Labyrinthe Chapter 7-2 (1)
Kyosuke: Tora-chan, will you go to France?
Kyosuke: A.... Haha. It's just the usual trip, right?
Kyosuke: That said, geez Tora-chan, France again? You must really like it~
Kyosuke: ..... Be sure to come back before work~
Torahiko: Kyosuke.... Listen---
Kyosuke: I... I have the deadline for a manuscript so I'll go home now.
Torahiko: ! Kyosuke, wait a moment!
Seiya: Ah, Tora!
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-2 (2)
Kyosuke: Haaa.... Haaa....
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-2 (3)
Torahiko: I said wait!
Kyosuke: L-Let me go!
Torahiko: I won't let you go. You heard what we talked about earlier right?
Kyosuke: .... I didn't hear.
Torahiko: Kyosuke, I---
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-2 (4)
Kyosuke: NO! I don't want to hear it!
Torahiko: !
Kyosuke: Why? Why now!
Kyosuke: Right now, these new people came here and started bringing chaos.... And the live the other day was a total mess, and yet....
Kyosuke: Why are you drifting away from the group right now!?
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-2 (5)
Torahiko: I wasn't meaning to---
Kyosuke: You're ArS' leader, Tora-chan!
Kyosuke: And yet.... You're abandoning your teammates..... Are you going to go away?!
Torahiko: ................
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-2 (6)
Seiya: Kyosuke! You're saying too much! Listen to Tora's side of the story too!
Kuro: Side of story? Someone that abandons their friends has no right to speak, you know?
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-2 (7)
Seiya: ! Kuro....!
Kuro: Fuh. You're looking at me with quite a scary expression. Are you still going on about what happened to the live the other day?
Seiya: I don't care about the live now. But don't butt in on our conversation!
Kuro: It's not about butting in. I was headed towards the exit but you guys were gathered here and yelling.
Kuro: For a moment it looked like you were begging for me to butt in, you know?
Seiya: Listen here....!
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-2 (8)
Torahiko: Stop it, Seiya. It's also our fault for standing here and talking.
Torahiko: Kyosuke. Let's borrow a room and talk once you've calmed down.
Kyosuke: .....No. I don't feel like I can talk calmly at all right now.
Kyosuke: I apologize for going too far, I... I will go home and cool my head off a bit!
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-2 (9)
Seiya: Kyosuke, wait! Tora, are you ok with not running after him?!
Torahiko: ..... I don't think I should run after him right now.
Seiya: But.....
Torahiko: Seiya, I'm sorry, I even made you stay with me to persuade them.
Torahiko: Everything became so complicated so I can't have you help me right now.
Torahiko: I should've really talked properly to everyone.
Torahiko: I will see what I can do. So you don't need to worry about me.
Torahiko: Now.... I should go cool my head off too.
Seiya: I'll follow y---
Torahiko: Sorry. But now I want to stay alone.
Seiya: ..................
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-2 (10)
Kuro: ......I'm appalled.
Seiya: What?
Kuro: I would have never thought you would be that fragile....

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