2)
Seiya: Yes.
Producer: Seiya-kun. I said it earlier and I'll say it again. You don't have to apologize.
Producer: This happened because I wasn't able to properly deal with yesterday's live. And also, being a shield is a producer's job after all.
Producer: The President also gave me a light penalty, so once I come back I'll work even harder on producing you all.
Producer: I won't let something like that happen again... I won't let you all go through such pain again. I will protect you!
Seiya: Producer......
Seiya: I'm so uncool. You're so prepared, and yet....
Seiya: And yet... I can't forgive Alchemist for what they did....!
Seiya: I can't get the words Kuro said to me yesterday out of my head....
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-1 (3)
Lucas: Wha-?!
Seiya: Give it a break!
Kuro: Feel the hate.... Hate me! Come on, try to hit me, Seiya Aido!
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-1 (4)
Seiya: I really hated Kuro in that moment, so I couldn't help it. I had never held such a grudge against someone before...
Seiya: It feels so bad.... It's like I'm not the usual myself.....
Seiya: Say, why does he hate you so much?
Seiya: His singing voice is pitch black.... A black vortex keeps swirling around him.
Seiya: The more I think about how he's singing with such emotions, the more my chest is in pain....

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