Labyrinthe Chapter 7-3 (1)
Seiya: What do you mean with "fragile"?
Kuro: I'm saying that you lack trust between your teammates. I didn't even need to move a finger this time.
Kuro: If it was going to become like this.... Then it would have been better to never create friends in the first place.
Seiya: .... But you have friends too, right?
Kuro: Are you talking about Saku and Baber? We just happened to have an interest in common.
Kuro: It's not the type of relationship that you can imagine.
Seiya: Certainly, my meaning of teammates might be different from yours, but teammates are teammates.
Seiya: If even one of them is lacking, the group consisting of them would change, right?
Kuro: ..... Changing.... huh.
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-3 (2)
Kuro: You do have a point there.
Kuro: I changed because of that woman.....
Seiya: Are you talking about the Producer?
Seiya: Why... Why do you hate her so much?
Kuro: .... Do you know that she used to be an "I-Chu" in the past?
Seiya: Yes. The producer told me about it.
Kuro: Then the story will go fast. It's humiliating for me now, but in the past I used to be called an "I-Chu" too.
Seiya: Eh?
Kuro: We were members of the same group....
Seiya: (Kuro and the Producer were teammates...?)
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-3 (3)
Raku: Hm? Torahiko... What's wrong?
Torahiko: Let me use the room just for a bit....
Raku: It's not like this is only my room so you're free to do what you want.
Torahiko: Hm. Thank you.
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-3 (4)
Torahiko: ................
Raku: Kukuku. You always have an expression that shows how you're not troubled at all, but today is different.
Raku: I don't know what happened, but let it go. I won't listen to you though.
Torahiko: ............
Raku: ................
Torahiko: ............
Torahiko: ..... You really won't listen?
Raku: What is this? You wanted me to listen to you?
Torahiko: Nnno! I started wanting to talk to you! Nishishi!
Raku: Kukuku.... What a selfish man.
Torahiko: ....Say, Raku.
Torahiko: Ink paintings are profound inside, right....?
Raku: Oh? I will leave the reason why the conversation turned like this to the side, but why do you think that?
Torahiko: Because you apply lights and shadows to adjust the colors, right? Drawing by using a lot of colors is different too.
Raku: Well, that's true....
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-3 (5)
Torahiko: Until now I was too used to oil paintings, so I wasn't that conscious of a monochrome world.
Torahiko: If a lot of drawing tools were made ready for me, I'm sure I would end up using a dark color. That's how I feel right now.
Raku: But using such color once in a while isn't a bad thing.
Torahiko: But... Wouldn't that not be like me?
Torahiko: ................
Raku: Oh oh..... This is really unusual. To think the day where I would see a weak Torahiko came.
Raku: Let's see.... I should answer seriously to this.
Raku: Torahiko. Colors are, you know, something that you mustn't choose just by yourself.
Raku: You have to let someone put color to your monochrome world.
Torahiko: Let someone put color to it?
Raku: Yes. Until now you've been raised in a vibrant and colorful world.
Raku: That's because your surroundings created a happy environment.
Raku: In the past, I saw a monochrome world too, like the one that you're seeing now.
Raku: But everyone around me is so bright and lively that even I got permeated by their colors.
Raku: So you don't need to worry.
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-3 (6)
Torahiko: ..... Yours has a way deeper meaning. Since when did you turn into such a philosophical adult?
Raku: How rude.... Are you calling me an old man?
Raku: But leaving that aside, the monochrome isn't a bad color either. It has it's own characteristics.
Raku: .... I'm a calligrapher after all. My job consists of using monochrome colors. So can you please not deny it so much?
Torahiko: .... I wasn't really denying it or anything!
Raku: Is that so?
Torahiko: Just... It was something I had never seen before, so I was a bit perplexed.
Torahiko: I feel like if I started drawing now I would probably draw something I had never drawn before.
Torahiko: I'm feeling down, but the desire to draw is slowly growing stronger!
Raku: ..... You're a really surprising man. You're feeling down and yet you only think about drawing.
Raku: Our leader is a free man... and a tyrant.
Torahiko: So being like this is bad?
Raku: It's not bad. On the contrary, it's really good. I acknowledge you. So solve whatever is troubling you as soon as possible.
Labyrinthe Chapter 7-3 (7)
Torahiko: Raku... Thank you for listening! I have one last question, though.
Raku: I will answer to anything.
Torahiko: If I drew an ink painting, and then painted on it with oil, how would it become?
Raku: As usual, I think.
Torahiko: I see... As usual! Nishishi!
Raku: Why are you smiling?
Torahiko: No, it's just that I felt relieved since you said "as always"!
Torahiko: You're right. I would still keep being myself even if I tried new things.
Raku: You're a strange man as always....
Raku: (Now, what will this man do from now on.... I can't help but look forward to it....)

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