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Labyrinthe Chapter 7-1 (1)
Torahiko: Hikaru! Lend me some ice later!
Hikaru: Hm? It's alright for me, but why do you need it!?
Torahiko: ......I wanted to try sketching after so long. Sketching objects that absorb the light is good study material, right?
Hikaru: So it's for that! Then it would be even more beautiful if you used Akio's glass beads together with my ice!
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-1 (2)
Akio: Eeek! I-I have plenty of glass beads so I don't mind lending you some.....
Torahiko: Oh, thank you!
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-1 (3)
Hikaru: Tora really loves drawing!
Akio: B-but it's unusual for Tora to start sketching at this point.....
Hikaru: *nods*.... You're certainly right about it.....
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-1 (4)
Torahiko: Hmm~
Shiki: What's wrong, Tora-chan? You've been looking at that ice and glass beads since earlier...
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-1 (5)
Torahiko: Hmm wha-?..... Yes, I'm in the middle of sketching.
Shiki: But it seems you're not making progress at all?
Torahiko: .... You're right.
Shiki: Is something troubling you? Come on, talk about it to Shiki-kun~
Torahiko: Truth is....
Shiki: Truth is?
Torahiko: ...... Say, Shiki. You know that beautiful pot you made earlier? Give it to me!
Shiki: Eh? What, so that's why you were so troubled? I don't mind but.... Why?
Torahiko: I want to draw in the pot!
Shiki: I'll never give it to you!
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-1 (6)
Seiya: ......................
Shiki: By the way, I've been wondering about this since earlier.....
Torahiko: What is it?
Shiki: Why is Seiya-kun sticking to your side since earlier?
Seiya: D-Don't mind me!
Shiki: No no, I will mind you!
Seiya: I'm just.... I just want to be able to draw like Tora so I'm looking at how he spends every day! Isn't that so, Torahiko!?
Torahiko: Ehm... Probably.
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-1 (7)
Shiki: Probably?! Good grief, I don't know what you two are planning, but please don't cause troubles to other people.
Seiya & Torahiko: OK!
Shiki: Geez... My teacher has called me today so I'll take my leave now. I'll leave you to lock the atelier.
Torahiko: Got it. See you later!
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-1 (8)
Torahiko: .... Now, let's continue sketching.
Seiya: Wait?! Tora! When will you talk to them about going to France!?
Torahiko: Well... I've thought about talking to them many times, but when the time comes it becomes difficult to tell them.
Torahiko: This is strange.... In the past I would just tell them and go.....
Seiya: Tora.... If you keep postponing this it will keep getting harder to talk, you know?
Torahiko: You're right. I'm just going on a journey as always but....
Torahiko: I didn't know that making friends would be such a restraint to one's freedom....
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-1 (9)
Torahiko: If I said "I won't come back for a while", everyone would be really surprised....
Seiya & Torahiko: ?!
Kyosuke: .....................
Torahiko: Kyosuke.....

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