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Producer: So, Torahiko-kun. Is there anything you want to say?
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-3 (1)
Torahiko: ......I want to go to France, but that's not good, huh?
Producer: If it's for a bit.... If it's just for a bit, I would let you do what you want, even thought it's not good.
Producer: But this time it's not just a bit, right?
Torahiko: ....Kind of.
Seiya: Tora... Will you never come back again?
Seiya: ....Do the other members know about this?
Torahiko: No... They think I'm going for just a bit like always... Or that's what they're supposed to know.
Torahiko: Listen, I want to avoid long journeys as much as possible. But I want to draw.
Torahiko: To me drawng is as important as breathing.
Torahiko: So I can't let this chance escape.
Producer: But don't you always draw freely? Why are you looking so worried this time?
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-3 (2)
Torahiko: I promised that a greatly respected painter would come.
Torahiko: Of course, I won't stop being an idol. I will keep being part of ArS. But--
Torahiko: There's also Torahiko Kusakabe, the painter.
Torahiko: Say what you what.... Criticize me, but I won't give up on this.
Producer: You're serious... right?
Torahiko: Yes.
Producer: ....I understand.
Producer: I will see what I can do with your work while you're in France.
Seiya: Producer?! Are you ok with it!?
Producer: This is not ok.... But I felt how serious Torahiko-kun is, so I decided to trust him.
Producer: And also, if I took drawing away from Torahiko-kun he wouldn't be "Torahiko Kusakabe" anymore.
Producer: He's shining the most when he's being both an idol and a painter.
Torahiko: Producer.... Nishishi! You understand me very well! As expected of Producer!
Producer: However! You have to tell everything to your teammates. I won't forgive you if you keep quiet and go away.
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-3 (3)
Torahiko: Uuu......
Producer: You think that staying quiet about going on a long journey is a bad thing too, right?
Torahiko: ....Does it show that much on my face?
Producer: We've known each other for a long time now, so I understand plenty of you.
Producer: You usually would just say "I'm going on a journey" and turn your back to everyone in fear of being stopped.
Producer: But I thought that leaving everyone behind would make you feel guilty.
Seiya: Was that so?
Torahiko: Well... Who knows? Nishishi!
Producer: That's an answer I would expect from you. Don't forget what I said earlier.
Torahiko: Yes! But persuasion, huh.... I've never needed to ask the others for permission to go on a journey, so I honestly feel anxious now....
Producer: Ahaha! That's a luxurious worry, Torahiko-kun.
Torahiko: Luxurious?
Producer: Yes. Because asking for permission means that you've made indispensable and important friends.
Labyrinthe Chapter 6-3 (4)
Torahiko: ?! I see... Friends.
Torahiko: It's as you said, they're really important to me!
Producer: Yes, I knew you would say that!
Seiya: (Friends.... Alchemist are friends too, right.....?)
Producer: Seiya-kun? What's wrong? You're spacing out.
Seiya: Hm. Nothing....
Seiya: Tora, I'll follow you when you're going to talk to everyone!
Torahiko: Nishishi! Thanks!

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