Producer: This is something between me and Yakaku-kun though....
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-2 (1)
Newscaster: And now to the next news.
Newscaster: Also known for his famous paintings, Mr.Torahiko Kusakabe, who belongs to the same Ailedore as the before mentioned Alchemist--
Newscaster: Has announced a one-man exhibition!
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-2 (2)
Seiya: ......If my ears don't lie to me, I just heard Tora's name.
Producer: Y-yes. I heard it too...
Newscaster: Mr. Kusakabe works as an idol, but he is also a painter whose paintings are recognized in the entire world.
Newscaster: It seems there are a lot of people who will come to see the drawings that he has prepared for this exhibition.
Newscaster: He's really enthusiastic about visting France and drawing the paintings needed for the exhibition on-site.
Producer: Visiting France and drawing on-site?
Seiya: So, does that mean that Tora will go to France? Eh? But what about his idol activities?
Producer: Don't tell me, did Torahiko-kun... Did he decide everything by himself?!
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-2 (3)
*phone rings*
Producer: A call.... From the president?! H-hello!
Kumakocho: Ah, Producer-chan? Are you looking at the news right now~ ?
Producer: The news about Torahiko-kun, right? It's the first time I hear about this exhibition in France, you know?!
Kumakocho: Guessed as much~ It's the same for me~
Producer: Eh?! W-what do we do about his idol activities?!
Kumakocho: Weeell. I promised to Torahiko-kun that he can be a free idol so it's difficult for me to stop him now~
Kumakocho: That's why I will leave the job of stopping him to you~
Producer: Even if you say that.... I'm under house arrest right now.
Kumakocho: Then your house arrest ends right now~
Producer: Easy! That was too easy, President?!
Kumakocho: But stopping Torahiko-kun right now is essential after all~ Then, I'll be counting on you~
Producer: Ah! President!
*beep beep beep*
Producer: He hung up....
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-2 (4)
Seiya: Producer..... Is Tora gonna go to France?
Producer: Torahiko-kun would surely do it, but I think it would take him around a week to get ready, so in that time I'll try to fix this...
*doorbell rings*
Producer: Again? Who is it this time?
Torahiko: Yo! Producer!
Producer: WHA-?! To-Torahiko-kun?!
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-2 (5)
Torahiko: Hm? Why are you so surprised?
Seiya: Tora?! What the hell are you doing!?
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-2 (6)
Torahiko: Oh! So you were here too! Great timing!
Torahiko: The great me will go to France! This time I think my journey will be a long one so I'm telling you beforehand!
Torahiko: That said, I'm gonna go for a bit!
Producer: ...............
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-2 (7)
Seiya: P-producer?! Do you plan to let him go like that?!
Producer: What?! Sorry, I dazed out way more than usual! Seiya-kun! Bring Torahiko-kun here!
Seiya: Y-yes m'am! Toraaa!!!
Torahiko: Hm? O-owoah?! What? A hug?
Seiya: This is not a hug! Anyway, wait a moment!

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