Leisurely and slowly 1 (1)
Raku: (Enjoying the song we just recorded underneath the blue sky is really one of the best things in the world, isn’t it?)
Raku: (Yeah, this is a good song. You can hear everyone’s individual personalities come alive in it.)
Producer: Wakaouji-kuuun, wherever you are, hurry up and show yourself already–!
Leisurely and slowly 1 (2)
Raku: (Kuku, it seems Sensei hasn’t learned her lesson yet.)
Raku: (As if I’d let myself be stuck in a desk studying on a nice day like this.)
Raku: (Well then, I wonder what kind of dream I’ll have if I let her voice lull me to sleep.)
Producer: Wakaouji-kun! I finally found you.
Leisurely and slowly 1 (3)
Raku: Mmm?
Raku: My, you’re faster than I thought, Sensei.
Producer: Only because I somehow just knew where you’d probably be headed.
Raku: It seemed to me you were looking about all over the place, though.
Producer: …If you knew I was looking for you, then shouldn’t you have come out and made it clear where you were?
Raku: Why would I ever let that happen? I only do as I please.
Producer: Kids like you are really just so…!
Raku: Even if you call me a “kid”, I’m not a child anymore.
Producer: No nitpicking!
Raku: You’re as noisy today as you are every other day, aren’t you?
Producer: Only because you won’t come to class!
Leisurely and slowly 1 (4)
Raku: I come when it’s absolutely necessary, don’t I?
Producer: And there aren’t any classes that aren’t necessary to attend!
Raku: I decide that for myself.
Producer: Sigh… How many times are we going to have to have this argument until you finally understand?
Raku: Well now… I’d say we probably won’t see eye to eye in this lifetime.
Producer: …That’s no good.
Raku: Well then, I’d like it if you’d just throw in the towel sometime soon. Don’t you think that would be for the best?
Producer: Sigh…
Leisurely and slowly 1 (5)
Raku: Here, Sensei- what do you say that instead of sighing like that, you have some tea? It’ll calm you down for sure.
Producer: Thank you…Or, wait, haven’t you already had a drink from this?
Raku: What’s this, found out already? I had thought it’d make me happy if you said "Oh, an indirect kiss~" or something.
Producer: Wakaouji-kun…!
Raku: Kuku, just a sly joke. I was thinking a cute little prank like that would loosen you up a bit.
Raku: It’s nice to just kick back and spend some time relaxing, wouldn’t you say?


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